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CLTFC FAN TV Episode 12 - discussing Charlotte FC current events

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    • Of course they do.  There are only a hand full of elite QB's in the NFL at any given time and it hasn't deviated from that in my 50+ years of watching.   Waiting on one to fall in your lap before you try to build a complete team is not an option.  You have to build a complete team to be a consistent competitor.  If not you get the Panthers you have always had.
    • I just want to take a look specifically at Joe Brady's tendencies and who could be out there this coming season in his spread packages.  A few points--He likes to take linebackers out of the box by using CMC/RBs to open up the middle of the field.  Thing was, with CMC out a lot, it wasn't used to it's full effect.  He's as good as a weapon as a diversion.  Thing is, with his offense, we need downfield threats, blocking types, and players with high in-play awareness to carve space for bigger gains.  This is where the signings of Arnold and Tremble come into the equation. From last year: Brady's Trips packages He likes his trips packages with CMC diverting a LB to the flat on the weakside of the field.  This opens up the middle. These plays can happen quick depending on the reads and there were two big issues: Teddy would often make a quick safe decision even in a good pocket and Ian Thomas gave up on plays after he "ran" his routes.  And honestly, Manhertz wasn't always this superb blocker and never a serious threat to actually be a target on the play. Sometimes giving it to CMC works out just fine: But again, trips package, quick developing play.  Let's say that pass wasn't there for CMC, we have Darnold who likes being aggressive.  So now, take Tremble into the equation here, where we may make it a 6 man line instead of pulling the TE deep.  We now have an aggressive QB who can step into the throw and target a guy like Marshall downfield.  Which is actually what Burrow did a TON with Brady & Marshall as seen in the highlight video below.  Just look at his quick cuts, turning CBs hips.  Quick slants, downfield contested, etc.  Also watch how Burrow moves in the pocket while looking downfield. This is actually what you see a lot in Darnold's vids.  Thing is, the Jets line was worse than ours and he had no receivers.  On our end, Teddy was often just checking it to the safe bet way earlier than needed, not truly extending the plays.  Elsewhere, let's go full spread offense here where we stretch the defense out: First one--TB made a quick easy throw when he had good protection here/something more could've developed.  These type of packages with a downfield target that wins contested balls (Marshall), a legit balanced TE in Arnold and a blocking one in Tremble are absolutely ideal.  They will make the offense more potent, more potential for bigger plays. I'm not some football guru from a playbook standpoint so pardon my lingo and if I'm not speaking entirely football language but looking at the packages we run, Tremble, Arnold, Marshall, and dare I say even David Moore with how much we spread it out could be super beneficial to this team.  Adding their blocking and downfield abilities in with the slants and shallow crosses we run that open up the field will be huge.  They can help take those plays that Teddy was either too safe/impatient with or where the defense closed in fast after we open the middle and make this offense superbly improved.  I can see play actions being more effective, having CMC back will allow for better ability to spread a defense thin, and Darnold's aggressiveness could take this up a notch. Cheers. --credit to this article analyzing his offense for the gifs: https://weeklyspiral.medium.com/nfl-film-breakdown-how-panthers-oc-joe-bradys-offense-uses-spread-concepts-to-beat-defenses-689257936eca
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