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  1. He's always hurt, though. Barely news anymore. More newsworthy when he's healthy.
  2. Guy has stud potential that could get the offense ignited...so it makes sense to sit him.
  3. Lol yeah. Long day. Brain farts everywhere.
  4. Yes please. Him or Lamar Jackson. (Fixed because I'm a moron)
  5. yes...all this factors into a coaching/leadership problem. coach the players up and put them in better situations. take control of the situation. adapt who you have to what you need.
  6. can't really blame it on the players around him either. we may not be allpro at every position but we're not horrible either. it's like mayfield all of a sudden realized that he's tiny and it's in his head.
  7. seems to be a recurring theme with OCs we've had...trying to get too clever with the routes and accomplishing nothing. scheme needs to work around what baker can and can't do and needs to factor in that defenses know that if they keep on blitzing they will make him freak (not at all the ballsy QB that was advertised, btw). and you're right....we do need to be doing more man and more blitzing ourselves on defense. dish it out. we've got the guys to do it...do it.
  8. About 2 months ago my parents moved down there about 45 minutes outside of Sarasota. Moved nextdoor to my brother and sister-in-law who have lived down there for maybe 12 years. They might be having second thoughts about the move. They're all stocked up and have been spending the better part of a week getting things on their small farm ready, but the way this thing is sounding I don't know how much you can be prepared for it.
  9. Ok.... I didn't think I want to read any more than what was in the little blurb. This was them launching? This was the kind of impact they wanted to make? That game was their statement.
  10. flacco falls in the "good QB" category...or at least he did then. was never elite despite that massive contract he got later on. there were worse QBs who have a ring and much better who never sniffed one. Good coaches can make it happen (though having a competent/good QB definitely helps). Bad coaches lose and make excuses.
  11. but add in Stafford to the mix. was Stafford the missing link to him being able to win a Lombardi? but also, was it the coach Stafford needed or the new team to finally get to the top?
  12. good coach...good QB...and good defense. you need all 3. don't necessarily need an elite QB, just a good competent one with a good coach. a good coach brings more out of a good QB. the better the coach, the more that gets brought out of the QB (and the defense for that matter). a good coach can make it work somehow with the guys he's got. a bad coach can hold everyone back....even an elite QB. if a team isn't winning after a few seasons with a new(ish) coach, that's probably on the coach.
  13. No one forgets. It's that we're always close and we never close. This is a chronic problem that has been going on a very long time. At some point you have to move past the point of *we'll make it over the hump someday" to "this team just can't get it figured out"
  14. rayzor

    Rah rah

    Again, it's against bad teams that we look "improved", if we are anyways. And this whole "just a few plays away from a win" thing has been going on a long time. Teams that make those kind of comments only do so because they keep finding ways to lose. Believing in Rhule and having a fighting spirit is nice, but it doesn't consistently win games. It doesn't make you a winner.
  15. rayzor

    Rah rah

    I hope so, but it rolled more our way because it was a bad team and we were only a couple plays away from things rolling our way against two other bad teams. We looked competitive against bad teams and depended on a few things rolling our way to win. I don't have much hope of us being all that competitive against the better teams on the schedule.
  16. rayzor

    Rah rah

    Not much better. I haven't seen improvements on offense. It just keeps looking bad/impotent in different ways. I don't expect much improvement and if it does show up it will be late in the season when it's too late for a playoff berth. Then we do the same thing that has happened for years, seeing potential at the end of the season, enough to get maybe a bit excited, only to see us fall on our face again.
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