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  1. Sammy >>> Teddy So much more fun to watch. Can do so much more on the field and in the game. We made the right move.
  2. Thanks. I had seen that, bit I didn't see the other report that the Panther "WILL make an offer in the next few days". Hes been bad on the past about throwing made up poo out there and trying to pass it off as legit.
  3. Oh, and after we steal their LT draft a center and another guard early.
  4. Just steal that LT from the saints. Dude hits free agency next year. I'm not sure about their cap space but I'm sure we've got a lot more.
  5. At first, yes. But once Chuba got into a little groove he got the job done. He needs to catch the ball every time, though.
  6. Good thread but I cleaned up that weird pissing contest. You guys need to quit whatever that is going on.
  7. Point is, they adjusted. They all stepped up. Royce did well. Chuba did great and got more reliable as a receiver and runner. Sammy spread the ball and had a great 2nd half...without his "crutch". Brady adapted. No reason to think they won't, with a few extra days, be able to roll into Dallas and roll out having conquered Texas.
  8. He's getting better and right now is the best one we've had in almost a decade. Top 2 in the past 15 years.
  9. I saw it and confidently proclaim Darnold > Mayfield
  10. Time for you to find a broncos forum. Or just be somewhere else.
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