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  1. What purpose is there having Teddy Williams on our team?

    His penalties are atrocious 
  2. Big Daryl Williams....

    Remember seeing Scott replacing him and thinking it was weird
  3. Denver's Run Game

    Good thing we have a D-line and linebackers
  4. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    Well yeah, they are much closer.
  5. Conan...that poo not funny

    Hope nobody got their feelings hurt
  6. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Trade Kemba for Michael Carter-Williams   Right.
  7. MKG be back tonight and stuff

    Outstanding, coming from PJ to MKG is gonna be huge.
  8. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Mario Addison
  9. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    Did Mick Mixon call Cams wrists "ample"? That was hilarious 
  10. Panthers Injury Report for Today

    @PanthersMax  14m14 minutes ago Rivera said only real injury concern is Thomas Davis. Just resting certain players as precaution.
  11. The worst part about the panthers winning the super bowl is that it will give you some amount of happiness 
  12. Hobbled Allen vs. "Fresh" Delaire?

    Rakim. Cox.    Has to be much better vs the run than Delaire 
  13. Hornets vs Jazz Viewing Thread