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  1. Good for the Redskins. I knew Josh was gonna get that deal because he was worth that deal. It seems only Gettlemens fat ass didn't see that. This will hurt the panthers in the long run. Players aren't going to want to come here because they'll understand that Gettleman is going to undervalue them, use them up and when they are fully concussed, toss them in the garbage while his fat ass counts all the money he's made off the backs of their labor. Sometime you need to take ur ego out of it and pay players what they are worth. I think Gettleman feels a lot of these players are beneath him and doesn't like the idea of writing them big checks. He wants to make sure these guys "know their place". That's going to kick him in the ass eventually.
  2. "Show me a good loser... "

    LOVED this quote! Huge middle finger to all the haters, particularly the ones that claim to be "fans"of this team. Cam, like the rest of us, says F**K you!!!
  3. Blandino on the no catch call

    No s**t jackass, that's not the f'ing point. The refs need to do their jobs correctly, which they failed to do miserably on the play in question. There has got to be harsher penalties for refs missing calls like this.
  4. Vic Beasley is absolutely not on the level of Miller. The team will be fine regardless of what they do in the offseason. If there is any team for the panthers to fear next season, it sure as s**t ain't the Falcons.
  5. No.It's moronic to think otherwise. Cam has an elite arm. That'll last him long after the athleticism starts to diminish.
  6. Winning with grace

    Go find another f'ing team. This isn't the team for your sorry ass.
  7. Winning with grace

    This is just a sign that the team is feared. The Broncos didn't think they'd win and now that they have, they're having this "holy s**t we beat the Panthers"moment and then that bravado sets in. It's no surprise. Let em have it. Our future is brighter. The swag and flare will be back next year as we cruise through our schedule again.
  8. Hmmmmm, now what cold possibly be the difference here? One guy fails to show "sportsmanship" and he gets a pass. Another guy fails to show "sportsmanship" and is trashed by the media and some of his own "fans". Disclaimer, one of those guys is white, the other isn't. Guess which one got the pass.
  9. The Bucs? Who the hell are the Bucs and why are they in this thread? What did they do last year that was worth a s**t? As for CCS, go f**k yourself. No ones buying it anymore. Everyone here sees through your garbage. With Cam at the helm, you rather this team lose than win. You enjoy seeing Cam fail in every possible way. It's precisely why you are so quick to jump on him after a loss. This is what you want. Now the question is, why? I'm positive it's becauseyou would rather a QB that looked like Andrew Luck or Andy Dalton.Maybe you rather have a Carson Palmer or Derek Carr?
  10. I despise our own "fans" more than I dislike other fans. Other teams are supposed to hate us, our organization, our players, but seeing our own fans like that loser ass poster GreatestOfAllTimeB1TCH spout hate is intolerable. You're supposed to be a fan of this team, win or lose. Not some racist sack of s**t ready to trash our players the moment they stumble. Go to hell.
  11. Racist peice of poo

    Yep. Had Cam Newton of been white, he doesn't get this backlash, at all. Greg Popovich does this. Bill Belicheck does this and everyone just laughs and goes "aww look how cute they are when they're mad". Cam does this and morons like GreatestOfAllTimeLoser up there start hurling the insults. I'm done. I'm done biting my tongue and thinking, hoping, that no it must be something else, but that time is over. It's racism. Cam will NEVER be able to shake this. People do not like him because he is a blackplayer in a white mans position. I'm just disgusted that we have so called fans on this team that can't get over his race. It's disgusting
  12. Cam pouting at the podium

    This is f'ing racism PURE AND SIMPLE. I'm sorry, I hate playing that, but it's time to call a f'ing spade a spade. You're racists. Every f'ing single one of you trashing on Cam is a bonafide, KKK card carrying racist. NONE of you say s**t when a Belechick or Poppovich act this way after a loss, but Cam does it and there's a problem? Get that s**t the f**k outta here. Go play in traffic the lot of you.
  13. Not sure if it's been posted but anyone know the active roster for the game?
  14. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    You aren't a Panthers fan if you don't like Cam. Period. You aren't allowed to have it both ways, you are either a fan of this team AND Cam, or you aren't. No middle ground.
  15. If someone tried to choke cam, cam would flex his neck muscles and break the dudes fingers.