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  1. This D has been close, its time for the shutout on Thursday
  2. I wonder what team will rejuvenate Zach Wilson's career in a few years. My guess, the WFT.
  3. Happy with the win, feels good to win against the Saints again. I can't wait for the team to put together 4 quarters. I can't tell yet if the Oline is the problem or if its Joe Brady. Brady's calling lacks rhythm, but I imagine part of that has to be how terrified he is of the Oline. Would like to see the rookies get some play time on the oline. They have to be better than what we have seen.
  4. I'll never understand Jameis. He has so much talent but there is just something missing. I was terrified of him being on the Saints, now I'm wondering how he beat out Taysom Hill.
  5. I've held my breath on every field goal kick for the last decade at least. So happy that one went through.
  6. Can we get like a strip sack TD. I'm ready for this to be over.
  7. Sam going to F around and become the best QB in his draft. I like it.
  8. I may have significantly over estimated Urban here. Not sure he makes it to week 2.
  9. We have had a league MVP who holds league records, and Jake who had this team a John Kasay shank away from taking the 'filmed their practice' Patriots to OT in the Super Bowl. Jake was a good QB, Cam was a franchise QB who had injuries set him back. If Darnold makes it past Jake all-time for this franchise it would be incredible.
  10. CMC is just a different level of athlete. He is the best RB in the league. If he made a position change tomorrow and became a slot receiver, he would be the best slot receiver in the league.
  11. It's not great. I'll tell ya that much lol.
  12. Hopefully they save his career and then can't afford to keep him long term due to the aforementioned salary cap hell.
  13. Never been a Matt Ryan fan, but he just has no business being on that team. They could have gotten a nice haul for him and embraced a rebuild. Instead they seem content to perpetually live in the land of 4 to 6 wins.
  14. Over/under 6 weeks before Urban needs to step away. I'll take the under.
  15. Packers show where Rhule needs to improve. 4th and short on like their own 35 and went for it. That punt on the Jets 35 deserves a lot of explaining.
  16. Happy with the win. Sure as hell makes the next week better.
  17. Sam has a shot at being the second or third best QB in franchise history. I was more confident going into today with him versus any point with Teddy last year. Saw nothing today to change my mind on that.
  18. All good. Respect your opinion and hope that Sam can clean up a few issues and ball out.
  19. This was essentially a preseason game that counts in the record books. I am happy with the win. It was the first time this team has played together. It wasn't perfect, but it was week one. Are the Jets awful, yeah probably, but I've spent countless Sundays watching the Panthers lose to awful teams.
  20. Yards, Darnold Completion Percentage, Darnold Avg, Darnold Rush Tds, Darnold QB rating, Darnold I guess if taking sacks is a QB Stat, Wilson had more of those. "Eye Test" yeah, Wilson is going to be good. But, so is Sam.
  21. Yeah that's bullshit. There are no metrics where Wilson was better.
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