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  1. normally on game day - i'm like this: but this season so far - i'm like this:
  2. this game will be closer than people think.. i feel like we will see a let down in the Panthers-hype, but we still get out with a W.. 17-13, Panthers
  3. right - even 89 said it in an interview or something recently.. it would never be Cam/Luke's team as long as 89 was in the building.. sad that it DID have to happen but MAD at the way it happened..
  4. Just for reference: Aaron Gordon signed a 4yr extension with the Nuggets.... Terry Rozier $92m for 4 years = $24.25m/yr Aaron Gordon for $97m 4 years = $23m/yr
  5. as a visual designer - i know (roughly) how much time that had to take.. so dope
  6. Actual Rotation: PG - Ball - Smith SG - Terry - Bouk - Martin SF - Hayward - Oubre PF - Miles - PJ - McD C - Plumlee - PJ - Kai
  7. damn.. feel bad for him he should be on a team soon.. but idk if he will be
  8. I would say - he's a better receiver than Samuel.. Samuel was a better playmaker overall.. but im are splitting hairs.. obviously its much better to have him on a rookie deal than having to pay Samuel and let either DJ or Robby walk.. now we were able to lock down Robby and hopefully DJ isnt too far behind
  9. those jitters were very obvious.. i need him to calm his sh*t down when in the pocket.. I understand we don't have the best line in front of him - but those "happy-feet" make me 100x more nervous watching the game.. but overall - im encouraged.. 9-8 seems to be much more realistic with the possibility of 10-7.. we shouldn't NEED him to go out and win too many games with our Defense looking the way it is.. just don't f*ck sh*t up..
  10. Fitt has show the ability to scour the waiver wire and I trust he will pick up some LB + OL depth.. i hope they grab another reliable Kicker as well..
  11. crazy that this statement will get you poop emoji'd..
  12. Teddy IS a starting caliber QB in the NFL.. there aren't 32 better QBs right now.. but that's as far as I will go.. No hate for Teddy at all - good luck to him..
  13. this deal tells me ownership & front office loves Terry and how he carried us when everything went to sh*t at the end of the year.. they also don't think Bouknight will be ready for another few years to compete for starting minutes.. someone pointed out that Plumlee and Oubre's contracts are very tradable and we DEF have options come this offseason to makes moves to fit Miles under a new deal.. and then also next year - Batum's $9m comes off the books as well.. to lock in your PG, SG, SF & PF while cycling through journeymen centers is a solid model that current NBA championship teams have done in the past..
  14. I was doubtful at first but I'm coming around on him. I can see him and Bouknight serving as the heat-check Monk role by committee off the bench.. One of them should be able to score on any given night.. I think it would be rare for them both to be off - and it takes a lil pressure off of Bouknight to be at 15ppg guy that we lost in Monk.. Either the 2nd Martin bro or Richards will be cut to make room for him.. I think Cody brings proven ability to play D on the wing and it will be Richards who gets the boot
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