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  1. I drove to work today down 29 / Tryon Street and let me tell you…it is flat out slums. I lived here in the 80s and Charlotte was a small up and up and coming city. Charlotte is a big city now. The poverty and slums all over the place are disturbing. Charlotte is not a nice place
  2. No there isn’t. Young is the better player and we all know it except you. Wait and Vegas.
  3. They were hugging CJ Stroud earlier today. I am concerned with their ability to pick a prom date at this point. Having the #1 pick is fun
  4. I thought all the hugs and love tapping was interesting too. Lotta love going around. Interesting Echoing the Raleigh love (I am from there originally) and with Chapel Hill right next door it’s amazing. We took the family down to the Virginia game at UNC a few weeks back and it was heaven. Damn…I love Chapel Hill on game day.
  5. I mean he definitely could be at all of them but was surprised personally. Could be nothing telling, sure
  6. Ok, didn’t know Tepper was there. Interesting development
  7. Glad to see Bacot return. The idea of Ian Jackson going elsewhere has worried me as much as not making the tournament this season. Definitely could happen
  8. Panthers want Young but are trying to get Houston to move up for Stroud
  9. Cool, would like to see your personal mock draft which would be 5 rounds as we don’t have any later than that. On the down side I feel like this is a fairly weak draft overall. Rounds 4 or later are slim picking in terms of talent. Looking forward to it nonetheless
  10. LOL…his comp % was abysmal after that game vs decent teams
  11. Actually one of his only good games was Utah earlier in the season. When teams watched a little tape he sucked
  12. He had multiple games in his 13 starts where he did absolutely nothing but bad
  13. I personally can’t help but be worried when I look at Justin Fields college stats and how strangely his career looks to CJ Stroud. It’s bizarre the similarities there and Stroud isn’t a running QB like Fields. Fields vs Clemson and Stroud vs Georgia. It’s just weird. Fields was incredibly accurate at OSU too
  14. People worried about Bryce Young getting his career shortened by injuries. There has never been a running QB that didn’t get injured and have his career cut short. Including Lamar Jackson who has like zero suitors for a huge contract. Picking him at #1 would be insane
  15. If AR is the #1 pick god help us. I mean we would absolutely have to trade down first. I couldn’t deal with it otherwise. The Panthers brass is enjoying this…they know who they are picking and it isn’t a guy that hit 50% of his passes and started 13 games for a mediocre Florida team
  16. Man, I know you love him and I absolutely banged the table for us to pick him but the jury is out on whether Justin Fields can be a great passer in this league.
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