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  1. Seymour should be last on the depth chart, but Rivera is starting him lol. Just another example of how inept Rivera is at talent evaluation.
  2. That's cause Steve waited until they weren't looking like a coward.
  3. The Lucas sucker punch in '08 should've been the last straw.
  4. Cam at 82 is laughable at best. The ratings seem to be rated according to hype and criticism. I'll stick with '17 since I got the settings perfect and won't buy another until there is massive improvement.
  5. Smith should've lost all respect among this fan base after his 3rd attack on a teammate, Lucas, years ago. This is just further proof of how big of a douche and diva he is and this place puts him on too high of a pedestal and he shouldn't be considered one of the best Panthers of all-time when taking into account all of his shenanigans.
  6. It's because him being able to "bring down everything" is a fallacy. He was terrible at catching in traffic. He was 6'5 playing like he was 5'10. Not to mention he would just give up at times and act like he doesn't even care. Good riddance.
  7. KillerKat

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Sirles has. He's the one that should've started at the top.
  8. KillerKat

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    welp if Ron thinks he can just be good ol' Ron again this year, then he'll be out of a job next year. Tepper ain't putting up with that.
  9. KillerKat

    Scary moment at practice today...

    Cut Matt asap
  10. KillerKat

    $20 wins you $600

    how tf are the 49ers above us?
  11. Go to another team, win a couple Super Bowls, come back to Carolina after we've realized how poorly we've helped him out, then win a few more here.
  12. KillerKat

    Julio Jones holding out

    don't see how any team would pay that
  13. KillerKat

    Julio Jones holding out

    Exactly. What if half way through his next one, others surpass him yet again. Will he hold out again? At least play out the contract until there's 1 year left.
  14. Again, have a look at Puffy's run-in's with the law. He should never own a pro sports team.
  15. Certainly "Not a criminal" is one of those boxes and rightfully should be.
  16. This was his plan all along. Place a bid knowing he has no chance, but then try to cause an outcry when he doesn't get it. Too bad everyone knows his schtict.
  17. KillerKat

    The Norv difference

    You might wanna look at our Tight Ends. We usually carry 3.
  18. KillerKat

    The Norv difference

    Much better than Shula's philosophy of "Welp Cam, here's your pile of poo. Just do your best". However, the biggest thing that pisses me off about that is Rivera is the one that has allowed it for so long and he's the fuging head coach.
  19. KillerKat

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    DBs would be getting toasted
  20. KillerKat

    Testaverde Jersey

    Anyone know where I could get a Mills one? The original Reebok one (I think?), not Nike.
  21. KillerKat

    Panthers release Zach Banner

    It's disappointing a man his size can't get it together to become a contributing offensive lineman.
  22. KillerKat

    Article on Munnerlyn

    He has no room on this team.