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  1. We improved our 6th. The pick we got from Denver is like 20+ picks higher than what we gave NYJ.
  2. Gantt writes for the team. It makes me wonder if he knows something about the plans.
  3. Even if Darnold is bad, the Panthers are still probably picking in the teens instead of the top 10 meaning it will be all the more expensive to move up for a QB.
  4. Last night NFL Network replayed the Elite 11 7 on 7 camp from 2017. Elite 11 is a camp for elite high school quarterbacks run by Super Bowl winning QB Trent Dilfer. The 2017 class featured two guys who figure to also feature prominently Thursday night, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. I think some of the things they say about Quincy Patterson (came from a run heavy offense) may apply to the transition Trey Lane faces. I want the Panthers to draft Fields ever more after watching this. If the 49ers are crazy enough to take Jones, get Fields.
  5. Somebody's got to explain the Wilson love to me. I don't see it. (Edit: I have a ton of respect for Jeremiah's evaluations.)
  6. That's your opinion and you're certainly entitled to it (and have given logical reasons for it). I don't agree as we've discussed. The Panthers don't necessarily see things the way either of us do. We'll find out what they think Thursday night.
  7. "You talked about passing on a quarterback who would have been good. That's not guaranteed." No one can guarantee any rookie will work out. We also can't guarantee Darnold will out. Nothing with the Panthers QB situation right now is guaranteed. "If you take a first round quarterback and Darnold turns out good, you've wasted a number eight overall pick on a backup when you could have solidified another starting position." Any rookie has the chance for failure so you might or might not have solidified another starting position. Regardless, if Darnold turns out to be good, you ha
  8. 5 of the last 10 Super Bowl winning QBs were first round picks. The non first rounders were: Brady x 3, Russ and Foles. First rounders were Rodgers, Flacco, Eli, Peyton, and Mahomes.
  9. If he doesn't pan out, it isn't, well darn, he didn't pan out. you're out the draft resources you spent (edit: to acquire Darnold) and you've wasted a year, and you've potentially let a QB who would have panned out go to another team and you can watch him win in the playoffs while the Panthers sit home in January (again). Every fan wants sustained success. The fastest path there is a true franchise QB. If the team believes Justin Fields can be a true franchise QB, they should select him at #8, regardless of who else is on the roster. Let Rhule and Brady figure out the reps in training cam
  10. The Jets have nothing else at QB. They'd have to sign a vet or trade for one. If that was the plan, they would have taken Teddy as part of the Darnold trade.
  11. Stefanski turned Cleveland into a run first team. That helped Mayfield more than any "flipping the switch".
  12. It's the same "we" that made the call on Darnold, just not Bridgewater.
  13. Fields would greatly benefit by learning from Cam. All of these young guys would. But turning it around, there's not a better QB to mentor Trey Lance than Cam Newton.
  14. This is from Albert Breer: "The drumbeat for Florida’s Kyle Pitts has grown louder here, and a good number of other clubs believe he’ll be the fourth pick. Three breadcrumbs we can leave for you here. One, GM Terry Fontenot has done some relationship-building with Matt Ryan that, really, seems to indicate the Falcons aren’t desperate to move on from him in nine months (the contract restructure sends a similar message), and Ryan has been a steady presence in the building the last few weeks. Two, word is the asking price to move up to No. 4 is high, which would indicate Atlanta might not be
  15. I'd go with tobyMac. I could probably include his work with dcTalk before he went solo. Album : This is not a Test Song: Til the Day I Die
  16. Let's not forget that for all his experience, this is Fitterer's first time calling the shots on draft day.
  17. It sounded like 16 would be about their limit, and there's WFT sitting at 15...
  18. Applicable to interest in Rashawn Slater: Around the 29 minute mark: Press: John Schneider (Seattle GM) was open about Seattle's preference for Cornerbacks with 32" arms. Is that a philosophy you'll bring here, and similarly, will you have a philosophy on arm length for offensive tackles? SF: As far as Corners, we change to what our coaches want, what they expect, we're not going to play with the exact type of corner we played with in Seattle, we look for different traits here. We adjust as a personnel staff to that. Obviously length is important, it does show up on tape, it's
  19. To be fair, it took the greatest comeback of all time to stop them from winning Super Bowl LI.
  20. The board I was on doesn't exist anymore, but I was a Damayune Craig superfan back in the day.
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