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  1. I realized some time ago that the bullshit and disrespect that Cam is facing is what historically happens during a paradigm shift. Galileo was poo on. Copernicus, Bruno, Descartes, Newton (Sir Isaac), Halley, Darwin, Hubble, Bertrand Russell. The list is endless, and spans a large range of disciplines (military science, science, etc). Cam Newton is the paradigm shift. Consider the MVP award the only "mea culpa" that the naysayers and doubters in the media will offer. It's sad that a lot of these idiots refuse to embrace greatness; I'm not sure even the Lombardi Trophy will change that.
  2. He's going to get ethered by the masses for that. That was totaly uncalled for.
  3. OBJ is the truth. He burned his name into the nightmares of DBs across the league and put up monster numbers (despite the fact that he missed 25% of the season and a large part of the preseason and training camp). He is not over-hyped. He's legit. I'd give my own left nut to guarantee him and KB on this team for 10 years with Cam. No anesthesia.
  4. Seriously if that's all the punishment being meted out then why shouldn't teams cheat? The Patriots have been caught blatantly disregarding sportsmanship and fair play on multiple occasions. I hope the Panthers are running black ops and covert missions trying to find an unfair advantage. Because at this point if you're not cheating, then you damn sure are not trying.
  5. I hate fat people. Most people in America are fat; the older Americans get, the larger they get as well. Most of the people that post on the huddle are older. Ergo, most people that post are fat. There's nothing more hilarious than male fatties making fun of female fatties.
  6. Lmao gtfo OP. The average huddler's mom or wife probably looks just like that. And the average huddler is probably fat and slovenly. I'm all about ripping on Shitsburg, but let's stop pretending that behind every keyboard is a muscle bound, six pack sporting he-man with a supermodel wife. Lol.
  7. Let me revise my previous statement; Asian as in actually born and raised in Asia...not Asian-American. If you speak Japanese, that's a huge plus. So you should still get it. Honestly, everybody who wanted it was swimming in it. You should be ok. I'm planning on heading out there again after I get done with grad school.
  8. I spent some time in Okinawa. You're gonna be swimming in pussy (provided you're decently attractive and not Asian) because they love Americans out there. With that being said, give dude a chance his hair is epic.
  9. I don't live in NC and don't have a dog in this fight. But, imho, anybody who spells their name Marc instead of Mark probably has a face made to be punched repeatedly. Also people named Beau.
  10. Hopefully he goes to the Raiders or somebody else with deep pockets that isn't in the Dirty South. This must be how Corleone would have felt if he ever lost control of Luca Brasi. I do not want that psychopath trying to go all Doomsday on Cam.
  11. Jameis Winston incoming. I wish they would be dumb enough to pick Mariota but I'm not counting on it
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