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  1. Creed Humphey OC - Would solidify OC where Paradis has struggled. Spencer Brown OT - I'm intrigued by the size, but may be there in the 3rd.
  2. Perez and Nagy have essentially tied themselves to Fields. Their jobs ride on them showing they are developing him. He's got to play and probably will sooner than he should.
  3. They'll promote Sean Ryan and he'll run the same system.
  4. The reason to believe is Joe Burrow. Look at Burrow before Joe Brady got to LSU versus Burrow after Brady got to LSU. I submit that Brady was able to transform Burrow into something he hadn't been. (I really wanted the Panthers to draft Fields last night, but we didn't. Now, we have to hope that Brady can make Darnold into a great QB. )
  5. But he wasn't. You don't know what Fields or Lance or Jones or Wilson will look at the pro level. You've got three years of pro tape on Darnold. It was , to be generous, not great. And you're going to have to pay Darnold much more next year than you would any rookie out of this class.
  6. This scenario doesn't have GB trading their pick at all. They get #3 and #15. My thinking is GB wants to turn the QB position over the Love so they'd have no interest in JimmyG. NE does have an interest in JimmyG (though as Proudiddy points out its fair to ask if JimmyG would be worth a 1st rounder to NE). If SF acquires NE's pick for JimmyG it gives them a better offer to make to GB.
  7. I mean, just look at this tweet. Both Wingo and Silverstein cite their "sources", but their "sources" are saying completely contradictory things. i
  8. Would 3 and 15 be enough for the Packers? SF trades Jimmy G to NE for 15, and then packages 3 and 15 to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers.
  9. Seeing some speculation that Rodgers is trying to push GB to take SF's earlier offer. He wants SF.
  10. It's really not about brining in competition. It's a belief that one QB in this class, not named Trevor Lawrence, can be a special, elite, franchise altering kind of QB. If he's there, you take him regardless of who else is on the roster. If he's gone, you take the next best player on your board at whatever position that is (OT, CB, etc.)
  11. Guess who already traded 2 of those 'like gold" picks away...
  12. When has Newton ever shown to have good sources within the Panthers organization? He's usually reporting stories originally broken by someone else.
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