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  1. You are sooo right! They are our first line of defense against empty rooms.
  2. Watson will be there, not because he's changed his stance on not playing for the Texans, but to save a $50,000 fine per day, for missing it.
  3. Well, that estimation goes both ways, doesn't it? Tepper has made his money running a hedge fund, during a volatile and roaring bull market. So some credit for his "high results" owes to the market environment in which he traded. As for Rhule, he too has "high expectations and results" on his resume -- and with no easy environment resurrecting the 2 college programs, at both of which his program of 'process' owes solely to his vision and leadership. Certainly Tepper signs the checks, and the contracts. But that doesn't mean that he's any smarter -- or competent -- than Rhule.
  4. To complete the picture, the Bucs are 2-1, the Saints are 100-300, and the Falcons are 100-750. So we are the long shots to win the NFCS. Only the Texans, Lions, Raiders, Bengals, and jets are bigger longshots than the Panthers to take their division.
  5. Fine summary of our depth, and potential. But you omitted Gros-Matos (who was included on the Panthers.com article), and Reddick -- who while perhaps being considered a LB, will no doubt have a huge effect on the success of the DL's pass rush. So, including those 2 in the mix, we have a versatile and dangerous DL.
  6. FYI, betting sites have prices out on Over/Under Regular season wins for each team. Panthers number is Over/Under 7 1/2 wins. Either side you take, you put up 115 to win 100. As soon as I saw this line, I jumped all over the Over side. (TB's # is 11 1/2 wins.) I also put down 100 for the Panthers to win the Division, at 9-1 odds.
  7. Thanks, @ellisfor a valuable post. You are not only right in your qualification of speaking about THIS year's cap cost, but , for me, you gain bonus points for your gracious and patient reactions to the repeated nit-pickings of an insufferable troll. Your thread, instead of starting a discussion of what great value we have from our edge rushers, immediately got derailed by an individual whose only goals are to see his name in print, and to convince himself (by repetition alone) that he's right.
  8. That's a vague and cryptic non-answer, certainly not a confirmation of a wager. Reply as follows, IF you're serious (I am): I'll agree to wager $___ (20, up to 50) that (and I quote you from 7/17/21, I bet he hits 10+ ints before 10+ Tds... (The subject of the bet being Sam Darnold.) This bet is made against bigdavis, who takes the other side of the bet.
  9. If you got $20 to back that up. I'll take the other side. Or 50, you name it. Otherwise, I'll just chalk you up as another internet yahoo.
  10. Excuse me, because I generally really like your topics -- but does every article (so it seems) on catcrave.com have to be a topic here? I don't see anything original in the questions raised above, that hasn't already been covered extensively on the Huddle. I have to assume you're doing this for clicks to that site. Tell me I'm wrong.
  11. Sorry, here's the link to the full article: https://www.panthers.com/news/jeremy-chinn-christian-mccaffrey-nfl-most-versatile-players-gil-brandt
  12. His argument for Chinn: "Every once in a while, a player with elite pro potential will slip through the cracks at the college level, and it appears this is what happened with Chinn, a second-round pick out of Southern Illinois last year who emerged as a Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate while proving himself to be exactly the kind of player every defensive coordinator should be seeking in the modern NFL. Chinn is a back-seven defender who can match up against basically anyone, whether he's functioning as a linebacker, safety or slot defender. The offseason additions of run-stuffing lineba
  13. Hey, man. What you doin' starting a thread?? You ain't @SBBlue! JK. Burns is elite, and will make a big impact on the league's QBs this year.
  14. There is NO CHANCE of either of these 2 things happening. Our weaknesses were identified and addressed, in the Draft and in FA. Our run defense will be vastly improved with the DT rotation we've now got, and the exponentially better Perryman in the middle, compared to that toreador we put out there last year (you could hear him yell, "Ole!", as the RBs ran by.) As for PD, the new version will in no way resemble last year's. Our pass rush will be fearsome, from every angle of attack, forcing quicker releases to WRs who will now be bumped off their routes. This leads to tipped p
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