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  1. I'm a diehard panther fan, and I and WANT mariota, BUT let's be realistic. We need a semi-competent QB for the next couple of years. My Reason for Trubisky are A) he cost no trade capital B) has more upside than Donald C) we will have someone to help groom our rookie QB next year. D) Then we can let Donald. Play out his contract and not lose any trade capital, and probably want cost a lot to sign
  2. I'm tired of deshaun trade talk, by the time we get a line to protect him. He's going to be a Free Agent. If I'm going to trade for a Houston Texan I wanted Jeremy Tunsil
  3. Trade for OT Cam Robertson... Not Newton We desperately need a Starting/ Franchise Offensive Tackle. Taylor Decker is also another Legit offensive Tackle to get. DRAFT- First round pick OC- Tyler Linderbaum. A Starting QB... And a safety to pair with Chin Just for starters.
  4. Brady Christensen for making his first sack of his professional career.
  5. Zorbac


    Right now I believe another JAG kicker could do as good as slye.
  6. Per PFF they predict Tyrod Taylor will get a contract 2 year 10 million dollar deal, for a team looking for a backup QB.
  7. If you really want Rodgers, wait til next year. He's not going anywhere "THIS" year.
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