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  1. https://theathletic.com/2425373/2021/03/04/nba-trade-news-rumors-blake-griffin-p-j-tucker-andre-drummond-shams/ I can't read the article but Shams is quoted saying we have inquired about Vucevic.. he has 3 years of his $26m deal left.. that is a solid deal but not cheap.. we would really have to question what we would give up.. Ball, Hayward & Rozier are the untouchables on our roster - right? Bridges, Monk, PJ and Graham are the ones you DON'T want to include in a trade unless the right deal comes along. Zeller is really the only 'large' contract of value. Also, I would h
  2. huh? I'm sure they turned it down so they can chill out and rest + not risk being exposed. Just think, If there is some sort of 'outbreak' at the AllStar event - all the best players from every team will be put into protocol and we will have a few weeks of a star-less league.
  3. Ball was invited to compete in the Skills Challenge and Bridges in the Dunk Contest. Both declined offers (as well as Anthony Edwards and Jaylen Brown) https://sports.yahoo.com/how-zion-williamson-can-provided-a-necessary-jolt-leading-up-to-sundays-all-star-game-174843965.html?ncid=twitter_yahoosport_dw14wrbb51g
  4. Both Hayward and Zeller are DOUBTFUL and Graham is OUT. per Bonnell
  5. back-to-back tonight @ Portland.. I hope Zeller and/or Hayward plays.. if we can grab this one and then close out with a W against MIN we will be sitting pretty at the AllStar break..
  6. I was excited to see the 2nd half of the schedule come out until I saw as soon as we come home from this West Coast road trip - we go right back out West to play @ DEN, LAL, LAC, SA, HOU... I mean c'mon.. We really need to buckle down in March and beat the teams we need to beat.. 5 must wins (SAC x2, MIN, DET & HOU) and 8 tough squads (try and grab 2-3 games).. if we can tread water through March and stay around .500 - we should be in good/great position through rest of season
  7. Better at rebounding and protecting the rim than ANYone on our roster and on a 1 year deal - so we wouldn't be mortgaging anything important..
  8. I would love to see us go after JaVale McGee - he's on the block in Cleveland and bring exactlly what we are missing - rebounding and rim protection.. everyone talks about Drummond but he is too expensive and we would have to give up too much salary to get him [it's weird that we don't have a horrid contract anymore to try and swap for someone - all of our real $$ is tied up in our best players - thanks Mitch!]
  9. ur crazy.. Terry is better than Oladipo right now.. Oladipo is older and has injury issues, isn't a great 3pt shooter.. trading Terry straight up - let alone in combo with Graham or Monk WITH a pick..
  10. I would want to get more from a future 1st round pick than just Mo Bamba
  11. Yup - scott said it's dead in here and reddit is the place to be.. they def got the memes on lock
  12. Here is the remainder of games in the 1st half schedule for us and the competition + predictions:
  13. I never understood the heat he was getting.. with all the terrible contracts we had been loaded down with for so long I must have been jaded because I was in the camp of - "at least he contributes and brings something to the table".. now I trying to lock him down longterm.. Ball - Terry - Hayward - Miles is a winning backcourt with solid wings.. we just gotta upgrade the bigs [which has been said at nauseam]
  14. No worries my guy.. i disagree but just my opinion.. I don't want to be a cold blanket in here but I don't see us beating any of the top 4 Eastern teams in a 7 game series.. not saying we couldn't grab 2 games and make it an interesting series but we are too young and inexperienced.. I just want to focus on making the playoffs and getting the squad that playoff experience..
  15. ^^that was my initial thought to the above comment..
  16. Chill, it took a double tech on Green for us to squeak out a win against a Curry-less Warriors team.. This ain't even as big a win as the Brooklyn win earlier this season.. we still need to get stronger down low.. I'm thrilled at the W.. just not going ape poo saying we are a 2nd round playoff team.. c'mon
  17. Not sure if good or bad thing right now.. we are pretty banged up and a pause in play could allow us to get healthy..
  18. Gotta get a W against Chicago cus the next week will be rough
  19. The Hawks losing to Dallas makes this hurt a lil less
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