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  1. Jordan Smith to the Jags Adarius Washington to the Ravens
  2. His reach grades seem kind of dumb that they are barely over the amount of spots in each round. Why would any team gamble losing a player they really want?
  3. CMC became expendable as soon as they made him the highest paid running back in the league
  4. I love his channel and I really hope that the CBS thing works out.
  5. That story breaks my heart Also it’s Terrace*, easy mistake to make for sure.
  6. I was honestly kind of frustrated with trading down so late in the draft. Obviously they are the ones that know best, I just saw so many prospects that I liked. I just don’t understand gambling and trading down when there is someone you like on the board. I guess they won’t admit how many times the gamble didn’t pay off. I think it’s great to look at it as a numbers game, but it’s so likely that most of these players won’t work out. I kind of wish they tried to get who they wanted at the top of the draft vs just going with quantity over quality. I’m looking forward to this bei
  7. I really want Jordan Smith, the edge from UAB
  8. Darnold or a rookie QB might fail, our OC is probably gone next season so maybe it’s easier to invest and build the defense next season. It’s not like we won’t have the option to trade up next season if we do a little better.
  9. This kept happening to me every time I did a mock draft. I kept drafting Horn and Samuel Jr, then I really loved Jordan Smith or Nick Bolton in the 3rd. Around the 4th you could try to nab Devine Deablo or this safety from LSU as Kam Chancellor type. Maybe Monty Rice in the 5th? The small safety from TCU? He seems like a beast. I think Spencer Brown or one of the centers could be a good pick in the 2nd
  10. I’m glad that we only have to worry about trading down to the 2nd vs almost trading a future #1 overall for Jimmy Clausen ever again
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