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Terry Rozier compared to other Allstar SGs

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Terry was the only 'constant' we had all year.. He is due for a new contract next year and I was thinking about committing to him as our starting SG for the next 4 years.. I didn't know until I took a deep dive into the number on how good Terry actually was for us.. I had a few questions -

How efficient was he? Cold > Mild > Warm > Hot
Was he selfish - just getting his stats?
Did he get the the free throw line (FTpg)?
How did he stack up to other Allstar caliber SGs?

Terry Rozier:
20.4ppg - 4.4rpg - 4.2apg - 38.9 3pt% - 45.0 FG% - 2FTpg

Jaylen Brown:
24.7ppg - 6.0rpg - 3.4apg - 39.7 3pt% - 48.4 FG% - 4FTpg

CJ McCollum:
23.1ppg - 3.9rpg - 4.7apg - 40.2 3pt% - 45.8 FG% - 3FTpg

Bradley Beal:
31.3ppg - 4.7rpg - 4.4apg - 34.9 3pt% - 48.5 FG% - 8FTpg

Klay Thompson (2019):
21.5ppg - 3.8rpg - 2.4apg - 40.2 3pt% - 46.7 FG% - 2FTpg

Zack Lavine:
27.4ppg - 5.0rpg - 4.9apg - 41.9 3pt% - 50.7 FG% - 5FTpg

Donavan Mitchell:
26.4ppg - 4.4rpg - 5.2apg - 38.6 3pt% - 43.8 FG% - 6FTpg

Paul George (listed as SG but really SF):
23.3ppg - 6.6rpg - 5.2apg - 41.1 3pt% - 46.7 FG% - 4FTpg

So in the end, I walked away impressed with Rozier. Even though he has more "Cooler" numbers compared to the others - he is right on par with them - even at his size (6'1 small for a SG).. I would like to see him get to the line more - That is one stat that most fans don't look at but that superstars regularly create points from the FT line - aggressively attacking the basket.

From a team perspective, Rozier is on the higher side of Assists. His years in Boston as backup PG are evident in that area. He should be a great paring with Ball - especially if Ball improves his strength/frame/defense to counter Rozier's height..

The more and more I think about it - I am confident we should/will retain him next season. We just need to make the playoffs and win the important games.

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20 hours ago, Trainwreck said:

I hated the trade for Rozier but now we got the better end of that trade. Rozier has become a very good player. I’m just afraid that he’s another Kemba Walker putting up nice numbers on a bad team. 

Kemba was just traded by Boston for peanuts.  Hard to believe but I agree, the Hornets won that trade.


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