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  1. On a lighter note the Hornets have signed Brady Maniac to the Summer league team… https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/Article/Brady-Manek-Charlotte-Hornets-NBA-Draft-UNC-Tar-Heels--189154890/
  2. They probably have tried but maybe no takers. If Bridges is looking for a max deal they should try to get something for him. It’s a mess but I don’t see us giving him that deal with Jordan around. My 2 cents
  3. I think it’s important to point out that up until now Kup has not had a major contract come up for renewal. These are the hard days as a GM. Picking the obvious best player available in the draft is something but dealing with longer term deals with risk is something completely different
  4. He thinks he is smarter than anyone else…that’s the problem Didn’t we fire him? Why? He is going to turn us around now? Makes no sense
  5. Lets revisit this cuz Clifford is not going to play a traditional center as a rookie. It is not going to happen. Steve Clifford is smarter than everyone else and bullheaded as hell. If it was me we play all the young guys major minutes. Problem there is Jordan is over here demanding playoffs. We are fugged…period
  6. Correction…play in games…not playoffs Our GM thinks we are too talented for a lottery pick…it can’t get more depressing than that
  7. Clifford all but guarantees we are cusp playoffs cuz he isn’t going to play our young talent. The absolute worst place you can be. He will improve the defense but in turn won’t play the young guys. We have seen this before over and over Its his bullheaded attitude that bothers me with him and not that he can’t coach. Lamelo will leave for a west coast team and we will be mired in mediocrity. Just the way it is for us Just no real vision for being anything but fringe playoffs.
  8. How Mitch can sleep at night with these moves is beyond me. Guess what we also are questioning resigning Bridges and bringing on Westbrook. You have got to be fuggin kidding me Lets try as hard as possible to be the laughing stock of this league.
  9. LOL…seriously thinking Kia Jones or Mark Williams see mins under Clifford. A team like Miami or GS shoots this team out of the game in like 5 mins
  10. Maybe I am crazy but this has to be the first time in history where a GM says “we didn’t want our lottery pick”. It’s fuggin laughable
  11. Reality…No we don’t have an endless pool of great talent. We should have kept Duren and developed him instead of kicking the can with that ridiculous trade. The Hornets suck and this won’t change
  12. This is the most Hornets thing in Hornets history. They have to be the most mediocre franchise the NBA has ever seen. The NBA is boring to begin with but the Hornets are NEVER going to amount to shet. So incredibly disappointed with this hire Lets just say it…trading away Duren for basically nothing and hiring Clifford back is a big middle finger to the fan base.
  13. That pick will most likely be at the very bottom of the first round. Kup said they didn’t want to make 2 picks which is completely ridiculous. The only way this ends up making any sense is if Duren bombs. If he turns into a solid player this is the stupidest trade I can remember. It makes no sense regardless to be honest
  14. Jalen Duren plays for 2 teams…recalculate
  15. Protected top 4…which in most drafts are the impact players
  16. Yeah…lets trade him for picks in the 2037 draft….protected of course
  17. Mark Williams? Damn I hope he can be a decent player. Not that we will ever put him in a position to succeed
  18. Agree…I just don’t get it…glad to know you Lamelo. I am really ready for him leaving. I would
  19. I was very reserved about this draft and considered not watching it. To see what we actually did here makes me even more depressed with this franchise. We are clueless
  20. Yes…you don’t want to know. So fuggin ridiculous
  21. We have no idea but if it is 13 or better it will be surprising Kup is about to show his worth as the contracts are coming
  22. You know what…who cares. The Hornets suck
  23. No he isn’t….much more talented and 2 years younger. Duren was the perfect fit but Mitch is thinking too much Fuggin Duren with Lamelo would have been amazing but we get the Bucks pick in 2025. WTF, aren’t they one of the best teams in the East? So fuggin stupid
  24. LOL…Westbrook would be completely welcome for me. Go get him. Lets at least watch a hall of famer do his thing while we lose
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