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  1. How dumb…Sportsbook sees huge bets on his playing time and stats when he clearly goes out early in those games. Who was going to catch that I genius plan?
  2. Seth Trimble leaving…that really sucks IMO
  3. Wait, I thought you told us all State was winning a ship. Humble pie is served
  4. Purdue definitely has enough to beat UConn…but Bama can score with anyone and they ain’t rolling over here
  5. Reality time for the cubpack
  6. Ladd is injury prone and undersized. Don’t dial in on a player without understanding what he can be in the league. Pearshall is probably a better player. If Keon Coleman drops he should be the pick. There is no doubt in my mind he was better on the field than Ladd
  7. I agree it’s all a gamble. 30% hit is normal in round 2. I am not looking for perfect WRs. My point is this team should be taking the best players available. These WRs in our range have serious questions. Name 1 and I can explain why
  8. How is this post dramatic? Give me a player outside of the top 4 WRs that doesn’t have a major question mark?
  9. Typical dumb ass post. Add anything or fug off
  10. Man, absolutely Dawn Staley is the best coach in college basketball. It is amazing what she has done, utmost respect for her
  11. We are talking basketball and folks this women’s final 4 is must watch TV. UConn vs Kaitlyn Clark up next with a chance to give South Carolina their first loss this season Clarks only comparison is Pistol Pete which is legendary
  12. You are completely correct here. Bronny would not be drafted as a player. I really don’t think he will be drafted in the first round and probably late 2nd He is not good enough to make an NBA roster but the Lakers will give LeBron his wish
  13. Although I have gone back and forth here that #33 is very valuable. It all depends on who is there but I am not moving down past pick 40. Gut tells me we should pick best available at 33 cuz someone surprising could be there.
  14. Not many players in this draft I like more than Payton Wilson. If he stays healthy he’ll be a star. Ricky Pearshall is a guy I would target. Very underrated. Also, still really like Keon Coleman and if he slips to round 3 I would take him immediately. His 40 was bad but he is a dominant player on the field.
  15. So stoked this got done. Brown is irreplaceable and was one of the best doing it last season.
  16. Man, love either one of these. That second one would be nuts. Would take right now
  17. I personally have had questions about Drake because he can at times be inaccurate but he is the best QB in this draft for me. So composed and his arm and accuracy is rare. He needs to go to the right team but it’s like Peyton Manning. So talented. Athletic as hell, good size, great arm…total package. He’ll be great
  18. Living in reality…all of the WRs that will be there at 33 have major flaws and all might bust. This team has to take the best football player available. We need talent. With no first rounder we have to deal with it
  19. I think he is best LB in the draft and an animal on the field. If he is the pick at 33 I am fine. His injury history would be the only reason he is there but is a red flag
  20. Ricky Pearsall is a guy that will be a steal in this draft. Good size and good RAZ numbers and has speed and hands. If we took him at 33 I would consider it a nice move. Getting him later awesome. His QBs were dicey at best
  21. From what I have read and seen he is going mid to late first. Not seeing him getting to us but hope I am wrong. I think Ladd is a slot guy or #2 but not a #1. At 33 I doubt we get that honestly.
  22. Same. He needs to add weight and continue to develop ball tracking but that speed would be exciting to watch
  23. I have been looking into Xavier Worthy and guys like him kill me. Common sense tells me these small speed guys rarely work out but that speed is so enticing. From the Athletic Mock Draft: There are plenty of gifted wideouts that Carolina can snag here: Western Kentucky’s Malachi Corley, FSU’s Keon Coleman, Georgia’s Ladd McConkey, Michigan’s Roman Wilson or Oregon’s Troy Franklin. The Panthers go for the fastest man in the draft instead. Worthy won that title with his 4.21 40 at the combine. He will provide a much-needed weapon for last year’s top pick, Bryce Young. Worthy is only 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds, but he has rare speed. He ran a 1.49 10-yard split, vertical jumped 41 inches and broad jumped 10-11. His hands were pretty shaky earlier in his career, but they became more reliable in 2023 when he caught 75 passes for 1,014 yards and five TDs. Given his size, don’t expect him to be much of a factor at crunch time. He produced three first downs on third-down throws and only produced one red zone touchdown in 2023. For all the flash of his blazing speed, Worthy has blue-collar work ethic. Texas coaches told The Athletic that he was the best practice player they’ve had. He really couldn’t track the ball well as a sophomore, but worked very hard to improve as he’s continued to become a more complete player. The Coaching Intel “Electric. I think he’s a really good receiver. He reminds me of DeSean Jackson. He can go the distance every time he touches it. I don’t think he’s not physical. I’ll say this: He isn’t little. He’s long. He’s just skinny.” “He’s so fast, you couldn’t blink when he’s out there.”
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