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  1. He's the only MLB listed on the roster beside Perryman. I think he makes it. Everyone else is listed as Will or SAM.
  2. I'm more of the thinking that Dan Arnold is going to surprise people with his production and limit Tremble's opportunities with the ball.
  3. I'm always optimistic this time of year. We've got over 80 days before football is played again. I'm going to be optimistic until they show reasons on the field for concern. The best thing about this upcoming season, at least early on, will be being back inside a packed out BoA screaming along with the other Panthers fans.
  4. Translation: the community is going to have to pay for it.
  5. "Sam Darnold is a better quarterback than Danny Dimes [Daniel Jones]." - Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN radio June 8th. He went onto say that he believes that with a healthy CMC and an improved defense, the Panthers will make the playoffs.
  6. Assuming 50 - 60 receptions, that would have been good for TE4 last year in PPR leagues last year. I think your projection is wildly optimistic. He's going undrafted in almost all leagues so you can get him whenever you want.
  7. Still scouting the helmet and not the player. Okay...
  8. Sam Darnold has never played all 16 games in any of his pro seasons...
  9. As far as Teddy, I'm would think they used a similar process to the one we see in Panthers Confidential for the acquiring of Sam Darnold.
  10. Specific to FAs, go back and watch the Panthers Confidential segment on Dan Arnold. You'll see Samir doing the taking with Scott Fitterer in the room. You know who isn't in the room? Matt Rhule.
  11. Rhule mentioned that Chin already knows the LB position so they are trying him at Safety in OTAs, but his final position is still TBD.
  12. When asked about the LT situation, the first name out of Rhule's mouth was Cam Irving. Mentioned Little and Daley and added Scott was in the red (injured) jersey.
  13. It's within the range of outcomes for him, but it's also a big ask of a rookie. He could be a LT this year and then kick inside next year if we draft or sign someone.
  14. I was screaming at my TV for them to take Fields, but it's time to
  15. That's going to depend much more on the opponent. What you need to see if the line moves after an injury report, and Teddy's knee was already in question so that was baked into the initial line.
  16. Go back and listen to the video again. Rhule's says "because he's an Offensive lineman". He's doesn't say Tackle.
  17. We're in trouble if either is starting (and given Sam's injury history, that's definitely within the range of outcomes). The betting line moves at least 5-7 points if Sam isn't the starter.
  18. The Teddy Bridgewater trade stuff was interesting as well. Tepper and Rhule both make comments to George Patton that they wanted to do right by Teddy. I'm sure that makes Teddy's recent comments sting all the more. I also really hope they let George Patton know there were cameras rolling during the call.
  19. It's probable they edited out any QB discussion, but it's also clear from the clips surrounding the acquisition of Sam Darnold that they a) bought into the age thing and b) compared him to the QBs coming out in the draft. They are all in on Darnold. Let's hope that was the right decision. The other name you didn't see at all was Rashawn Slater...
  20. It makes me wonder if the Panthers had developed a reputation in the league for taking negative points trades under our previous management, and teams were testing the waters to see if Fitterer would be similar.
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