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  1. He's done. Rivera/Hurney/NFL refs ruined him. We moved on. Life goes on.
  2. Locking thread. Y'all can thank (poo) the jackasses fighting each other for derailing it. Idiots ....
  3. Says the guy that believes in all that numerology conspiracy poo who got banned for spamming it all over.
  4. Healthy he's a top 5.
  5. 1) Chinn...defensive player of the year 2) We have a top 5 defense 4) We have a (barely) top 10 offense and Darnold looks legit 5) We go 4-2 in the division and make a push into the playoffs.
  6. i was going to say i see us going at the very least 8-8, but that isn't really an option anymore...unless we tie one. i think we squeak by with a winning season. biggest thing going in our favor is that we have a pretty weak schedule and we'll be throwing a lot of stuff offensively and defensively (esp. defensively) that teams will struggle to deal with. I could see us starting off strong and maybe slowing down as teams start to figure out what to do with us, but we get enough traction early on that we can pull off a (barely) winning season. what will surprise me is getting to the playoffs. what would be even more surprising is not winning a few more games this year than last.
  7. Not sure anyone really expected last season to be a winning one. last year was us taking the team down to the foundation. this year is when the rebuild happens. whether i should or not, i expect us not to have another losing season this year.
  8. I'm not sure what anyone is arguing, but I'm of the opinion on we don't get to call ourselves a young franchise anymore. Younger than most others, yes. Young, no. We have had several different iterations and culture changes over the past few decades.We have not been a successful organization. More successful than some others, but not what I would call successful. We have not ever had two consecutive winning seasons. We have had 7 winning seasons in 27 years. Sorry, that's not success and if you consider that successful, you need to check your metrics and raise your standards. We have a chance for a new start with a very young team and hopefully this is when we get it right. I feel like it could be. But we have earned every bit of disrespect we receive. Based on our past and our (lack of) accomplishments, there is very little evidence that we can get it right, despite the new start. A new start matters only for us. In the eyes of everyone else, we're still the same old panthers. The burden of proof is on the panther's shoulders to prove we are not that team anymore.
  9. Yeah...not Lou Reed, but it spoke to me.
  10. Friggin DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Terrace Marshall, David Moore, Dan Arnold, and then there's that CMC dude.....
  11. Well that's interesting. Would be sweet if it works.
  12. Offense averages 25+ points a game and defense holds them to 20 or less. Defense forces turnovers and 3&outs giving the offense consistently good field position that the offense takes advantage of it. We get to the red zone and are able to actually convert.
  13. Guy doesn't sugar coat poo and he's hilarious to listen to. I'm excited about it and I think it's also a good omen.
  14. In many teams and systems, especially currently, there is very little difference between the two. Job responsibilities, expectations, and assignments all remain the same. The rise of the spread offense is the main reason for this. Both safeties have to be good in coverage and both have to be able to tackle the RB. Even in our defenses best years going back a 10-15 years or more, there was no difference in job responsibilities. You weren't a FS or a SS, you were just a safety. And that's the way it is for a lot of teams going back into college. Many teams at the college level don't mess around with the designation. I mean they might assign one to the right side of the field and the other to the left, but it's got nothing to do with one guys job description being different than the others. Ask the college game goes, so goes the pro game.... eventually.
  15. Sounds about right. These guys are going to have to get used to a lot of different jobs that fall outside the traditional roles for whatever position they are assigned, depending on situation. Aside from the CBs (you've got 1 job), they better be ready for anything at any moment. I love that. And I love that (if things go as they should) you won't be able to tell anything from their formation or where the guys are lined up. Base 4-3, but once that whistle blows it's anybody's guess
  16. Don't worry about the whole FS thing. He's a safety. That's all that matters. There's no real difference between the two.
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