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Behind Enemy Lines - Buffalo Bills

Sep 12 2013 05:57 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Here are a few things worth mentioning about the Panthers upcoming Buffalo Bills opponent.

Bills Safety Jaruis Byrd missed the Bills home opener last week due to injury. It looks like he may miss this week as well.

"I'm just waiting on my feet, honestly," Byrd said. "Whenever they get ready and get right, that's when I'll be able to go out there. I have to be 100 percent to be out there and be ready to go."

Byrd said his treatment plan for his feet includes orthotic inserts in his shoes, creams and stretching. He did not know when he'll be able to return to playing.

Byrd suffers from Plantar Fascitis, an inflammatory foot condition that affects the heel. The bad news for Byrd is that in most chronic cases, this is a degenerative condition that may not heal. Byrd is also not happy about his fanchise tag, and could be jockeying for a trade.


ESPN did an article on grading the Bills Cornerbacks

Reliability: D. There's some experience here, especially with McKelvin, but it remains one of the younger positions on the Bills' roster. Four of the top five options are currently injured or were injured at some point during training camp, and the remaining player, Robey, is a rookie. It's a combination of injury history and lack of experience that earns the position this grade. When the game is on the line, nobody really knows how these players will fare.

Overall, they had very poor grades. Going from Seattle corner backs to Buffalo cornerbacks should be an advantageous one for the Panthers wideouts. Armanti Edwards and Domenik Hixon are both healthy and should see playing time. If there is a game where they can prove their worth, this is it.


Buffalo News is concerned about the Bills third down efficiency...

Third-down conversions doomed the Bills’ up-tempo game plan. The Bills went 4 of 13 on third downs, which had an average of 6.6 yards to go. They needed to gain only 1 or 2 yards on five of those third downs, and did so only twice.

If the BIlls struggled on third down against against a weak Patriots defense, expect them to struggle even more against the Panthers.


According to Buffalo News, EJ Manuel plans on throwing deep against the Panthers..

EJ Manuel wasn't coy about the Buffalo Bills' offensive objectives Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.
In response to a question about throwing deep on the Panthers, Manuel said, "It's extremely important. You want to stretch the field, and that's what we plan on doing."

Panthers cornerback Josh Thomas had a poor showing against Seattle, but I do not expect that to happen two weeks in a row. Sunday's game is a homecoming for Thomas, who attended university at Buffalo. Thomas will bring his A game, no player wants to perform poorly in his college town.

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:: before

Now that's a truly pathetic human being.


that was my whole reason for watching much of the 2010 season.

I finally could rewatch the Seahawks game today during lunch.  The worst part is that they honestly played one of the better games they have the past 2 years. 


Hats off to the Seahawks.  The Deangelo fumble was huge, but he had a good game outside of that and the Panthers defense, while playing a great game overall, couldn't get the ball back to close the game.


I honestly think if the Panthers execute better on the field they will win Sunday.  The offense was not explosive, but they were very balanced in respect to what we've seen the last 2 years.


If Steve Smith is right about the Panthers being a playoff caliber team, then Sunday is a game a playoff team wins.  Bottom line.

interesting to know about the issues that the Bills are having.  It looks like they are a team that has a great many question marks, even at positions that probably should be solid (like the secondary).  I hope our coaches can create a game plan to take advantage of this.  I'd like to think they can, but RR's track record doesn't give me a lot of confidence.  Looks like it will be a case of the running game opening up the play action downfield passing game.  if the O-line can hold their own, we should be able to move the ball.  I'm guessing that the winner of this game will need to score a minimum of 21 points.  It might take a defensive TD for us to get there.


Watched most of the Pats-Jets game last night and WOW!  NE offense was brutal.  They had 9 straight incomplete passes and probably at least 5 obvious drops by WRs.  It wasn't so much that the Jets D was causing problems, the passing game was just not clicking and the announcers were saying that the same poo was happening against Buffalo.  Credit to their coaching staff for pulling out two close wins under the circumstances, but this NE offense is a shadow of its former self with Welker and others.


My point is...if that offense can put up 23 on this Buffalo team on the road, i like our chances (based on potential of course, not on what we saw in week one).  Even so...NE is never really serious about running the ball, but we are.  Buffalo hasn't faced a power running game like ours.  It was pretty good last week.  Should be better this week.  We just need that added dimension of the deep threat.  Ginn could have a big game.


Another thing is that RR seems to be a slightly better coach on the road in these conditions.  I think that bodes well for us this week.