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  1. There isn’t one single trait, measurable or stat that would suggest Kenny Pickett is even close to as good as Joe Burrow at literally anything. He was better his last year than previous years. That the only similarity at all.
  2. Quick read from a scout on Pickett… QB #8 Kenny Pickett 6’3″ 220 (5th round league grade) Daniel Kelly’s Draft Board: He is not on my board NFL Comparable: Rusty Hilger Good fit: Bills, Jets, Browns, Steelers, Chargers, Titans, Giants, Cowboys, Vikings, Lions and Seahawks 2021 Film Exposure: Western Michigan, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Miami Level of Competition: Moderate Chief concern: Radical spike in statistics in 2021 Character concerns: None (background search came back clean) Probability of being a bust: 50/50 Best way to beat him: Funnel coverages heavily towards the middle of the field where he loves to throw. Take away the middle of the field. Make him work the intermediate sidelines and work the short and deep levels. Scouting Report Frumpy looking and rough around the edges raw and mobile signal-caller with average arm strength and ball placement. Unorthodox, unconventional, and quirky. Operates out of shotgun formation. Glove on his throwing hand. Good ball-handling skills. Decent play-action fake. He looks extremely uncomfortable in the pocket. Elongated throwing motion. Happy feet. He will bail at the first sign of pressure. Spooked easily. Runs all over the place. Tends to take sacks. More of a sand-lot pick-up game type. Tends to lock-in. Best in the short to intermediate route level range. Ball has a tendency to sail high on him. Inconsistent ball placement. He does not throw the easiest ball to catch. Does not tend to throw receiver-friendly passes where receivers can just catch and go. Tends to like to work in the intermediate middle of the field. Inconsistent accuracy deep. Decent, but not a great arm. NFL defensive backs will feast on his passes with ball placement issues and lacking top-level arm strength. Tends to do better against lesser competition levels. Leads with a herky-jerky rhythm and tempo. Tough runner. Gets what he can. Knows how to slide. Probably the best thing he has going for him is he tends to protect the football. He does not throw stupid and careless passes.
  3. I seriously do not know that is the case. Not kidding
  4. I agree he is as well but I do waffle between he and Corral. People may be thinking Howell doesn’t have room to improve but he can get a lot better and refined IMO. His deep ball accuracy is special but most of all Mack Brown raves how he is a gym rat that is always in the building working on this game. Howell doesn’t have elite measurables but damn he has always made plays since literally day 1
  5. I love people just ignoring hand size. It is a measured trait for QBs because it does matter. Pickett is not really proven though. One good year against ACC defenses is not proven. Where was he the last 2 years? Big red flags for me.
  6. If we take Corral or Howell I could live with it but would really rather move down first. I just don’t like Kenny Picketts arm, age or intangibles at all Someone said the Giants may take him but Daniel Jones is better than Pickett. Really don’t want him Our evaluations of QBs so far definitely point to him as a possible pick at 6. Damn that would suck IMO
  7. This board has become a cesspool of negativity and whining. This guy has solid experience and would be a great hire.
  8. Not enough to get up to 26…we would have trade next years 1 and more A trade down first grabbing Cross who would need to fall and then have Howell fall to round 2 would be nice. Won’t happen IMO but I can dream
  9. Agree…desperate measures. No way we stand still at QB this offseason with Rhule fighting for his job
  10. Looking back over Ben Simmons everyone knows he can’t shoot but his attitude is the bigger issue. That plus the 76ers insanity with how much he is worth. Probably best to stay away from Ben entirely
  11. Damn Tobias Harris has a ridiculous contract. I think I pass as well
  12. Combine as well. Will be interesting to see actual measurements for Howell and Corral and others. Willis will have a great opportunity to show the athleticism there as well
  13. I respectfully disagree. He isn’t close to Lamar Jackson who is on another level as a runner. I am extremely hesitant with guys that did it against bad comp and struggle mightily against decent defenses. Not buying the hype. There are much better options. All these QBs are a reach at 6 but Willis would be a bad bet for a ton of reasons If I am picking one of these guys I am looking for a passer. Howell, Corral and Willis won’t survive running in the league for long.
  14. I can’t see the hype with him. Someone like Corral has similar athleticism, a better arm is much more accomplished a passer against way better comp. I think Willis is going to completely bust. He isn’t a good passer and he can’t run at his size in the league. Jalen Hurts is way better than this guy and I don’t love Hurts personally.
  15. We have seen it forever in the draft. Teams talk themselves into a QB. Would not be surprised at all of we end up reaching for one. It has happened way to many times
  16. No offense but I highly doubt anyone would want Darnold especially at 18 mill even if it is for one season. If we were offered a 7th rounder we would probably take it if we had any other option
  17. The answer is #2 but the question is when and who? If it is a QB in the upcoming draft they better do serious homework on these guys. They all have red flags. Maybe fix the OL and go sign Trubisky cheap for a year and get the QB next draft. Problem is I seriously doubt Rhule and Tepper will wait a year on the QB. Rhule needs to win next year period
  18. You know…if they squib kick it who is to say Hill doesn’t return that for a TD? You are questioning what they did in hindsight which like I said is irrelevant If you have a team on the 25 with 13 secs left you are in a really good spot usually
  19. Agree…just simply let the other team possess the ball once more. Not that huge a rule change here
  20. They needed to make 1 more play and they win. Hindsight second guessing it now is irrelevant Butker did have to nail a 50 yarder when he had missed 2 kicks to tie it. KC made the plays to win. Tip the hat to them
  21. Yeah, until we draft someone or have a viable option this won’t go away unfortunately
  22. Hang in there! Your team just played one of the best playoff games in history. Somebody had to lose unfortunately. Josh Allen is a future MVP IMO.
  23. If Watson was squeaky clean and a model citizen I would have major reservations paying that price for him. He is very far from either…no fuggin way now Its pretty appalling anyone would even entertain this idea IMO
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