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NFL's 10 Highest-Paid Running Backs

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Please use spell check, it gets annoying when nitpickers do not find their own mistakes. Had to do it, I could not stop once I started.

There was literally not one word I spelled wrong lol.

The last time he went on IR, was at the end of 10. We were not going anywhere, so they shut him down. So, yes, he has been on IR once. Still a low number for a RB.

actually it was a little after the midpoint of 2010. He also got IRed close to the end of the year in 2009, which would make two.

Jackson is a beast. He is on a level all his own right now. That said, DWill has had a productive career in his own right. And is still comparable to almost any RB in the league.

Why are you making this point? It doesn't discount the fact that simply translating stats to make someone look better is silly, which is the point I was making.

DWill is still an above average RB. Personally, I am sooooo glad he is a Panther.

the Panthers have literally found no success besides squeaking out a division title since DeAngelo joined the team. I think we could be equally mediocre with or without him.

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