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  1. That’s who I felt it was aimed at also, that TD in the back of the end zone, he just trotted off the field, just didn’t sit right.
  2. I'm looking for two tickets to this game, cash In hand, just want to get the wife of the house for a few hours, we're breeders and have a litter of 10 on the ground, puppy patrol for the last two months!!
  3. Let Cam take his time healing up, meaning get 100% or as close to 100% as he can possibly get!
  4. I agree with you that his ankle is the issue, sloppy mechanics down the stretch, like he didn't want to put any weight on it.
  5. Can't really run 3-4 with an offense that runs that tempo, no time to sub d-linemen, we were in nickel and buffalo majority of the day
  6. Just waiting on the wife to awake from her slumber and I'll be letting you know something one way or the other.
  7. Anyone has two solid tickets available, message me, definitely interested and have cash in hand
  8. These drops re killing me! Put in WR's that can catch, jeez. Throw Norwood out there
  9. Good job defense! Missed FG, time to go punch one in!
  10. C'mon Graham! Defense looks stout, at least! Keep it up defense!
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