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  1. Lawrence is so ridiculously talented. Man o man. Gold jacket awaits
  2. Damn...watching Trevor Lawrence and seriously I can’t find a flaw...amazing QB prospect The league better get ready for the Jags
  3. If Fields is at #8 we absolutely have to pick him. He could wear a gold jacket one day. Think Cam Newton hitting 70% of his throws!
  4. This journey that Justin Fields has gone through and absolutely dominated at Ohio State is extremely impressive. His ability to ascend in the face of adversity is the best in this draft. Trevor is the chosen one but Fields is impressive as hell. The Niners moved up for Fields. Period. Until I see it differently I won’t be able to believe it.
  5. Really appreciate your input on this forum man, we don’t always agree but your knowledge is amazing.
  6. Quick question...who at 8 can wear a gold jacket one day? Slater or Pitts?
  7. Good call. Your last comment is a huge red flag for me. He was kinda average before that. These LT prospects are where a lot of big mistakes have been made. For me with OL you pick production not potential.
  8. I wish someone could explain to me how Trey Lance could ever be picked or rated higher than Justin Fields. I cannot think of one thing Lance has over Fields. Lance is getting so much “unknown” mojo it isn’t funny. I am labeling this nojo. The unknown is more powerful to people than the known.
  9. Fuggin great...lol. Thanks man needed that!
  10. How in the world does this bother you? lol
  11. I don’t disagree but it needs to be the right player. Lots of depth in this draft on the OL.
  12. I mean feel free to pine for this guy but in this draft he is really overrated as a second rounder. I will take my opinion and go now.
  13. Nope dig deeper...he is right at 300 maybe a little lighter and 6’6 is really tall to be honest. You haven’t seen him play at all. Not many people have lol. He will get man handled at the NFL level.
  14. Radunz has big concerns in terms of level of comp. Doesn't have an ideal NFL skill set or measurables. I would look elsewhere.
  15. Hard as it is for me to understand I think DeVonta Smith is being underrated a little here. He is the top WR IMO and if he goes to a team with a great QB look out. He cant be covered 1 on 1. 117 rec 1850 yrds and 23 TDs last year on the biggest stage? That is absolutely ridiculous
  16. LOL...I am big on level of comp. Didn't even notice that tbh.
  17. If we do in fact covet Pitts we need to be careful of Dallas. Lots of noise that they want him and may move up to get him. Noise with Jerry Jones many times has merit.
  18. If you are picking Slater as your LT you may ending wanting more. Steady guy but I am not sold he is a franchise LT. I think he has pretty decent bust factor. I doubt he busts completely but rather ends up at G.
  19. I want Sewell and then Pitts atp. Will be ecstatic with either.
  20. The closer we get I am seriously warming to Pitts at 8 if Sewell is gone. OT in round 2 and lets roll. This offense will be seriously talented.
  21. Just hope we don't reach. OL has depth to round 2. Just take the best player in round 1.
  22. This draft right here would be awesome. Two future firsts and those picks would be amazing. Really like those OL guys and love Moehrig and Tonga that late. Well done.
  23. No but I have said for a while now that Lance is not the answer. Biggest gamble in the draft in recent memory. He never played anybody and isn’t really a quality passer. If he makes it he will have improved massively from what he is now. His comp for me is Jordan Love although Love was a much more known commodity. Love didn’t sniff the field last season and may not for a few more.
  24. I will be happy when we don't pick him
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