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  1. If our line can improve from last year and give Bryce breathing room and time to work, it will be so refreshing as Panthers fan. It has been quite some time since we had control of the trenches and a QB who can deliver consistently. Even during the Cam era, Cams physical athleticism opened things up for us. He rarely had protection.
  2. Waiting for you to stop whining and complaining bc people are cool with a wait and see approach rather than throw a child like tantrum over a middle round trade.
  3. You are one of them. That's why your butthurt. Poor fellow. We can have difference of opinion you know? It's ok for someone to disagree. Your feelings are still valid.
  4. Go look at the thread, hahahaa, lol hahaha at all the complaints hahahaha ok like totally just go and do it yourself. Bum. Your no different.
  5. People acted like we traded away our remaining first round picks from here on out over this dude. It was a late 3rd and 4th rounder lmao
  6. To the doubters. This guy's attributes sets up for what we needed. He's a run stopper. We don't have many of those. He is an edge setter. Y'all need to chill tf out. I have been able to understand every pick we've taken, most of you forget no draft pick is perfect. They have to learn the game. And that's part of the battle. You would have done this. We should've done that. You should go get in a thumb war with someone who cares. Bc I can promise you the Panthers FO does not.
  7. It really is annoying AF. They will never be happy. I'm almost amazed at how none of them are not in a draft room somewhere, since they seem to know so much
  8. We had the biggest and strongest QB to probably ever play the game and he barely made it over a decade. I bet you Bryce last longer and has a more productive career in the same time frame. You guys that spout size have zero football intelligence. Like none. And I'll be happy to eat my crow if I'm wrong. But the dude flat out knows how to play, and if your favorite player of all time LUUUKE who made a living terrorizing QBs can see that the best to ever do it know how to not get hit clean. Then I'm sure someone like Bryce whose known for his IQ can too. This size talk sounds like dudes measuring diks in the bathroom...we know yours is small, but it can still get a girl pregnant. Come back when you got something worth saying otherwise log back off for a while.
  9. Bruh. Your comparing talent with size. Not the same. Bot take
  10. I believe it. Wholeheartedly. This is the QB we've been missing.. mentally strong. Humble. Driven. And Composed.
  11. You know in thinking about this, I think your rankings are pretty clear. I mean you do leave out some guys that could potentially be listed just because they had more sacks than burns: Mario Addison and Kevin Greene both had more sacks in a Panthers uniform than Burns. That's likely to change this year though. But the part I think we are all missing with this, is again, it's a team sport. Individual stats leave out key details about the game. So therefore the productivity of the player is effected greatly. Think about the Guys peppers played across from and on the interior. Same for the rest of your guys on the list. CJ had Hardy, Kawann at his height, Star and a great linebacker core. Same for Hardy. Teams couldn't focus on them. That DA Rule left Burns out there to be keyed on with no real help surrounding him and he still manages to get to the QB. Something is to be said about that.
  12. Not exactly, most people have been bashing him about his size saying that he basically has to be Jesus to have a shot. Weird take.
  13. As long as the occasional home run is attempted to keep the defense honest this really is the way to play offense. It wears down defenses.
  14. Once again, another bot take. You guys are making awful comparisons. RGIII never knew when to let a play die. Dude would literally eject himself by trying to somersault 250 lb linebackers. Bryce is smarter than that. Take what the defense gives and protect yourself. Our staff knowing he's a bit undersized will harp on that. I think you guys will try anything to disprove this guy, and frankly, that's what makes me the most optimistic about it. A lot of people doubted Cam. He went off for us. A lot of people were mad at the Luke pick, see how that worked out. It's a lock Bryce is our guy.
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