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  1. This is utterly amazing. Now we need to trade for Oline. We got a shot this year to make a deep run.
  2. This one has me worried. So long as it is a respectable showing and we don't get blown out . Truthfully I want a complete game and to have skippy crying tomorrow morning.
  3. I have that feeling too but don't count us out just yet. This team has some fight in it.
  4. It gets me on the espn page for the panthers they put a piece titled why the cowboys will win. Now I'm amped up for this game and hope the players are too. BEAT DALLAS DOWN THEY STOLE SOMETHING.!!!!!
  5. Key to our game is stop the run and get to dak. Then have some success running the ball and getting sam enough time to throw. Defense may have to get a take away but our game is winnable. Also philly could just be that bad. Sunday will tell.
  6. Our dline is better but the oline will have to play lights out come sunday. We should trade for a left tackle.
  7. Because its the cursed thursday game id say 24 - 28 good guys. We just dont do well on thursdays. That being said im secretly hoping for a blowout 38 - 0 panthers.
  8. This game feels like it will set the tone for the season. Lets get it.
  9. I think the ceiling is breaking even for this season 8-8. Worst case same record as last year or one win better/worse. It really comes down to the qb play and can this defense continue to trend upwards.
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