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  1. Hopefully they get more out of Burns to make the contract worth it. It’s a gamble but I understand the position they are in. I’m still pretty shocked we didn’t trade him. That would have been a juicy haul.
  2. I think it’d be really nice of the org to get him meaningful preseason reps. Dalton barely needs it and Young doesn’t need to risk getting hurt in meaningless games. I don’t care if he’s a rookie or not.
  3. So you still have to keep 3QBs but you just don’t have to activate 3 QBs? im usually good with 2 QBs, has any team ever won a SB with a 3rd string QB?
  4. Definitely one of greatest running backs ever, and one of the greatest lacrosse players ever too. Very likely not a good person too, based on the amount of violent incidents he’s had in his life.
  5. Hopefully they do their best to showcase him in preseason so he can get a chance with another team. Nothing is going to make them give up on Young after 1-2 years years and if Corral thinks highly of himself he’ll really want to be competing somewhere else.
  6. Don’t be so cynical, you deserve a fair shot.
  7. I definitely heard Tepper mention it once but I assume it’ll probably have to wait until we have a new stadium.
  8. BREAKING: Panthers staff to focus on “hard work” and “execution”
  9. Our crappy 7-9 team had to face the legion of boom after that so I don’t have much sympathy
  10. I’m jealous of the folks in the nosebleeds on the west side of the stadium. Right under the scoreboard looks very shady.
  11. Yeah I feel like expectations are way overblown, I hope ownership is patient. I also hope the coaches stick together long enough to build a cohesive culture/org.
  12. Nothing burgers are all we have to eat in these desolate off-season times!
  13. It felt like we WERE tanking in all those games lol.
  14. Lucas was pretty legit in 2005(firmly tier 2)and I think he was somewhat serviceable afterwards. I think Gamble was better but he never reached shutdown status.
  15. Yeah I missed a lot of games in high school bagging groceries on Sunday. Different schedules are nice for a lot of folks.
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