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  1. Absolutely, it's pretty common across the league and all major sports
  2. I think Dak f'd up and should have gone down like 5 yards earlier. My guess is they wanted to be able to run something other than a prayer to the endzone with like 3 seconds left.
  3. And now we get to watch the Steelers lose by a hundred. Pretty good weekend.
  4. As much as this year has sucked, we got to watch Dallas lose again in the playoffs in a stunningly stupid fashion. So, glass quarter full?
  5. CMC and DJ both. DJ is a nasty runner, CMC has great hands. Rotate them back and forth and the offense instantly improves.
  6. Hi, My Name is Davey Tepper and this is the destroy a franchise challenge.
  7. Hey if Sam was in the draft this year, he's easily a top 5 pick.
  8. Best short yardage QB/power rushing QB of all time in one hand, Sam Darnold in the other. Every time this dude speaks he sounds more and more clueless. It's poo like this (and like 20,000 other things that will prevent me from ever being okay with Rhule being here).
  9. He could be the missing piece for so many teams! Browns, Saints, and Falcons would be foolish to not trade a second for him! ....please, please let there be one other GM and Coach that think "we can fix him!"
  10. That team escaped the torments of Bill O'Brian and came out on the other side with a lot to look forward to. We, on the other hand, are looking to bring B.O.B into the mix. Doesn't feel great.
  11. Dude has been so impressive this year. That team had no business winning any games this year. They found a gem.
  12. Only way they get a Cinderella story is if the NFL carries him to it like they did for Peyton. I don't see it happening, I think the NFL goes all in on getting the Patriots and Bucs, no matter how much fudgery it takes.
  13. Panthers this year, despite the roster issues, would have been a playoff team with Tomlin. Some coaches know how to win, others get hired for 7 years and like 70 million by the Panthers.
  14. Send him to the Saints for a pick or two. If Payton can turn him around he is the best coach of all time.
  15. Could have had Minshew for a fourth. Could have had any number of rookies, including Davis Mills who is on an impossibly bad Texans team and looks better than Sam ever has. Could have played Sam in the preseason more, realized we were f'd and gotten a veteran in way earlier. They did literally everything wrong. And the owner is sitting back and saying 'let's roll it back next year.' There's been like 5 or 6 good years in franchise history, which sucks, but I've never felt like we were the worst run team in the NFL until this year. Not when being coached by the ghost of 49ers past, not when Pickles was putting up 3 points a game, it took being swindled by a used Pinto salesman masquerading as a head coach to hit rock bottom.
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