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  1. The game ball goes to the lady in the parking lot at BofA opening the gate for them to leave when they get home NY....
  2. The worst coached and played game in my 54 years of watching the NFL.... The game ball goes to the lady in the parking lot opening the gate at the BofA for them to leave when they get home....
  3. Chris Simms knows plenty about the Panthers and hospitals.... I think we forced his spleen out his left nostril a few years back.....
  4. Justice should of been served much sooner than 2:20....
  5. A loss from top to bottom today... Hell... I bet the guy in charge of washing the jocks after the game even failed at somethin'.....
  6. I have zero faith in our coaching staff right now.... Vikings by 2 or 3.... We know how to lose close games !!
  7. Nothing good to say about our coaching staff... Most of the mouth breathers on this board could have called a better game...
  8. That 2 min. "offense" going into half was some of the worst coached/managed football I've ever seen.... The second half didnt get any better..... I give the coaches an F for today... And a low F at that....
  9. True story... I bumped in to Del Curry when he was on the Hornets at a Clubhouse at the golf course on Tyvola... Early 90's.. I was a huge fan.... He played his HS B-ball in my district in Virginia so I thought that was my in.... Nope... Biggest pecker head I've ever met.... Mugsy was awesome every time tho...
  10. He was just trying to pick her up like a bowling ball....
  11. Just looking for a thread where I can say I want to shove Zeke's imaginary spoon up his ass.... What a clown.... I feel better now.... Carry on....
  12. dave-o

    Delta 8 THC

    I was too busy smoking it to know what spelling was I guess !! Haha
  13. dave-o

    Delta 8 THC

    Yep.... You could get a full baggie of Columbian for 20 - 25 bucks.... Then the green weed started showing up in the early 80's... Cents-a-million we called it.... Or seeds-a-million... And like you said Thai stick would pop up not so often... Black hash used to show up too....
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