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  1. I absolutely loathe Tony Romo... He's like the kid that thinks he knows everything and wont shut up... Then every play he says the offense is going to (yaps about 3 different play options) and gets a few play calls correct a game.... People think he is some genius for it.... Just one mans .02... Staying on topic... F%^$ Drew Brees... and the NO Saints....
  2. Wonder if he had something on the Clinton's?
  3. Man... That was a fun team to watch !!
  4. I was thinking the other day... I have watched every Super Bowl since 1973 on.... I was almost 6 years old... My dad had to work that Sunday so he told me to watch the game for him... So I did... Being in Virginia we were big Redskins fans... Well... The Miami Dolphins and Larry Czonka had other plans... They used to play the big game during the early afternoon back then.... Hated Miami ever since... I know this is a total random post... I just saw "old guy" and "Super Bowl" in the title
  5. The guy was just beating up Kamara's fists with his face....
  6. Kannapolis showed up wearing a #3 NASCAR hat and t-shirt... He has a serious shoulder twitch and he yells Earnhardt for no particular reason every 15 mins or so... He's 32 and sands furniture at the mill for a living but still claims he liked Earnhardt before he got famous racin' in Concord....
  7. He could come here and hang out at The Common Market and talk about man buns on off days...
  8. At least we know Rhule only has 6 or 7 games left....
  9. I would rather have an explosive diarrhea attack in a hot over crowded room with no bathrooms...
  10. Put a potato on the helmet and keep the Redskins !!!
  11. Yep... That happened in the end zone right below our seats... I dont think BofA has rocked much harder after a regular season win... Walking down the ramps after the game was quite the experience !! Didnt this win secure us in the playoffs?
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