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  1. Unless there are massive settlements to his victims, public apologies, public statements of forgiveness, and activism against sexual assault/rape in Watsons future I’d never be a fan of this team again. It’s a giant slap in the face for this to be so public and STILL sign the guy? Not only that but trade the future for him? It’d set the franchise back a decade. There are other QBs. I don’t want a hometown SuperBowl brought home by this guy.
  2. That’s what I hate about fighting, even scuffles as a kid were enough for me. Everyone should know what it feels like to get hit or get their ass beat. we’re fragile creatures and unless you are ready to go to jail or the hospital don’t fight on fuging CONCRETE.
  3. YGM I could see I feel like trading Jackson would gut morale but at the same time if they can’t keep him it would make a lot of sense.
  4. I feel like Fox and Rivera were both kind of stubborn. Fox’s playoff runs were awesome. Rivera mismanaging Cam I think would be his biggest blunder. Polian was also way better than Hurney.
  5. FBs still need a hole or maybe they seal off an edge while the hole opens elsewhere. As it stands Brown would just run into a pile up for an even bigger loss of yards. The interior is so bad right now lol.
  6. The issue hasn’t been philosophy, I think we’ve been very aggressive. They genuinely thought they could sign o linemen with good measureables and coach them up. No matter what. They gambled and lost big time.
  7. Decades maybe. The 2012 loss to the Falcons broke my heart and if someone throws a loaded diaper at Matt Ryan I’ll bail them out of jail and pay for their kids college.
  8. This place gets a little cranky obviously but it’s always good to have perspective. There’s no medal for being a diehard vs a fair weather fan. When we have down seasons I usually go on Sunday hikes, I check the score when I have service and listen to the end on the radio if we are winning. Much better balance to life that way.
  9. Team loss/“no excuses” is run of the mill coach speak but every player on the team knows the D did their job.
  10. We’re a year away, nothing to do but grin and bare it. Oline will only get worse with time/injuries.
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