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  1. Then why do all of our defensive backs suck dick?
  2. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    Our last good safety was Chris Harris....nearly 10 years ago. Coleman only benefited from Norman taking away a whole side. Ever since then he has been ass.
  3. Then you should also do us all a favor and stop posting fluff pieces on bottom of the barrell, garbage players.
  4. Women's hockey

    It sucks that they screwed the women over with a 11:10 pm start time. I gotta get up early smh. Anway, we got the gold!!!!
  5. When he was booted the first time
  6. I've learned to never listen to what Saca has to say about WRs. Him telling us how great Funch and Sheppard are, but yet calling a WR who has over 4,000 yards in 4 years and has had back to back 1100 yard seasons overrated. LULZ
  7. I just want a kicker that doesn't cost us playoff games
  8. 2018 Roster turnover

    He cost us yet another playoff game.
  9. Bucs hire Buckner

    Well he's been with one of our division rivals before, San Fran, before joining us.
  10. Black Panther shirt - 6 bucks.

    On a related note, everything is 20% off at fanatics
  11. jeffery should've been our jeffery
  12. Hi there

    I think it should be mandatory to take them out at an early age. They have very few signs and if not caught, can be deadly.
  13. Hi there

    indigestion is a sign btw.
  14. Hi there

    Get it checked asap then. Mine had turned white and was on verge of bursting. If it burts, it can be deadly.
  15. Hi there

    Just left bloated and angry
  16. Hi there

    I'm missing my gallbladder
  17. When CMC turns into the next LeSean McCoy I hope everyone eats the crow.
  18. DA has sucked for the past couple years. All he does now is create turnovers. He's terrible. Just stop.
  19. He out performed the other backups in the preseason and should've stuck on the first 53 man roster.
  20. It's what we've been doing ever since Cam was drafted. I would've bounced long ago if I were him.
  21. Didn't Chip Kelly try this and ended up tiring out his offense by the 3rd quarter?
  22. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    what were the rankings last year?
  23. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    And you're greatly blind
  24. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I just got back from gallbladder surgery. This post made me laugh so hard, I thought i tore a stitch.