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  1. Carolina doesn’t deserve to be ranked. This is pathetic. Caleb Love has been completely awful today
  2. I don’t see any coaching adjustments at all during game play. None. This was last year too. They hit fire from 3 in the tournament last year but Hubert can’t make adjustments. If it works great, otherwise the team is fugged Try a zone…slow the game, speed the game…do anything but the same no offensive sets over and over. Sad
  3. Heels are going to need better coaching. Sorry but getting out hustled, out worked and out coached. Heels have reverted to 3s and one on one. Caleb Love is flat out shooting this team out of games. Totally inefficient all around. Sad to watch. Bacot is a great second big. As the primary big…He is so lazy with his play it is maddening. He is better than this
  4. He is in play without question. His play on the field this year has been bad. Still, if we were breaking down Allen before his draft we would be seriously worried. He was not accurate and didn’t play good competition.
  5. I mean Levis vs Wilson mentally needs to be looked at…Wilson is soft. Not seeing that with Levis atp
  6. He could be that or worse. Not saying otherwise
  7. He has improved this season by a ton. Is he a pro passer? I said the same about Lamar Jackson and that worked out. Richardson is a weapon and I could see taking a shot with him. He is NOT Cam Newton though. His team lost a lot this season and that is not all surrounding talent. Cam led a good Auburn team to a championship. Not the same
  8. Richardson plug? Riddle me this was Richardson even a legit SEC QB before this season? I am impressed but there has to be questions with him no?
  9. Naw, if you are looking for Josh Allen this is your guy. There is only 1 Allen though. Levis has a lot of talent to work with Big arm, good athleticism and stands tough and delivers the ball from the pocket with pressure. Levis could definitely go #1 He will amaze predraft
  10. My top 4 (which to us should be the real targets) are: Young, Stroud, Levis and Richardson in order. You could shuffle the deck and any of them could be on top in 5 years. Richardson and Levis have very high upside but major questions. Young is the best player right now. Stroud kinda worries me. He feels “manufactured” in that offense more than the others
  11. Agree totally. Don’t ever take me seriously. Please don’t be offended. I think our QB opinions are usually very aligned
  12. That’s fine…I am seriously wondering if the days of the tall pocket passers are become extinct. Game is changing. Not sure I like that but dual threats are the new jazz
  13. Naw man, I love your analysis with the QBs. We are Some Kinda Blue at the position. Again, keep it up man you are bringing great convo
  14. This guy is off the radar and anyone really considering this guy is looking at measurables. You have your opinion so thats great…I don’t see anything appealing with him
  15. Stick with the Sax man…I am sure you have talent there. No offense
  16. He won’t get drafted…bust is a compliment for this guy. 6-6 drink of water with noodle arm and powderpuff toughness. No
  17. Fly by banner to lower the volume at a live sporting event…whose with me!? Reminds me of the time I was at a Hornets game and some bitch behind me asked me to hold it down…”I’m on the phone” LOL
  18. ACC Big Ten “challenge” has #5 Purdue at Florida State?
  19. Again can someone explain why Gio Reyna is not playing? I am so frustrated with Berks substitutions I am beside myself. Does anyone know what is the deal with this fuggin coach? Also, the US could hang around but the Dutch will be/should be heavy favorites in this one. I mean I hear you but Musah can’t be taking free kicks…ever. A foot outside the box he sails it into the upper deck. I played soccer for many years and that shet fuggin drives me insane
  20. Huge victory but agree Moore and Musah were what the French call “tota shittola” Also where is Reyna?
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