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Alejandro In Big Touble

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bigskypanthersguy    2,011

Wow if every thread is just going to be about me, we need to rename this place "Alejandro Central"! Keep up the good work!

As for being in big trouble, the whole thread started with a "I called police, FBI, etc" in first post and ended with a "one more call and I'll call police warning". Funny part is I never even called him. It's kinda funny actually. The guy went from working road construction to going in with his wives family tax prep service, yet he is so incredible dumb, like IQ 10 dumb. It's funny because now he thinks he's intelligent and in above thread claimed to work for IRS as a threat which he later retracted after I pointed out and gave him link showing that false claim is a felony. He has a twitter account that he advertises all over site, and if you look at it, he is sending out tweets to all the Falcons players soliciting his tax services with a " call me at yadda yadda and I can take care of you" or tries to get in middle of personal tweets between players, but had never gotten an answer, but still keep trying, so it's extra sad.

Anyway, he's one of my favorite toys to play with over at TAFT bc he's just so dumb and he basically is convinced any person he argues with is me using a dup account, which are many, as half the board doesn't like him because of the stupid stuff he writes. Well he was in a back and forth with two people and came across the thread here and posted some of it with a, "you better leave me alone or I'll post more", so the guy he's arguing, with obviously isn't me, keeps egging him on. Anyway it's 25 pages in 24 hours and was locked before I even logged on for first time in over a month. Included was my RE Office address and phone number.

Well I finally get on and get to respomd and have fun with him and annoy everyone to no end, I took that as a great time to repost one of his PUBLIC tweets, the one that said "call me at yadda etc". Never mentioned whose tweet it was so it looks like some fellow Falcons fans may have thought they were calling my work, yet looks like they called his, at least he claims. He woke up pretty upset and made that above linked thread. At the end of the day, he published a bunch of private information which included my work number and encouraged people to call it, I only reposted a public tweet of his and didnt even say it was his, so any law I broke, he broke tenfold.

Fast forward a day, all of his threads were deleted by mod, he was banned, he changed his name to Elephant123 (WTF?), and all my threads making fun are still there with there whole Rival section is crumple into a bunch of threads crying about people crying and arguing. Funny funny stuff!


For all my followers, which seems pretty extensive, I'll be leaving next weekend for Paris, so I won't be on so much this week or following two weeks so there won't be much info to post. I can post some pictures while I'm there if the rates are as reasonable as they were in Spain and italy. The have a new lighting the did on Eiffel Tower I can't wait to check out, not to mention the Louis Vuitton store, got so,e new loafers I've been waiting to get. Au revioir!

In before Floppin makes a remark with some homosexual reference to his anal cavity.


blah blah words too gay didn't read blah blah words

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lol he's talking about all the bad karma the 790 tools racked up because of the gleason thing


what they really should have done is gotten on the internet and made fun of other peoples' newborn children and called them poor loser white trash who'd never amount to anything.  then they'd be heroes.

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TheRed    18,208

I got the best grille last year, Big Green Egg. It's an American made Japanese Komodo grill. Everything comes out juicy and cooked to perfection. I recommend it to any serious griller, it can grille, smoke, cook low and slow, and even convection bake if you want to make wood fired pizzas!

Well that's definitely him.

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