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  1. I don’t being at the bottom except we didn’t rank properly at all
  2. After Ray Lewis I think it’s all a toss up. Unfortunately with Luke’s injuries I think you’ll have to give the nod to Wagner as well. The longevity is going to help.
  3. If things don’t get better I hope Tepper moves the team. So far he kinda sucks
  4. I think it’s neat but also just kind of means we’ve been picking high back to back years lol.
  5. The Darnold trade was bad at the time and in hindsight. Those are two great picks that almost certainly would have panned out better than Darnold.
  6. Trash Cam on a good running team in a season with rock bottom expectations sounds like a whole lotta fun. Cam chases rushing TDs records and the Panthers chase Ls for draft picks and getting Rhule fired. I’m all on on that.
  7. Glad to see it. Really love the last two 1st rounders have been Carolina affiliated too.
  8. If Tepper really wants to “build a foundation” then he have a firesale of draft picks and expensive players to give next years coach the best start possible.
  9. For real, in 5 years you would have had to resign some rising stars, give rookies their 1st big contract, probably lose a franchise great. The roster would have massive turnover during that time.
  10. What are the actual building blocks or foundation Tepper is talking about? It doesn’t take 5 years to make a winning season. I just have no idea what he’s talking about.
  11. I don’t care what they call him just keep him near the LOS, let him make plays. Funny how we did this with Thomas Davis too but I guess it’s just a problem for talented players.
  12. Old knights stadium area maybe? Not sure if that got redeveloped.
  13. If they cut him and state anything about character I really hope the follow ups ask about Watson lol
  14. I’d rather get someone with a rocket arm after so many years of Cam’s shoulder or just crappy QBs in general.
  15. I’m never really mad at the morals I just hate that they aren’t more careful, get a CCW and have someone else carry your weed.
  16. I’m still shocked we TRIED. We’re not our of the woods with leadership as stupid as this.
  17. Overall it’s a terrible look for the NFL, I guess there are no plans to suspend him
  18. It’s one thing if the team sucks, but for our owner to be acting like an idiot asshole so openly it kind of just makes me totally disinterested in cheering for the team. I just don’t see the point. I guess just focusing on the players as much as possible, but there are players all around the league to cheer for.
  19. It’s sick that they haven’t bowed our or are even considering it.
  20. How many conspiracies of 20 plus women claiming sexual assault have ever been uncovered? If this was fraud I doubt they would be able to coordinate for this long. So many things are bigger than football, use your head.
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