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  1. Lol this ^^^ This past year i would put djax and bouye as safeties, chinn as a linebacker, and gilmore, horn and henderson at corner and run cover 0 every play and most people would quit before halftime online
  2. It’s their first year. Im not sure why anyone thinks this is a Charlotte problem. Every fanbase has its die hards and its casuals. When the team is winning the casuals are on board. Look at the Niners one of the most storied franchises in sports. We played them opening day in 2017 and the stadium was 3/4 empty. They make a Super Bowl 2 years later and now the place has standing room only sections. The Cowboys are suppsed to be americas team and anytime they play a team with any sort of fanbase the place is filled with opposing fans. America and its cities for the most part only root for winners
  3. I went to game 5 and it was electric. This is cap though. Wasnt anymore crazy than the Panthers and Seahawks playoff game i went to in 2015-16. Went to alot of UNC basketball games this year too and it was either dead inside or half the upper bowl was empty. Guarantee after their final four run the whole arena will be packed this year
  4. Saw a graphic today comparing 2000s and 2010s all decade team. Alot of people saying Ray Lewis and Urlacher were much superior to Luke and Bobby Wagner but I just dont see it. Luke and Wagner were basically better versions of Urlacher. When it comes to Ray Lewis other than being more intimidating and more physically imposing what exactly was he better at from a skill standpoint? I think Ray was perfect for the era he played in but would get exposed in coverage alot and would frankly have a hard time being on the field in today’s game with the way running backs can run routes out of the backfield. Luke didnt always lay the wood but I swear I watched almost every game of his career and not only did he rarely miss tackles but he almost never misdiagnosed a play, took a wrong step, or was caught out of position. From a coverage standpoint its not even close. I think Patrick Willis was a better comparison to Ray Lewis
  5. How do you define “qualified” though? The problem is people dont understand the difference between “qualified” and “experienced” By that logic Mike Shula was more qualified for the Rams job in 2017 than Sean McVay was regardless of how the media is trying to spin this there are plenty of examples of black coaches getting jobs over more “qualified” white coaches. Brian Flores himself was never even a coordinator before he got the Dolphins job. Guys like Steve Wilks and Vance Joseph were coordinators for one season before getting head coaching jobs. Mike Tomlin was a coordinator for one season for a team that went 6-10 and gave up almost 400 points yet got hired by the premier franchise of the league that was a year removed from a Super Bowl. Byron Leftwich was a coordinator for one season, has Tom Brady fall in his lap and now he deserves to be a head coach? talking heads get so tied up in “qualifications” and “experience” instead of what really matters which is does the coach demonstrate he can develop players, does he demonstrate he can put players into positions that utilize their strengths, whats his philosophy in how he manages a game, how does he plan to utilize the current talent on the roster and what types of players will he covet in the draft and free agency? we keep hearing about how Eric Bienemy keeps getting passed over for jobs yet for all we know in an interview if hes asked how he plans to score points without Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill he might not have an answer
  6. Theyre pretty much the away team in every home game. I thought BoA was bad about opposing fans but LA is completely different
  7. Ive never seen why everyone slobbers over Eric Bienemy so much. Half of their offense seems like its just Mahomes buying time and improvising and whenever defenses find something that starts working against them he never seems to have a counter for it
  8. Ill give a better example: 2018 if the Browns drafted Josh Allen 1st overall people would have gotten fired and if the Bills drafted Baker Mayfield people would have said it was the steal of the draft fast forward now and if thats how it would have gone were probably looking at the Browns being the Super Bowl favorite and the Bills would be drafting in the Top 10
  9. I just dont think its fair to say bad teams trade picks for good players the Rams have been very successful because they have traded picks for proven superstars. I would much rather have Jalen Ramsey instead of 2 first round picks. Imagine if we made the trade, would you rather have Jalen Ramsey or Derrick Brown and Jaycee Horn? Id probably rather have the guy who I know for sure is an All Pro player instead of two guys who i HOPE can one day be that. Teams like the Dolphins and Jets and Jags always suck because they trade away proven star players for draft picks then find out its really hard and theres luck needed to draft players that become All Pro talents. The Dolphins sent Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers for a first rounder and I couldnt even tell you who the Dolphins drafted with the pick they got
  10. The Rams have won 55 games in the past 5 years without making a 1st round pick
  11. One played on some of the most talented teams of the era while the other one has played for perennial losers. Not calling Kirk an elite QB by any means but hes light years better than anyone we have and probably alot better than anyone in the next 2 QB classes
  12. Romo attempted only 100 more passes in his career than Kirk has so far Romo career 65% completion Kirk career 66% completion Romo 7.9 career YPA Kirk 7.7 career YPA Romo 248 TDs/117 INT Kirk 223 TDs/91 INT Romo 97 career QB rating Kirk 98 career QB rating You can talk mentalities and play styles but production is virtually identical and in fact it would be hard to find 2 QBs with such similar production to each other. Both pretty damn good QBs that for whatever reason got all the blame for the teams misfortunes
  13. Never understood the hate Cousins gets. Hes pretty much Tony Romo and would easily be the 2nd best QB weve ever had. If we can get a favorable trade and draft OL in the first suddenly we would have some hope again
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