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  1. Re: Offensive DVOA: So much media and fan attention is paid to college success of RBs and QBs (Heisman hype), but in the pros, RBs become fungible properties, and QBs are hit or miss (as a thousand threads here have shown.) I'm sure I don't know how to do it, but pro scouts and GMs are paid to, so they sure should -- I'm talking about the evaluation of blockers, the true determiners of so many Wins and losses in the NFL. If there's not a hole, not many great RBs will make one himself. If there's not 3 seconds of pocket protection, not many QBs will succeed in passing, either. The OL may not be glamorous, or even identifiable to the average fan. But it's the backbone of winning, and our "brain trust" better emphasize it next year, better than they have so far.
  2. We win. There. Enough of this recency biased negativity. It's the Giants guys -- a truly terrible team. We far surpass them in talent, they have little pass rush, and average giving up 137 a game on the ground. Team Statistics Comparison Passing Yards/Game Car 262.2 NYG 286.7 Passing Yards Allowed/Game Car 216.0 NYG 275.5 Rushing Yards/Game Car 109.5 NYG 89.8 Rushing Yards Allowed/Game Car 111.5 NYG 137.2 Points/Game Car 23.8 NYG 19.0 Points Allowed/Game Car 20.2 NYG 29.5
  3. Actually a lot of his bail outs have been to his left, which compromises his throwing ability downfield. They should design roll outs to the right, as he does often make good throws on the run.
  4. should read, "what being a Huddler is all about." Recency bias abounds here.
  5. Anderson is a terrible route runner, lazy through his breaks, telegraphing his intentions, and never contesting for the 50-50 balls (of which there are many, since he never gains separation). His only helpful function would be on a deep go route, where his speed might come into play, but our OL (non) blocking pretty much wliminates those -- unless we established a ground game, and then used play action to buy some time. Even then, he'd have to run a crisp hitch and go, and I'm not sure he could pull that off. If he does no better next game (if he can't vs the Giants secondary, he's nothing), then bench him. and put Zylstra in to start) If he were to contest that first pass, and it goes incomplete, maybe a whole different tenor to the game. No way so I think Sam played anywhere near a sharp game at QB. He was very slow in seeing the field and not quick in getting the ball out -- but his hesitancy and inaccuracy were compounded by the alligator arms of Robbie and Chuba, and the unimaginative play calling of Brady. Along with the many whiffs by the matadors up front, it constituted the perfect storm that he went through with the Jets. Thank goodness we have the get well game vs the Giants next week, to maybe get some confidence back in the team. I know they're shell-shocked and angry right now.
  6. Or... it could mean that they're not hanging their heads about a game they all know they threw away, instead they're upbeat and working to refine their techniques and basics, and they're going to kick ass on Sunday. Positive attitudes can lead to positive results.
  7. I wasn't keeping count, but does anybody have an idea of the under center/shotgun ratio that Sam was in? Looks like he's not under center often. Seems to me, with the # of times he handed off to Chuba, that being under center and showing a hard play-action fake handoff, it would buy that extra split-second to allow a WR to be open deep. Works for other QBs.
  8. I don't care what he says in a presser. But he better be raising hell in the coach's meeting room. Our ST group is inferior, and that's mild. Blackburn should be on notice. I have no complaints about Snow's D -- they did their part to win the game. Sure, if that bad snap is recovered for the TD it should have been, it's a different game. But that ball was slippery, and it was just a bad break that it wasn't. The D was trying to fall on it. The elephant in the room that Rhule didn't acknowledge is his own timidity. I only hope somebody mans up and points it out to him, or he looks in the mirror and sees his own errors in punting. Lastly, he's got to get with his OC and plan and call a different style of play. Passivity never gets it done in the NFL. Go study those brass balls in Tepper's office.
  9. @VergeI appreciate the glass half full attempt. You talked me back from the ledge. Sure, there were some good things to fall back on, among which was the success of our new FG kicker. But our coaches have GOT to find a way to motivate some results in our 3Q play. It's atrocious to go into halftime ahead, and then slowly piss it away, again. I've been a big Darnold supporter (here's looking at you @LinvilleGorge; you had him figured better than I, I admit) but he was abysmal today. Maybe it was an aberration, maybe not. But I see that his record lifetime is 0-12 when he throws 2+ INTs. I'm very critical of the play-calling on Offense. I'm sick of sending our RB into the middle of the line that can't block, on 1st downs -- I'm sure it's not, but it seems like every series, just like we did with CMC. If Sam would mix those up with play-action, maybe, just maybe, our WRs might be able to gain some separation, and break a long one. Robbie Anderson plays like a zombie (though a rich one.) But get some creativity into the play selection. Predictability is easy to defend. It'll take a few wins to restore my lost confidence. This is a Win we threw away, and they don't come easy.
  10. The fact that Erving still finds employment, and deposits a fat check, only underlines the shortage of talented OLmen on the market -- or indeed, on current rosters. They don't grow them big boys on trees, like they do WRs. In Fitt we trust. When the opportunity presents itself, he'll strike.
  11. More like manning the oars, wouldn't you say And not well at that.
  12. Strong evidence that the 3 year rebuild program has been modified to... LET'S GO FOR IT NOW!
  13. That sounds good, but if you never admit to being wrong, it's pretty shallow self-praise. Don't know how you got to be a Mod here, and don't care. Buy there are more than a few regular posters here who all feel your a negative damper, about a team that's currently got better record than all but 1 other team, and about a QB you never wanted to be a Panther. It must irk the f___ out of you that he's doing as well as he has, so you gotta bring out some timing issues to harp on, rather than just manning up and admitting you were wrong about him. This isn't an "echo chamber", and we're not "triggered". We (and I think I speak for more of us than you do on this) are plain happy that the kid has done has well as he has, and see a bright future for him, and the team. Now go piss on that post, and be sure to Moderate your enthusiasm about him, as you do it.
  14. That's a good point. All those posters demeaning his rushing TDs aren't analyzing them, but are equating them to Cam's style -- entirely different. Darnold has 5 rushing TDs in the first 4 games, more than Cam -- or ANY OTHER QB in the history of the league (SB era). And what makes them special is that (unlike Cam, who'd just launch himself over the pile from the 1) Darnold has only been TOUCHED on 1 of those 5. So let's give the man credit. He's reading the defense on those 4 TDs, a lot better than they're reading him! It seems like there are posters here (I won't call them Panther fans) who have holdover resentments (Fields?) that we ever signed him, and will never accept him as our QB. His record is so far more than acceptable -- W/L, %completions, yardage, TDs, you name it. So he's missed some open receivers? Happens to every QB. I support and admire what he's done. The ones who pick apart some arcane stat he lags behind at are either missing the big picture, or are hopelessly swirling in their own bias.
  15. My prediction: we will be in the playoffs this year. Even after yesterday's poor performance, we've allowed only 66 points -- best in the NFC, and (probably after tonight) 3rd in the NFL, behind only Buffalo and Denver. Only 1 team, Arizona, has a better record than our 3-1. 3 wins out of every 4 games we play will equal 9-3 when we reach our bye week. Of the next 8 games we play, only Arizona has won more games than they've lost. The team sounds like they took this loss as a wake up call. This season is far from over.
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