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  1. this is the cleanest take I have seen on the state of injuries and over use. It's like fans think these people are machines. I also, think those Thursday night games could definitely be used as a down week if all coaches agreed. Problem is, a team on the bubble would toss in the ones for a potential play off spot. If your a lock for a playoff spot then I say go for it though.
  2. Zod always has some odd posts. Should change his user to Z'odd. Cuz my my first Impression is thatz'odd. Anyway, Corral is not the most exciting player since Cam Newton. Not even close. McCaffrey, Burns, Moore, Luke Kuechly? I mean come on dude. Soon as those guys hit the field we knew what we had. Matt Corral is a big ole question mark, yeah there is some hope behind him. But he's 3rd round QB that we hope lives us up to first round talent. Let's not get carried away, hype up the fan base, preach to them that this season is the year of years. Like you do every season. Let's temper our expectations and observe. Let these rookies have an opportunity before you make everyone grab their pitchforks for Pete's sake. Give the kid a shot before you crown him the next king of the franchise.
  3. The meaning behind his name is almost dream worthy of an offensive tackle. Lol
  4. Words don't mean anymore. Watch the actions. That'll tell you all you need to know.
  5. Hey man, I get it. He painted a pretty picture. But the harsh reality is, he's back pedaling now. Trying to save face. I would much prefer take a step back rather than run your mouth with fake promises and then make a hire like RHULE. At least then, when you are vocal saying that you probably made a mistake won't make you look as much a fool, as if you pranced him around Charlotte and the media as the savior and cultural change that we have all been begging for. He's handled it all wrong from the jump, and him being silent is at least a little acknowledgement for us that he's aware. Best thing we can do to handle an owner like tepper is let our dollars do the talking. You won't respect us we won't support you. But expecting him to do so, bc we want him to. Is as childish as a kid asking for a Lamborghini for Christmas.
  6. Hey, I won't disagree there. But the fact of the matter is, as an owner he can pay people to handle the PR. Whether that is the best way to approach, and most effective way could and should be debated. But I guess I'm just stating that the expectation, and the hope that happens doesn't always have to be met just because we want it to. Especially when we already know the answer to the question we want to ask. Matt Rhule is here because tepper wants him here. As a fan of the franchise I have to accept the mediocrity and the bs. Bc frankly tepper doesn't even know who TF I am. That's just my perspective though, everyone doesn't have to agree.
  7. I'm not real sure when we as a society decided it was best to always air out our opinions and thoughts. Honestly, I can appreciate a man whom decides to keep things close to the chest. A person who constantly yaps, is the person who deserves to get slapped. Ask Chris Rock what it's like always having to talk and entertain. Tepper is an owner. He doesn't have to do squat for us if he doesn't want to.
  8. Big Brain. "Hate" isn't the right word here. Dislike him as a coach. Absolutely
  9. Because it's a reoccurring thing. It's happened more than once. And the players they start, or don't start like BC. Honestly, we just have differing opinions If you wanna be right, go for it. But I'm in doubt until proven we can win more than 5 games with this guy. I wasn't speaking like this with ron. Plain and simple. And he wasn't the greatest by any means.
  10. For one, the issue with the QB position is single handedly enough for any fan base to grow tired of a coach. The way they did Cam, then far over paying for Teddy and Sam. It isn't just a Darnold problem. And Brady was just a scape goat. Then we move on to the Oline issue, paired with that problem at QB. Expecting anyone under center to flourish with what we fielded these last two seasons really makes you wonder if there is any evaluation being done at all. The moves they have made this season should've been made two seasons ago, at this point we are just thankful that they finally accepted they made a mistake. And who made that correction? Fitterer, Morgan, or even Tepper? We all know it isn't RHULE doing the scouting because when it was, it was all his homeboys he was dragging to play. Maybe hurney too at that time. Games aren't won in free agency, they are won on Sunday. And this is an 11 man game. So the results are to be determined. I could go all day with who is at fault. And blame. Your right what is the point in focusing on the negatives. But this is a league driven by the consumer. And if we can't devour the product on the field with pride, then the negatives became excaserbated. And they tend to be focused on until they are addressed. Let's see what they do. Until then, I will remain skeptical. Every time I begin to get excited I see Matt Rhule scratching his head in confusion on game day. And honestly I think most of us are sick of it.
  11. Undersized players is one thing. The length of a thumb to a middle finger is another. And don't get me started on arm length. All these "measurables" have a place. I guess my frustrations lie in the lack of understanding of how they evaluate talent. From an outside perspective it seems to me that the focus is on details that seem irrelevant in the scope of it all. But again..I'm just an outsider with pent up frustration towards a franchise that consistently shows no signs of an upward trend with this current staff. The media portrayal obviously doesn't help.
  12. Fair enough. But whether you believe in Rhule or not, the point of the matter is the dude consistently displays a lack of understanding in his current position. Focusing on hand size is just a microcosm of his problems as a whole.
  13. Sure they have their place. But when you focus more on the length of a guys finger, than his ability to read defenses on film. Or his likelihood to fit into your scheme it does make one wonder how on earth a professional coach could be caught on film paying this much attention to such a minor detail. If he were a pro with the major details in order it would be one thing. Maybe even something to applaud..but the product on the field says differently and maybe his approach is a cause for concern when scouting talent and putting the right players on the field.
  14. To be fair. I'm not a journalist. And this is a discussion board. I do my best on this small phone I have. If you would like I would be more than happy to send you a more grammatically correct version too you personally. If I need 2. But thanks for the observation.
  15. Crazy what a typo can do for the engagement of a post.
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