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  1. Tom Coughlin looks like a sith
  2. #Ginnsanity

    I say Nortman will throw the game winner to Dickson on a fake fg. Co-MVPs
  3. The Browns should hire this guy as GM
  4. Crazy Josh Norman stat

    89. Bottom Line.
  5. Tyler Patmon just released from Dallas

    How are his prices?
  6. Charles Tillman dealing with partially torn ACL

    Damn. Makes the Bene loss even bigger if Tillman is done for the season. Norman is going to become bored out there like an outfielder with Greg Maddux on the mound.
  7. Another ridiculous Cam stat

    Cam should have his own tier in QB rankings.
  8. Frank Garcia calls Bene Benwikere "a JAG"

    I didn't see anyone willing to toss Bene aside in the pursuit of wins. He was injured. Fact is Bene is a role player with good upside.
  9. Careful. That word seems to really upset people around here.
  10. As long as he didn't attack the manager who cares
  11. Frank Garcia calls Bene Benwikere "a JAG"

    It's somewhat valid atm. Norm was just a guy his 2nd year in the league too though.
  12. Giants fans are starting early...

    This is the game that i've had the most concerns about the last few weeks. You never know which Eli will show up, but if he is hot it definitely could be a shootout.
  13. Cam's Happy Run/Ron's Reaction

    When I called you an idiot it was the most intelligent post ever made.