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Better Know a Prospect - Jared Abbrederis

Mar 18 2014 08:27 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The Panthers will almost certainly be looking for a wide receiver in the later rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft.

I hope they take a good long look at Jared Abbrederis out of Wisconsin. If he had to be compared to an NFL wide out, it would be none other than Panthers WR coach Ricky Proehl.

Like Proehl, Abbrederis doesn't have elite size or speed. This is why he is projected as a late 4th round prospect (Proehl was drafted in the third round). He measure in at 6'1 and 195lbs, just like Ricky.

But also like Proehl, Abbrederis brings all the intangibles to the table.

First of all, Abbrederis went from being a walk on to a number 1 receiver. Think about that. Walking onto a major football program and developing into a number 1 receiver while catching balls from guys like Russel Wilson. He leaves the Badgers as one of the most productive receivers in school history. That, my friends, is impressive.

He didn't do it by running faster than the other guys, but by running smarter. Abbrederis may be the smoothest route runner in the draft. His hands and field awareness are also second to none. Scouts use words like coachable and savvy when describing him.

The best shot this kid has in making an impact in the NFL is with the mentoring of Ricky Proehl. Lets hope he gets that chance.


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:: before

I made it clear that I was not sure what the situation was--great catch!


sorry.  Didn't realize how dickish that came across till I re-read it.  Sorry about that.

sorry.  Didn't realize how dickish that came across till I re-read it.  Sorry about that.


No problem--you were on a phone.  Thanks for clearing it up.  No big deal

With this deep draft and our needs we absolutely need 3 starters. I heard Mayock say a team could possibly get 4 out of this draft class.

Yeah I can see that materialize.

A wideout, tackle ,cornerback in the 3rd round or later and potentially another pass catcher or lineman. I would prefer our offensive line and receivers be drafted in the first three rounds. I think our front seven can keep an opponents receiving core from torching a 4th round corner.
As a Michigan State, and Big Ten fan. I can tell you the kid can play the WR position. He just has a knack for getting open. He rarely takes a big hit. He can get yards after the catch. He can also fill in as a Returner if needed. The kid really has it going on.

If he were faster, he would be rated higher. Which for us, is good. He just may still be there in the 3rd. I would take him. And that almost hurt to say.

Because you made this about race it changes the dynamic of this thread.

Maybe you didn't understand the dynamics of my post so I will elaborate. I simply pointed out how lucky the Panthers were to get Cam and Luke because of preconceived notion on players.

Yeah Cam was number one overall but many analyst wanted us to grab Gabbert. Sooo typical. Luke was supposedly a reach when he was the best defensive player of the draft. He is smarter and more athletic than most linebackers in the NFL.

While I do not think Jared will be the best receiver in the draft. I think he is severely underrated, and to ignore the reason why would be an injustice to the great player he will be.

Cam and Luke continue to shove it in NFL scouts face and I hope we can sneak and get Jared in the 3rd so he can do the same. I think he could be a major contributor for the Panthers.

He's proven that he can go up against great talent and produce. he is a very smooth player with great ball skills, I wouldn't mind him in the 4th at all

Sidelineview scout from the Senior Bowl:



Senior Bowl Notes
  • Abbrederis has accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl
  • The former Badger didn’t win the weigh in, weighing in at only 189 pounds, BUT when he got on the field, he lit up the North team defensive backs.  He caught everything, got open against everyone he faced.  Everyone.  He’s fast.  He’s going to be a star this week as long the North QBs get him the ball.
  • Abbrederis continued his impressive run during the week.  He didn't do anything flashy, but just caught the ball consistently every day against any and all DBs
  • Unfortunately an injury suffered during the week kept Abbrederis from playing in the game on Saturday.






For those still complaining about Cam's accuracy.


Does a great job adjusting to poorly thrown balls—and he has had plenty of practice given the quarterback play at Wisconsin the past two seasons.

Still deciding if the comparison is good or bad....


NFL Comparison: Brandon LaFell, WR, Carolina Panthers



4th round talent in my eyes.

Comparisons - Brandon LaFail...womp-waaaa

I think a 'technician' is exactly what we're looking for. Anyone know which WR prospects fit this description other than Abberderis?


Jordan Matthews

Last name is too hard to pronounce. I need a dumbed down version.

*sees topic is about a white receiver*

*reads zod's comparisons, hoping he isn't compared to decker/welker*

*also hopes nothing about being a technician, scrappy, hardworking, smooth, etc*

*sees all of those and ricky proehl's name*

Last name is too hard to pronounce. I need a dumbed down version.


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Last name is too hard to pronounce. I need a dumbed down version.


Just use JA. That's what I do.

Patriots will pick him up

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Watching tape on the dude, not just highlights, I hope the Panthers pick him! One word, underrated! Walk on to making future first round talent look silly, Mr. Roby OSU say hey brah. Solid 4th rounder that is sure handed and is a pure technician. I was not on his train, early train was on Jarvis Landry's train but now I will admit I have changed and I still think Robert Herron is underrated too. People on this board is scared of potential, Kelvin Benjamin, because no draft pick is a guarantee. JA may not have flash combine numbers but his work ethic and walk on tells me a lot about him as a person.

I loved the budding rivalry between MSU and Wisconsin, so I watched all of our games against them the past several years and Abbredaris is legit. I think you're underselling his athleticism and I would LOVE to have him in the draft. I just wish he wouldn't have performed as well against my Spartans.

Rather draft Jeff Janis.
Get this poo out a here. Were talking bout underwood right now.

If we draft him, I'm calling him Abracadabra, because it's easier to say than his real name.

Last name is too hard to pronounce. I need a dumbed down version.


Jared Abbrederis already has a nickname, referenced in this article


Ludwig smiled while remembering the first meeting with the player nicknamed "Abby."



Abby, it is.

PLEASE let this kid fall to us.




Great word to describe Abbrederis.  He is a student of the game and runs some of the best routes of any WR in this draft.  Guy just flat out gets open and makes plays.


I would LOVE to get him in this draft.

That is what we need is a guy that can get open and catch the ball consistently.  

he became the first Wisconsin wide receiver to earn first-team all-Big Ten honors in consecutive seasons since Al Toon in 1983 and 1984.

Dec 9, 2013: "With one game remaining in his career, Abbrederis’ 3,110 career receiving yards rank him ninth in Big Ten history and second in Wisconsin history"