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  1. It's a no risk, high reward move. I am 35 out of 10 excited.
  2. He's friends with Kyler, this looks like a "are you freaking happy now?" trade
  3. CMC about to run for like 2,200 yards
  4. The optimist in me: There has to be a QB on this planet that we can get on this team that will play well behind this line. The pessimist in me: Next years QB class looks pretty good
  5. Baker Sam Cam Jimmy G Pick one and hope for the best
  6. I'm so happy right now. See y'all in like 113 picks
  7. He needs to be in camp somewhere so that this story can be resolved. If he's awful, so what the story ends. If he's not awful, he gets to spend his last few viable playing years on a roster. I just don't want the "what if ..." stories continuing for the next decade.
  8. If he were somehow able to get to the Dolphins with McDaniel or the 49ers with Shanahan, I think he would put up videogame numbers. Not sure on their cap/assets though.
  9. Heart: Next Year Head: It takes so much to go right to make one. The losses have sucked but making it to 2 in the last 20 years is still better than a lot of franchises. If I had to take the over/under of 2030, I'd take the under, just because the alternative would suck too much to think about.
  10. Need to make a QB MVP award and an everyone else MVP award. Offensive and Defensive player of the year are fine awards, but just put the QB's by themself. Like what baseball does with the Cy Young. Just create a Joe Montana/Tom Brady award and have it go to the best QB each year.
  11. I'm never going to write the dude off. I'm going to think/wish/dream that every year is the year he can win a Super Bowl. It's going to be like this for me until he's 45. He improved so much from when he got here. He gave every part of himself to this team and the entire region and I want him to have that moment that the Rams players got today.
  12. Exactly, the mistake was on second down. Didn't need a home run. Hell after the Chiefs and Bills scored roughly 80 points in a minute, a home run could have resulted in a loss there too.
  13. I go back and watch games from the early years a lot. He was my favorite player from start 1, but he was green as hell as a passer when he came in. He definitely made huge strides as a thrower. That SB run never happens if he doesn't improve as a passer. Even his footwork, which has never been perfect improved a ton. He had a tendency to pass the ball like he was shooting a fadeaway early on.
  14. Now is the part where we dream. Season is over. Next season is 200+ days away. Who knows what could happen. Keep Pounding.
  15. I can't even describe what I would give to see Cam get that moment with the Lombardi. Damn, he deserves it so damn much.
  16. Wanted Bengals to win, but the emotion from Donald is what makes the NFL so worth it, even with the constant BS.
  17. A defensive line carrying a team past a great young QB. I think I am going to go cry. And throw up a little.
  18. On the bright side, Rams are about to have a retirement exodus of epic proportions
  19. Holy fug did that dude not see the ball coming his way?
  20. Refs owe Cincy a make up call soon
  21. If this game ends in OT controversy, this is going to be the longest off season ever
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