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  1. to be fair the majority of fans on here called the game over at halftime. So...
  2. Where is your god now wilson? Did he tell you to throw a duck of a int to the best mlb in the game? huh? WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW!!!
  3. Yeah you were right... On the internet. Whoopty freaking do. No one cares. It isn't like someone hasn't been wrong on the internet before. No reason to be a pain in the rear end about it.
  4. Not running the ball on short yardage situations, when clearly fozzy/cap were getting yards.
  5. Well if the offense would line up and call the play called. Taking forever to snap the ball.
  6. Throw out a decent tradition no fake screen. Have cam drop back with stewart beside him, lul the defense in and then toss it to stew. Not hard.
  7. 79 year old lady. Hospitalized 2 weeks and had to undergo skin graphs for her pelvic region. I guess having hot in big bold letters on the cup doesn't help.
  8. Someone actually did sue McDonalds about coffee, granted they sued because they spilt it on themselves and got 3rd degree burns.
  9. If it had been me i would have taken a sharpie to it. Mark out packers and replace it with panthers. Mark out the green bay packers logo, thus making a big circle in the middle of North Carolina. Draw a few mini panther logos on it and also maybe put in big bold letters, "I'm an asshole who cheers for the wrong team!".
  10. Fan since 1998. Steve smith sr can eat my shorts. For the past year and a half he has been a baby about getting cut. Won't be the first and last great player we or anyone else for that matter will cut. Fandom should be revoked for crying about a former player and not putting your eggs in the current team and ROSTER basket. bigger fan of Muhsin Muhammad.
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