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  1. 2018-2020 (did not include 2021). The articles came in last July so any update to include 2021 stats probably would come out around the same time (July 2022). Unfortuantely, Darnold has also had issues when he’s kept clean. According to Pro Football Focus, Darnold has the lowest passing grade (55.7) from a clean pocket since the 2018 season. Bridgewater ranked No. 32 in that stat last year, while Darnold ranked dead last at No. 39. Those predicting that Sam Darnold will provide a massive upgrade over Teddy Bridgewater in Carolina are in for a rude awakening. Bridgewater was hands down the better quarterback in 2020, outperforming Darnold in completion percentage (69.1% vs. 59.6%) and clean pocket passer rating (105.3 vs. 81.7). Darnold’s continued woes from a clean pocket — worst PFF passing grade since 2018 (55.7) — do not bode well for the Carolina offense to take a massive step forward, as a quarterback’s numbers from a clean pocket are a reliable predictor of future success. Even with talented wide receivers and perhaps the game's best pass-catching running back, this entire offense is a work in progress and its fantasy assets remain volatile. https://www.pff.com/news/fantasy-football-team-preview-carolina-panthers-breakouts-sleepers-busts https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/19/panthers-sam-darnold-red-zone-clean-pocket-numbers-troubling/
  2. The line is perfect, but if we don't bring in a Jimmy G/Baker (which, to be clear, I don't want them to do), then I'd have to take the under.
  3. We already gave up our 2023 3rd round pick to get Corral. Let's not trade away are all draft picks again. Jimmy G/Baker might get you 7 to 9 wins. Then you have to decide if you want to sign them to an expensive long term extension, or let them walk for nothing, all without getting a good look at your rookie with game speed reps. The better course of action would be to get Corral on the field by Week 8, and see what the rook can do.
  4. I can't believe Gantt is putting this out there. You would think someone like him would have seen the advanced analytics on Darnold in a clean pocket (spoiler alert: they aren't good.)
  5. Matt Corral is Obi-Wan...
  6. “We want to have a really strong quarterback room,” Rhule told reporters on Friday during rookie minicamp, “so I don’t think we would say no to a veteran at this point.” “We’re happy with the group we have,” Fitterer said. “I never put an absolute on anything. [But] we came into this weekend with the intention of getting a quarterback, and that’s what we did. And we’re going to go with this group.” Taken from this blog: https://heavy.com/sports/cleveland-browns/panthers-baker-mayfield-trade-matt-corral/
  7. That about double the amount of wins that the sports books have us at right now.
  8. Ron also had Cam and Luke. Foxy had some great players, but I'm not sure he had ones like Cam and Luke. Rivera should have been able to do more, but didn't.
  9. They have Houston and Atlanta as the top two for Young/Stroud, but we are in range. All the more reason to get a long look at Matt Corral this season.
  10. Posted this in another thread but feel like its germane here.
  11. Week 13 during the bye week. We will inexplicably beat Arizona... because we always seem to.
  12. If that's true, we should have a pretty good idea where our season is going by that point. Less than 6 wins and its probably Wilks or McAdoo as interim for the rest of the season. Corral absolutely needs to be starting Week 14 regardless. [edit: unless we're like 10-2 or something obviously]
  13. Fair or not, if Fields doesn't have a pretty good year, Stroud will have to fight that OSU quarterback stigma.
  14. That's a link to team defense. What I was saying was that the Bengals Offense finished Top 10 in points scored: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2021/#all_team_stats The premise that I was arguing was your statement that "Their D [referring to the Bengals] is what carried them in the playoffs." By showing their offense was top 10 in points scored (and passing yards per game), combined with a 17th ranked defense in yards allowed, I provided evidence that their offense, and not their defense was their catalyst.
  15. The Bengals finished as Top 10 in points scored, and top 10 in passing yards/game. Their defense was ranked 18th in the same category where the Panthers finished 2nd (yards/game) That sounds more like a team led by it's offense with Burrow, Chase, Mixon and some combination of Higgins/Boyd than one carried by it's defense.
  16. I'd take the under in New Orleans. People are underestimating how big of a loss Sean Payton is going to be and they have to contend with the same tough divisions (AFC North, NFC West) that we do.
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