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  1. The only reason they are tempering expectations is because they don’t want to be wrong. All of these articles just say a whole lot of nothing. Things turn on a dime in the NFL, but until they do just give him some credit lol. Even if he plays this well all season you couldn’t Rhule us out looking for a QB in the off-season.
  2. His kickoffs are horrible, somebody call Rhys Lloyd
  3. Can’t believe it! Other than CMC taking snaps he didn’t need to in the 4th, I love the aggression.
  4. I swear it feels like so many edge rushers are coming free against offenses. I feel like I’ve seen overloading and stunts before, but I’ve never seen teams just let rushers come free the way the Jets and Saints have. Am I crazy?
  5. That season was similar start too, the defense feasted. Peppers vs Harrington was memorable.
  6. My reaction at the time honestly seemed like it was fine. I’d want my DT showing that much urgency towards the ball carrier. I understand the penalty but helmets are going to make contact sometimes. I can’t see how a huge DT can dive towards a player and not have his head down. The NFL is in a very odd place right now lol. It’s really hard to codify rules of safety into something so chaotic and violent. The 2nd call on Darnold was pretty loose too. I’m not complaining because we’ll get our fair share of bad calls too in the end, but I’m not holding ill will towards Roach.
  7. I don’t think we have many aging players or expiring contracts next year do the window is opening vs closing. You can’t trade the future. its still worth shipping around for someone before the deadline. Especially a kicker.
  8. So sad that actor passed, iconic performance and character.
  9. I honestly felt about 60% negative about this game that I had to go with unbridled optimism.
  10. Would love if we blow them out but the talent discrepancy seems huge. Their roster is great RN.
  11. This seems like a stunningly stupid thing to try to change? Why? Do they want more time for ads?
  12. The SW upper is always really lively, I notice it wherever I sit.
  13. If they did by volume it’d def be the cheapest and lightest beer lol I’m not even a beer drinker and now I want a beer tho.
  14. I honestly think Winston will be way better than people think. I think our defense will answer the call and hold up decently but I’m not sure if the offense can stand up to the test. We’re going to need 30 points to win.
  15. The Jets were so bad that this actually feels like the week 1 opener. I want to be optimistic but I’m not sure if the talent or experience is there to beat them.
  16. One theory I have is since their punter was injured maybe they thought they could pin them deep and get another shot with a shanked punt. turns out that kicker should be ST player of the week lol
  17. Everyone expecting bad Winston will prob be disappointed. Coaching and talent are a big factor too. He would only make mistakes if the game is entirely on him.
  18. Probably not gonna win. This team still feels a year away even if Darnold pans out. The defense is playoff caliber but they can’t be hamstrung, in today’s NFL we need to be able to win shootouts sometimes. Not going to happen right now.
  19. So many free rushers I don’t know what the heck was going on with the Jets.
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