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  1. Bronny had a triple single the other day...
  2. The bride didnt want to be out dressed...
  3. anyone know where to get gummies shipped to NC? Asking for a friend
  4. Looking forward to our next attempt at QB....
  5. Does it work? I have no trouble finding what I need but gummies would be nice...
  6. I was in Infinty's End here in Charlotte the other day and smelled some good weed... They had it in big clear containers behind the counter... Smelled legit and the dude tried to tell me it was weed and there was a loophole.. I'm sure there was a catch.. Pretty pricey too... Claimed the gummies were legit too...
  7. Its like hitting golf balls on the driving range... Long and straight all day long until you step on the first tee...
  8. This is pretty un-smart... I have 5 Clemson grads in my family that are huge Panthers fans...
  9. I think it took us over 12 hours one Sunday door to door to see a game in Clem-p-son... Good times !!!
  10. He could move to G-town and be the Gastonia Meth Heads...
  11. After watching some of the ladies high diving trials last night I'm channeling my sports focus on that for now...
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