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  1. Watson dreaming of Miami like... https://imgur.com/ZoHJod2
  2. I don't mean this negatively and definitely not to get off topic, but I keep seeing this in several threads... you all do realize that getting the vaccination doesn't keep you from spreading the virus? I think this would have more to do with not wanting to deal with the NFL rules about vaccination.
  3. Why would anyone trade for Stafford ahead of the draft unless they were getting him for very little? The QB market is/will be flooded with guys who haven't worked out with their team then you add in the upcoming draft. Especially anyone within reach of the top QB's in the draft should wait it out I'd think.
  4. If the G'Fatha and staff get these CB's to work for us I will totally give him credit but from what I've seen on (the admittedly very little in some cases) film thats out there from highlight tapes, to game film, to Senior Bowl practice tape/game film etc. these young men are at best going to take a while to develop. These guys do not appear to be ready to contribute more than moderately in the near future. If we're just going to have to use the guys on the roster that we had beforehand or bring another vet in at CB then it maybe would have been nice to draft players at a position with immediate impact potential for us in the first 3 rounds (DE?). I understand building for the long haul as well as short term but we definitely have spots that need improving to get us over the hump short term as well. Will certainly be interesting to look back as the season goes. Obviously hope G-Man made more Gettlemagic with these selections.
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