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  1. The kids has a talent for putting his foot in his mouth
  2. As a veteran, I'd love to see this live.
  3. Great post, as usual champ. You're right, we're watching a once in a generation type of athlete, we're lucky fans.
  4. He's been consistent, very consistent with his accounting of how that was handled.
  5. Love the s definitely one of the best backups, it's really a hard position to Guage bc we have no clue of the assignment on any given play.
  6. Jai.

    Game ball! Who gets it!

    Reid deserves some love, played well, very physical!
  7. Jai.

    Hornets at Philly

    Kemba is playing hero ball
  8. Nah man, Marv is solid on this team bro, he's essential to our team D and shoots the 3 at a 40% clip
  9. Marvin is essential to our team defense, he also shoots the 3 at a 40% clip, you don't get rid of those guys.
  10. Jai.

    Heat vs Hornets

    I'm all for Miles getting more minutes, but Marv's minutes are good. He's instrumental in our team defense and can shoot the 3 at a 40% clip.
  11. Some no huddle sprinkled in would be a great asset.
  12. Jai.

    Heat vs Hornets

    Marvin is the key to our defense right now, he's basically playing safety, coach has given him a ton of freedom. Bridges will get minutes, but I think it'll be at the expense of Lamb