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  1. How TF can Fitt stay through all the horrible draft choices and trades? It would make WAY more sense to take time to hire a competent GM and have them help guide finding a new coach/staff... I don't even know why I bother to watch/read/listen to any of the bs knowing its ALL coming from Tepper.
  2. Those of you who still go to games, still buy tickets and spend money on this organization at this point are gonna have to give it up if you want things to get better. The ONLY fix is to get Tepper OUT of the football decisions. You may have already bought tickets and I know it's difficult to say for anyone but take the hit and stay away... you have to force their hand. His ego and mentality won't allow him to see HE is the problem with the organization but the bottom line ($$$) will. Either he steps out of it finally or sells the team.
  3. I really don't understand how Fitterer is still here at this point. This is the team he (and of course TEPPER) have put together. We could have had Sam Howell instead we got Matt Corral which led us to trading where we could have taken whoever at #9 last season, kept DJ Moore and #1 overall this season along with our second rounder next year.... Literally too many poo decisions. He's gotta be the first to go and then if we choose to get rid of Reich the GM should be a part of that. But honestly at this point its ALL on TEPPER.
  4. Live look at David Tepper watching HIS team... and/or HIS QB. https://x.com/Raven_runnitbak/status/1665080014092783616?s=20
  5. Man clear this whole failure of a team/owner the F out of here..
  6. Yeah... this sounds like an individual are you playing the game or "Do you love the game" kind of thing... Kid has to get his sh1t together.
  7. https://media.tenor.com/aK29F1FFPHMAAAAC/damn-damn-damn-florida-evans.gif I hope the make some sort of decision with him. Like does he fit the scheme, do we move him to guard/RT or look to trade him?
  8. GREAT draft pick from Tepper's wife right?
  9. I know overall these thoughts are out there but my questions are: Is this due to bad play calling on Offense? Is this because of Bryce's inability to make deeper throws in the NFL (his possible size/strength limitations facing size/speed of NFL defense) forcing us into these type plays? Is this because of lack of talent on Offense (poor OL/WR/TE) around Bryce? Or likely some -SAD- combination of all the above
  10. Problem with this idea is why go all in and trade future picks? They could have just went with Dalton and then picked from the many good looking QBs in next years draft while not giving away picks. This group has made misstep after misstep under Tepper. Hard to see them getting it right without pure f'n luck.
  11. Surprised it took this long to show up here...
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