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  1. According to PFF pretty much all LBs are terrible and abused by offenses so it’s hard to put stock in their assessments. I like what he said about Keuchly telling him to watch TV film, that’s how Hasselbeck carved up the defense in the NFCCG
  2. Ken Lucas was incredible in 05 and never quite as good after. Was a shame.
  3. Didn’t Fields make pro bowl in 02 and 04?
  4. Bersin was crazy on 3rd downs even if it was a travesty how poor WR depth was. Rod Smart for the name. Goings was legit and made 2004 somewhat bearable. Hilee Taylor and Stanley McGlover for how much debate they generated on here lol Drew Carter and David Gettis for us praying for them to develop to their potential. I remember this camp body named Taye Biddle that people were nuts over. A ton of D lineman that people think of ad JAGs but have a ton of weight on the team. Shane Burton, Carstens, Moorehead, Wallace, Lewis etc. Marlon
  5. I agree, Spoon left for big money and in no way was a JAG. Kickass coverage LB.
  6. His reach grades seem kind of dumb that they are barely over the amount of spots in each round. Why would any team gamble losing a player they really want?
  7. CMC became expendable as soon as they made him the highest paid running back in the league
  8. I love his channel and I really hope that the CBS thing works out.
  9. That story breaks my heart Also it’s Terrace*, easy mistake to make for sure.
  10. I was honestly kind of frustrated with trading down so late in the draft. Obviously they are the ones that know best, I just saw so many prospects that I liked. I just don’t understand gambling and trading down when there is someone you like on the board. I guess they won’t admit how many times the gamble didn’t pay off. I think it’s great to look at it as a numbers game, but it’s so likely that most of these players won’t work out. I kind of wish they tried to get who they wanted at the top of the draft vs just going with quantity over quality. I’m looking forward to this bei
  11. I really want Jordan Smith, the edge from UAB
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