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  1. So does that mean you give him one year to prove himself? Or one year before you start bringing in competition? I think realistically, 2 years. This season, and next bc, likely we will still need to tweek some things to get the roster put together how they envision it.
  2. My eggplant grows at the thought of CMC behind him. Oh wait. That came out wrong.
  3. My eggplant grows at the thought of CMC behind him. Oh wait. That came out wrong.
  4. For sure seems like it would be a strike one and rightfully so. But as of right now it's all an if. I thought getting Sam was the sensical move before the draft tho. And was a proponent of a QB competition, but I can also in the same situation see why they played it like they did. Our depth was really, really, really bad. And it was always going to take more than one draft, or one QB to get us to play of contention. They checked box one. Depth, and overall roster upgrade. Some people believe QB was more important. And they're not wrong either.
  5. Eh. Ya lost me at trading CMC. Although it would be cool to get him . But I think he may just retire. He's complaining to much, he's filthy rich, and made his money and I don't think he loves football anymore. Maybe with a fresh start, he would come back to life. But it seems he's just fed up. He would definitely require a kings ransom.
  6. I figured someone say that. Think about it for a second. Rhule has a 7 year contract, not to say it couldn't be terminated. But even still 7 years. That's how much Tepper felt it was necessary to lock him in. Meaning by year 5 he expects us to be regular contenders. If in year 5 we haven't made it past a first round appearance then it's time to start thinking else where and that is realistic. But if we give Sam 2 years, it will only be Rhules 3rd. And Fitts second. I believe they'll be allowed one more shot at finding their QB if Sam isn't it. And that's assuming he doesn't pan out between now and then. Those seem like realistic deadlines IMO. 5 seasons is plenty for a coach to put together a 52 and compete if not, then he's not head coach material.
  7. Trial and Error. Draft and Free Agency until one clicks. We did it with Cam. Seattle and New England Russ and Brady. Tampa bay by signing a free agent. You just need a guy that works with the personnel
  8. Best point of view I've seen in regards to this. They're building a football team, and rebuilding a franchise from the ground up essentially. They mortgaged their future on surrounding the QB position with talent. So that then they can cycle through the QB carousel until they find their guy. Is Sam it? No one knows. But worst case scenario, if he doesn't pan out we've built a stable roster to draft or sign the next guy. Sam should be given the benefit of the doubt for 2 years tops. If he isn't making improvements then, as Jay-Z said we "on to the next one".
  9. Please go get me Dan Morgan. Luke leaving, this will heal me a little bit.
  10. I think B ratings are good ones.. probably the best. If you get an A that's just cuz the beat writer really personally preferred that player. If it's B, that means everyone understands why said player was drafted, but why when a so-called "flashy" was still left available. There wasn't a splash signing. It was workman like. Building from the ground up, and making the team deeper. Our splash signing is coming but this wasn't the year. Sometimes the big time name shows out, and sometimes they don't. As can turn into F's real quick if the player don't show up. And that hurts alot more than a "B" that's playing his roll, and playing it well. People forget this is a team sport.
  11. LUKE KUECHLY FOR PREZZZZZZZZZ FTWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Luuuuuuuuuukkkkeeeeeeeeee.
  12. That video is crazy underrated. For a DT to Juke two players and run about 30-40yds for a TD on a pass intended to the flats. That's insane for the big man.
  13. I've been a panther fan my whole life. Through the clausen days and during the age of Superman and Clark kent. But in all my years of fandom, we hAve never had a front office who could convert mid round picks into contributors. Hence why we've always struggled with depth, and turnover from year to year due to contracts. This is what I am the most excited about. Is the fact they understand positional value and obviously have faith that our coaches can bring the best out of guys. The last part I hope comes to fruition. If rhule can turn the athletes into mainstays that's big time.
  14. Yeah the ellipses are there on my mobile. But it no longer gives the option to edit. Just share and report. Either way appreciate the clean up. My phone thinks Daviyon doesn't exist and bravvion is his indentical twin. Either way we got two solid D-tackles out of it.
  15. Appreciate the help Tayzor All jokes aside how the heck do you edit posts now. Is there no way to do so, I swear my phone goes retarded Everytime I try and type daviyon lol.
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