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  1. Either way you have to support Bryce. Build up the team so you can see if he can improve or you have a better team for the next guy.
  2. Getting JPJ would be incredible. I hope they pick up O-line but as long as they stick with offense you can’t go wrong. They just need to support Young.
  3. I like trading down but not to draft players you need. I’d rather see them trade down to assemble picks for the future.
  4. It’s probably dumb but I think BPA is a mistake. Support your QB or bust. Don’t leave room for excuses. Draft for need and keep your QB upright, give him playmakers.
  5. Until you see the pieces work together I have to feel they’ll be just as bad or worse than last year. Looking forward to them being much better.
  6. Yeah this team has 1 more year to prove if Young is a bust or not. Need to keep him clean and give him weapons.
  7. I mean just look at South End and Noda Development vs 1st Ward. im willing to pay for a stadium if the city owns it and largely benefits from it. Also if it dictates if the owner can move the team or not. It never feels worth it.
  8. Obviously we need a center. I think guard is acceptable. I’d like the flexibility to try Ickey at guard. I wouldn’t fret at all about two o lineman in the 2nd honestly, just shore it up. Trade or FA your playmakers.
  9. As far as I can tell the football team isn’t his #1 priority vs building a sports, entertainment, and gambling business. It doesn’t mean the football team can’t be successful too but I don’t see him learning lessons he never even cared about.
  10. I think you pay him now and hopefully take some of the cap hit during your rebuild year.
  11. I think he got married and has children early too? Doesn’t mean a person is mature but it’s not like you ever hear anything bad about him.
  12. Improvement and excited players. Tepper needs to talk about real grass. Also need to hear about a practice facility. I don’t want any drama about a new stadium.
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