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  1. It's Thursday, again. Also, I'm tied with the bird now.
  2. This is my big concern, too. Thursday games always seem to have more injuries. I just hope we don't lose anyone.
  3. While there's some typical fan hyperbole, the Texans had a real shot of winning that game against Cleveland before Taylor went out. But its moot because Taylor isn't playing.
  4. If they use a CB or S it means they're pulling that player out of their coverage concepts on DJ, Robbie, TMJ, and Dan Arnold.
  5. Maybe NFL Network wants to hype up the team that is part of their nationally televised game on Thursday?
  6. The hits from the rushing attempts may cause cumulative damage that shortens careers. This is more of any hypothesis than a definitive statement. Lamar is in year 4 (2018 rookie). That is the equivalent of Cam in early 2015. Cam, at that point, also hadn't come close to getting hurt running the ball. My idea is that if you use your QB like an RB, don't be surprised if their longevity is closer to that of an RB than a QB. RBs drop off after age 30. Cam is 32. Lamar is 24. We can try to refine this a bit more. 1800 carries seems to be about when RBs falter. Cam had over a 1000 carries, and also took 322 sacks. That alone puts him at around 1400 hits. We also know QBs often get hit after releasing the ball, but I can't find any stats on that. Newton had 4383 career pass attempts. Getting hit on just 10% of those puts him at the magical 1800. How does Lamar compare? I put Lamar at around 682 total hits. 510 rushing attempts plus 72 sacks, plus about 100 QB hits (He has 1003 career pass attempts. If we use the same (admittedly arbitrary) 10% of pass attempts where Lamar is taking a hit). He has about 60 more rushing attempts than Newton did at the same stage of their career, but Lamar has taken half the number of sacks (72 to 152 for Cam at the same point in this career). I would guess Lamar has 4-7 more good years, but the closer he gets to age 30 and/or 1800 hits, the more I'd be worried if I was a Ravens fan. If you use your QB like an RB, don't be surprised if their longevity is closer to that of an RB than a QB.
  7. Tom Brady's first start: 13-23, 168 YDS (New England did win that game mostly because they got 2 pick-sixes and had a good running game).
  8. I wonder if they put him on Lamb, or Cooper.
  9. Clayton ignores Tampa and the Rams as they were "aren’t surprising". Of the five remaining undefeated teams, he ranks them as : Arizona Las Vegas San Francisco Denver Carolina
  10. If you can get the TV broadcast, anytime you hear Darnold come to the line and say "kill, kill", it means he changed the play. A) Something I learned in watching the old Quarterback Camp shows Gruden used to do is they call two plays in the huddle and when Darnold gets to the line he can "kill" the first play which means we run the second play. Gruden runs a version of the WCO like we do. B) I noticed most of our kills are runs. Call a pass play add kill it with a run. I'm sure opposing DCs will pick up on it as well.
  11. "In a funny twist, D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson have once again flip flopped roles. Heading into last year Moore was an underneath guy and Anderson was a deep threat. Then it flipped in 2020. And now it appears to have flipped again" - Peter Overzet, Fantasy Life
  12. My kingdom for a good endzone fade to Terrace Marshall or Dan Arnold.
  13. Gibbs coached in a very different NFL. I think he'd find that particular approach difficult in today's game.
  14. Rhule says Dennis Daley will start at left guard in place of Elflein this week https://twitter.com/WilliePStyle/status/1439986364326481928?s=19
  15. No choice. Since we signed Gonzalez off the Lions practice squad, he has to stay on the active roster for three weeks.
  16. "Any man can stand adversity — only a great man can stand prosperity." We've seen Rhule handle adversity. We have no idea how he or his teams handle prosperity. One game at at time.
  17. If Darnold doesn't make the one mistake he made all day, we probably win 35-0 too.
  18. This ain't college football. Ratings mean squat. Rack up enough Ws early to back our way into a WC spot because that last quarter of the schedule is brutally hard.
  19. This was one of my favorite plays yesterday. Terron Armstead is a really good LT, but he's lining up with Chinn and Burns over him and trying to decide who to block and ends up blocking no one. Loved it.
  20. I enjoy Matthew Berry and their Fantasy Football stuff but that's about it outside of the games.
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