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Luke Kuechly Photos

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Rookie Hazing Pics

Jul 27 2012 05:52 PM YoungPanthers89 Carolina Panthers
These are hilarious...

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That's one ugly dude
He has to be Jewish lol
That probably gave Jimmy a boner.
Come at him, bro
here's more

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watdafug is that guy wearing and why
DeAngelo has a bunch up on his Facebook. Luke is dressed as the big bad wolf in a nightgown.
josh norman and luke kuechly

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They just don't haze like they used too.
what happened to getting tied to a pole
That comes at the end of camp.
That Evil Leprechaun costume Josh is wearing is scary looking as hell!
what am i looking at
Who is the guy in the Waldo costume?

He has to be Jewish lol

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The Special One
Jul 27 2012 08:15 PM
can we get some names over the pics, i dont know who the fug is who
Looks like they had a lot of fun!
Who the fug is Waldo.
Thank you OP, you have reminded me of the days I was able to do what I wanted too to a pledge, good times, I am now realizing how much I miss being Big Brother Count Chocola. Good times.....
Waldo is running back Lyndon Rowells
Batman is offensive lineman Will Blackwell
Skeleton is safety DJ Campbell
Big Leprechaun is punter Brad Nortman
Power Ranger is wide receiver Jared Green
Evil Leprechaun is cornerback Josh Norman
The Wolf is linebacker Luke Kuechly
Preacher Suit is defensive end Frank Alexander

That's all I know.