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  1. What I am worried about is Sam Howell ending up in Atlanta
  2. Really liked Dukes game but haven’t seen much from him in a while. Worth a look
  3. Go out and run full speed into brink wall. Now do it 30 times. Oh, and we will see you next week to do it again. No one can take that pounding. Yeah an exaggeration but you see the point. These hits add up
  4. Nope, like Wilson much more. Really didn't see Mills do very much honestly
  5. He has been really good but he has to protect the ball better. Eventually he is going to lose some of these fumbles. Gotta fix that But for this week, yeah, Darnold is the man
  6. Seriously, we already have a Davis type in Rolls Royce. He is a solid all around back
  7. Good to see Saca posting again…and yeah next man up like Smitty said. Perfect opportunity to show something for these guys
  8. I mean we do have Bouye. The guy has been a good player in this league
  9. Agree…he doesn’t have much power but when he finds a hole he has speed. Need to keep him from dancing and thinking too much. One cut and go.
  10. 300 yards and 2 TDs is becoming the norm. That shet works
  11. He looked much better in the 2nd half. We need him to get comfortable fast now
  12. Most impressive win in a while with major adversity
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