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  1. Bucs lost by being too aggressive. Bills lost by not being aggressive enough. The football Gods are fickle.
  2. Offer the Ricky Williams special on top of that. Texans are going to get a massive haul.
  3. If Burrow can beat this team next week, he enters top 5 QB in the league discussion. Allen just had one of the best playoff games ever and he still lost.
  4. I think the Rams game proved it as well. Rams have traded picks for established talent and it has paid off.
  5. Think back to 50 when our guys were sacrificed on the later of Manning. Gotta be that.
  6. A playoff game ending in OT without a team touching it is straight up bullshit
  7. Allen had a game winning drive, left Mahomes less time than it takes a person to sneeze, and is going to lose in OT without seeing the ball again. Lifes unfair
  8. Find a way to force a FG. Find a way.
  9. I need the Bills to get one more chance.
  10. It's going to take like a week to process what is happening in this game. Josh Allen with 2 career defining drives, Mahomes taking a team into FG range in 2 plays. Long bomb FG when everything was on the line. Just impossible.
  11. There is zero doubt in my mind that this is one of the best football games ever played. There were legit four haymakers thrown in the last like 4 minutes of the game.
  12. ITS GOING TO OVERTIME! 13 SECONDS WAS TOO MANY! Never going to see this again. Mahomes and Allen are putting on one of the best QB'd games of all time.
  14. If you had to choose between Butker from 60 or Mahomes from the same distance, what ya doin?
  15. For the most part, not awful defense. Just other worldly good offense.
  16. This is still somehow going to come down to Butker.
  17. Holy crap Josh Allen may be the best QB in the league.
  18. A couple of minutes away from one fan base being absolutely gutted
  19. He knew he wasn't going to be touched like 40 yards out. Amazing talent.
  20. He has to one up one of the best drives ever, like 5 plays later. Man.
  21. If I was a fan of ANY of the teams from this weekend, I may have had a heart attack. Honestly cannot remember 4 games in the Divisional round as good as the four this week
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