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  1. Looking forward to see how Syracuse does against Clemson. Others: Florida vs Kentucky Texas vs Kansas USC vs Colorado Georgia vs Auburn Utah vs Oregon State LSU vs Ole Miss Obviously Duke vs Notre Dame
  2. Discuss here…not a great week but some interesting games https://www.espn.com/college-football/schedule
  3. Why don’t you go ahead and create a Week 5 thread? Slightly interested in Louisville vs NC State tonight. See if the Cards are for real
  4. He will continue to tease but I think he is terrified of injuries which has been the case since he got here. We should move on in the offseason
  5. Glad you got over it…COVID positive yesterday. This sucks. Worst headaches I ever had
  6. I disagree with all of this…for a third I trade immediately and work on a deal with him. You are just wrong here
  7. He is 24 years old and for a 3rd you won’t find someone better there
  8. Borrow has no OL…he won’t last this way
  9. Would be the best WR on this team but…he is not dynamic and lacks speed. As a #1 he won’t cut it.
  10. Winning and losing is literally razor thin in this league. A few bigtime players make all the difference Which is why we can’t trade Burns
  11. Bengals are literally the Panthers…had their shot and are now fading terribly
  12. Those looking for a ray of light for the Panthers all these NFC QBs are suspect
  13. The NFC comes down to Philadelphia against San Fran. It is so clear
  14. Why was CMC traded and Moore and Burns…burn it all down …right Troll
  15. So actually I have to amend earlier statements…we are not the worst team. I totally overlooked the Raiders. My bad. Their coach (Josh McDaniels) kicked a field goal inside the redzone with a little over 2 mins left down 8 points. It was 4th and 7 yrds. That is worst
  16. I am so damn frustrated with Scott Fitterer I can even believe it. Why in the world is Brian Burns not signed to a long term deal? Stop being a complete moron and give him his money. That is inexcusable and if he trades him for pennys I am revolting
  17. Name a DE better…and he is 25 playing on a team that has been behind his entire time here. Brian Burns is absolutely elite. You people
  18. The problem with this is that Brian Burns is one of the best young defenders in this league and our best player. People might undervalue him but he is fuggin awesome. Just imagine him on a team playing with lead more often
  19. I would seriously make some calls to Denver. They will obviously be looking for picks for the future. Try to snag Jeudy for something. He has been good but at 24 he is exactly what we need right now. He is a target we should look at
  20. Zavala appears to have some upside but the other guard spot is bad. And no depth. I felt ok picking Mingo at the time but he is slow and has that “just a guy”look to him. That pick should have been Torrence but if you pick WR they had to have speed. I am a full believer in Bryce Young but we need to let him sit right now
  21. Yes, we can. Not this season though. Our defense is fine IMO. Be nice to have Horn as he is one of our top players. Now…we need a #1 and #2 WR. A better TE would be nice too. Also, we can probably find a decent power RB and hopefully a stud guard in free agency. That is a lot but it’s possible. This would be with an astute talent evaluator which we don’t have right now. I think we have like 5 building block players on this team. We need to find 1 or 2 next offseason and fill in otherwise. That would show improvement
  22. Yeah we couldn’t win long term and the jury is literally out on Jalen Carter
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