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  1. I'm still waiting for Russel Sheppard to become a reliable and speedy slot receiver that's supposed to be a great weapon for Cam to use as I was told before.
  2. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    lol In Madden I had less than a minute and down by 4 with no timeouts on my own 20. Zach Sanchez was the CB for the other team. I threw a long pass to my WR that Zach covered for a completion then threw another to the same WR who was covered by Zach again. Ended up on the 10 yard line after those 2 plays with 7 seconds to go and thew the game winning TD Zach also alowed a 65 yard TD earlier in the game xD
  3. Exactly. Worley has played very poorly and gets burned almost all the time. Offenses know he is a weak spot and they exploit it. Norman at least came up with interceptions and showed he had the ability, he just needed some coaching to put him on the right path. Worley has shown nothing. Comparing the two is just moronic.
  4. Norman actually showed potential and came up with interceptions. Worley just sucks.
  5. Yeah looks like he most likely has been benched, at least I hope so.
  6. Were you watching the same person as me? He was very sharp and had better success in the preseason than DA and about the same or more than Webb. He was far from "horrible" and showed lots of potential.
  7. 1. Fire Shula 2. Fire Shula 3. Fire Shula 4. Fire Shula 5. Fire Shula
  8. KB, Bryant, Funch at wide out with CMC and Samuel on spot duty would be pretty sweet.
  9. Replay Officials

    I remember a QB doing the same thing as Cam years ago and that's when I learned the goal line goes on forever and it was ruled a TD. Same thing happens here and it's not ruled one. It's complete bullshit.
  10. Replay Officials

    The NFL pushes a narrative hidden behind the "rulebook". The refs can choose what to call or not to call based on who the league wants to win.
  11. The NFC is weak as poo, but our coaches are dumb as fug so even if we make the playoffs we'll be bounced in the first round.
  12. Wish they were as cautious with Cam last year when he was playing hurt in meaningless games.
  13. I think the problem is "C - All of the above". I think the Oline is terrible at run blocking, Shula is stupid, and I think Stewart is declining. There were times where Stew could've done something, but didn't.
  14. So he may not have a concussion, but there could be something wrong with his neck. Damn =\ If it does come out that he has a neck injury, I wonder if that brace he wears has anything to do with it. I'm not sure how much pressure that thing puts on the neck, but if i put both my hands on the outside of my neck and just lightly press and hold it there for a little bit, I start feeling weird. And reading that it "swells the brain" gave me red flags.
  15. Look at the quotes of Dungy. That is a coach that takes responsibility. "We have got to do something differently" as apposed to "The players didn't execute", "they always keep things in front of them when we have a lead", "A catch here or a tackle here would've won the game". I don't understand how Rivera gets the title of a "player's coach" when he constantly blames the players.
  16. I'd like to know what symptoms Luke was showing to be placed in the protocol if he actually didn't have a concussion.
  17. Give 'em Colin Jones and a 6th
  18. Stewart should be backing up at this point of his career.
  19. Mayo is lost?

    You want to talk lost, then look at Charles Johnson. On the big run by Wentz that was called back, CJ had no idea where the ball was and ran right past Wentz to go after the RB.
  20. No accountability what so ever. Don't know how he hasn't caused a revolt in the locker room.
  21. The 3 called long bombs when all we had to do was get first downs and milk the clock was just so mind numbing.
  22. That Final 4th and 1

    Blaming Cam is the easy excuse retards with zero football knowledge use to feel like they're edgy and part of the discussion