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  1. There is no way that's true. No way. Checks Google.....
  2. A loss of down 20 yard penalty wouldn't be a reward. It would be the harshest, non-spot foul, penalty in the game. Anywhere else on the field if you can't recover the fumble as an offensive player and smack it out of bounds, you don't lose possession.
  3. The current rule sucks. I like the idea of having it be a loss of down and then a penalty back to the 20. There would be players straight up throwing the ball through the back of the end-zone to trigger the penalty in certain scenarios if it isn't harsh enough, and the loss of down 20 yard penalty seems harsh enough. I also don't think it promotes a player to be reckless near the end zone when actually trying to score. No way in hell you want to be back 20 yards, or risk the other team recovering.
  4. I'd give up twice that to be free of Teddy. Watson surrounded by talent wins a Super Bowl.
  5. Very happy for him. He made himself quite a bit of money tonight and has the respect of that locker room. Would be interesting to see him fight for that starting job next year.
  6. Hell you could post it 15 times. I'll pie every last one.
  7. They are going to get a "Peyton Manning final season" x "Normal Brady BS" type calls for the next month. A team is going to have to beat them into submission to keep Brady out of the Super Bowl.
  8. It is comforting to know that Playoff refs are just as bad as regular season ones. Its not that we get the poo refs each week, its that they kind of all suck.
  9. Heinicke plays like this all year with the weapons we have and this is a playoff team.
  10. I for one choose to believe that Kap is great, but our defense made him look horrible.
  11. They have a lot of talent. Those 10 points were hard earned today.
  12. Ron Rivera freaking defense (McD helps too)
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