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  1. That’s not even the line from the movie!
  2. They had the Quidditch World Championships there a while back, Disc Golf too
  3. Google has something called a “leap smear” that spreads the leap second evenly over something like a day or something. It’s pretty clever. You could prob do something like that for a negative second.
  4. This is one of the worst topics I’ve ever seen posted.
  5. Lololol the Cardinals are gonna be pissed. I feel like picking them for the home game makes them feel like they’re gonna lose again.
  6. I’m a little tired today but if someone can work in some bulking/Kelvin Benjamin/Golden Corral jokes I’ll send some pie.
  7. I mean if they didn’t want him bad enough to take him off the market then it is what it is. They know the risks, not sure how far apart they are.
  8. Maybe his dad is giving him some vet tips to avoid training camp
  9. I’m also gonna miss Sam Darnold and his gun turret eyeballs
  10. Anybody who really became a fan around the 2000s had been spoiled the entire time. Fields, Morgan, Witherspoon, Davis, Beason, Luke, and Klein were all pretty huge.
  11. First year was fine so call it a sophomore slump. If he ends up average with an average extension that’s not so bad.
  12. I have no idea what there is to negotiate on these rookie deals
  13. Damn if he marries that woman their kids will have scholarship offers in the womb.
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