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Julius Peppers Announces Retirement

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If he wins tonight I really hope he reconsiders.

I'd love to see him play with the patch 


Plus I really want 3rd place for him.

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5 hours ago, PredatorPeppers said:




Julius Peppers belongs right in the discussion among the all-time great athletes, including Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Lawrence Taylor, etc., who have come through Chapel Hill based on his collegiate accomplishments alone. Add an exemplary 17-year NFL career, no off-field problems (hi, LT) of note, and a record of community service in his home state?

Julius Peppers is a stone-cold lock first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer.

He should have his #90 jersey retired by the Carolina Panthers in short order.

The University of North Carolina should retire #49 as well.

4-game suspension for violation of steroid rules, extremely notable.

Agree that UNC-Cheat should retire his number.  Do not think the Panthers should do so.

Will be very interesting to see if those with Hall-of-Fame votes will abandon protocol and make Julius the first NFL player with a confirmed steroid violation a selection for Canton.

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Pep was suspended for ephedrine, which was in a dietary suppliment. It's not like taking HGH or taking a steroid to increase his strength. Easy on the claiming he was a cheater.

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Do you realize how genetically gifted this athlete has been throughout his career? To be able to play for 17 years in the NFL at a Hall of Fame level and not have any major injuries, and most likely not be crippled at 50 is unbelievable. No, not ALL of that is genetics, it takes one hell of a work ethic as well, but there have been thousands of athletes with that kind of work ethic that didn't make it a fraction of that time, and 80% that did has a lifetime prescription to painkillers. This guy was a true gladiator of the sport!!

Not only was Peppers a gladiator, but he was also a stand-up, class act.  He was never an "everyone look at me" athlete. He just showed up to work every single day for 17 years in the NFL and did his job with INTEGRITY....Young people should take note, he was a true statesman of the game; his spot in Canton is the epitome of what the HOF is all about!!

My hat goes off to Julius Peppers, Mr...you don't have to say a word!!

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Fug Peppers, I remember the malingerer that helped cost the Panthers 2 seasons. 


"So when I say it ended a little sour, I felt like it could have been a little more respectful. At least a phone call to say, 'It's been good. We're going in a different direction. We're going to let you go.' They couldn't even give me that."

Peppers also disputed Panthers general manager Marty Hurney's earlier claims that they twice tried to make the the five-time Pro Bowl defensive end the NFL's highest-paid defensive player. Peppers said that happened only once, after the 2007 season, a deal he rejected.

Hurney didn't return a message seeking comment, releasing only a short statement that didn't address Peppers' criticism of the Panthers.

"Julius gave us eight great years and we appreciate everything he did for us," Hurney said.

The Panthers and Peppers were locked in a lengthy contract dispute that included his pleas to allow him to leave in free agency after the 2008 season. The Panthers refused and used the restrictive franchise tag, requiring a mammoth one-year deal that paid Peppers $18.2 million last season.

The Panthers could have used the franchise tag again this season, but at the cost of at least $20.1 million. The Panthers declined and let the 6-foot-7 Peppers, the franchise's career leader with 81 sacks, leave without compensation.

The idiot Marty Hurney tried to make Peppers the League's highest paid defensive player in 2007 and he rejected it. That was followed by 2 seasons when Peppers was Franchise Tagged by the idiot Marty Hurney and we were totally hamstrung in free agency and beyond as he never signed his FTs until late in the League year. Year 2007 Peppers produced 2.5 sacks, he basically took the year off. It takes 2 assholes 2 fug a Franchise and Peppers and Hurney were the perfect storm. 

Peppers will someday be in the Pro football HOF but it's not about heart and desire but rather about longevity. Peppers was always a freak athlete, however his heart lacked integrity, and the desire to put team first.

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On 2/11/2019 at 12:21 PM, PredatorPeppers said:


  • A phone call would have sufficed. A hand-written letter would have too.

    Julius Peppers waited a week, then two, then a month.

    He kept checking his phone during Pro Bowl week in January, hoping someone from the Panthers' front officewould reach out and relay which direction the franchise was headed.

    The call never came, leaving Peppers with a case of the Carolina blues.

    "They want to spin it like I was hell bent on getting out of there," the Bears defensive end said of the Panthers, his team for eight seasons with before landing in Chicago. "They want to spin it like I wanted out no matter what."

    The reality, according to what Peppers told the Tribune, just wasn't that.

    "On two different occasions — right before last season started, while I had the franchise tag on, and then after the season — I was open to staying both times. But for whatever reason, they didn't get in contact with us.

    "They didn't even say anything."

Panthers general manager Marty Hurney recently told the Charlotte Observer the team extended offers twice to Peppers, each making him the NFL's highest-paid defensive player. Peppers says he never saw the second offer sheet.

"After last season was over, I was expecting to renegotiate because I'm thinking I'm going to stay there. But it didn't happen," he said. "I thought to myself, 'Maybe they're just that busy.' I'm sitting there at the Pro Bowl thinking to myself, 'OK. Whatever.'

"That's when it turned into, 'Well, now I've got to do what's best for me.' And I had to make it known. I can accept the decision they made. I'm a grown man. I had no option to stay there. I understand it was a business decision."

That story is pretty tough to believe.  No idea who, but someone is not being honest about what went down.

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