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  1. Agree with what you say about the money as a score counter, but what's all this talk about the weather?? Why assume that was a determining factor? If a previous poster was correct that Stafford's wife preferred L.A., mightn't it have been for the night life, club scene, even restaurants (assuming they ever open up)? Or maybe family? I doubt annual rainfall, or temperature gradients, had anything to do with it. In any case, whew that we dodged that deal. If Stafford, at his age, and minor accomplishments, earned that level of interest from us, then I expect us to be VERY
  2. As I read it, this is nothing but ESPN's clickbait idea of a possible Panthers' offer. So all this lengthy debate as to its advisability is just idle talk. That being said, it's fun sometimes to just talk idly. This package would not be my first offer, but if it came to this, or no deal, I'd do it, and squeal with joy as I left the room. There is a vast difference in a known quantity (and Watson is probably the highest known quantity of any young QB to ever want a trade) and an unknown draft pick -- whatever the position. But for an exceptional talent, who's proven his abiliti
  3. I agree with your first phrase, but not so sure about the second. It was mentioned in the TB broadcast that Brady's reason for going there was the wealth of "weapons" (i.e., WRs) that he lacked at NE. Surely Watson could envision the same potential weapons with the Panthers' WRs. Ask yourself if the Bucs were any better built for a comparable addition than we'd be, were we to land Watson. I'd guess that with Watson at the helm, our Offense could easily average 30 a game.
  4. It's the Chicken and the Egg conundrum. With Teddy as the chicken (to air it out), and the OL as the basket of eggs (some raw, some overcooked, some all scrambled up.) Which comes first??
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