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  1. Ill give a better example: 2018 if the Browns drafted Josh Allen 1st overall people would have gotten fired and if the Bills drafted Baker Mayfield people would have said it was the steal of the draft fast forward now and if thats how it would have gone were probably looking at the Browns being the Super Bowl favorite and the Bills would be drafting in the Top 10
  2. I just dont think its fair to say bad teams trade picks for good players the Rams have been very successful because they have traded picks for proven superstars. I would much rather have Jalen Ramsey instead of 2 first round picks. Imagine if we made the trade, would you rather have Jalen Ramsey or Derrick Brown and Jaycee Horn? Id probably rather have the guy who I know for sure is an All Pro player instead of two guys who i HOPE can one day be that. Teams like the Dolphins and Jets and Jags always suck because they trade away proven star players for draft picks then find out its really hard and theres luck needed to draft players that become All Pro talents. The Dolphins sent Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers for a first rounder and I couldnt even tell you who the Dolphins drafted with the pick they got
  3. The Rams have won 55 games in the past 5 years without making a 1st round pick
  4. One played on some of the most talented teams of the era while the other one has played for perennial losers. Not calling Kirk an elite QB by any means but hes light years better than anyone we have and probably alot better than anyone in the next 2 QB classes
  5. Romo attempted only 100 more passes in his career than Kirk has so far Romo career 65% completion Kirk career 66% completion Romo 7.9 career YPA Kirk 7.7 career YPA Romo 248 TDs/117 INT Kirk 223 TDs/91 INT Romo 97 career QB rating Kirk 98 career QB rating You can talk mentalities and play styles but production is virtually identical and in fact it would be hard to find 2 QBs with such similar production to each other. Both pretty damn good QBs that for whatever reason got all the blame for the teams misfortunes
  6. Never understood the hate Cousins gets. Hes pretty much Tony Romo and would easily be the 2nd best QB weve ever had. If we can get a favorable trade and draft OL in the first suddenly we would have some hope again
  7. 3 winning seasons in 9 years lol. Went 6-10 after bringing back the majority of a Super Bowl team the previous year
  8. We have like 3 picks this year and several holes. Need to stockpile picks
  9. Agreed. Our best bet is to have a lame duck year next year with Rhule and Darnold we should at worst have the number 6 pick this year. Trade down with someone picking in the teens and see if we can pick up their first for next year also. Draft the best guard or center available and let Rhule and Sam carry us to another top 5 pick next year where we would hopefully have a Top 5 pick and another first to get a QB and either another lineman or WR to pair with like the Bengals did with Burrow i know its gloomy right now but this doesnt have to be the 5 year purgatory people think it will be. Sacrifice next year without letting Rhule burn any additional resources and things might be looking good going into 2023. New coach, rookie QB like a Bryce Young or CJ Stroud, a revamped OLine and should still have some young core left on defense like Horn, CJ, Chinn, Burns, YGM. Hell id even sit McCaffrey all and stuff him in a hyperbaric chamber the whole year and see if he can still spin after 2 years to get healthy. It kinda worked with Jonathan Stewart lol
  10. Like being the best looking girl on the duke cheerleading team
  11. -Delhomme extension after playoff meltdown -Sean Gilbert -Everett Brown trade -Armanti Edwards trade -Promoting Mike Shula -Giving Deangelo and Stewart huge extensions at the same time -Matt Kalil sad that Darnold isnt even the clear cut worst decision
  12. The result will be exactly like the defense. We’ll get younger and more talented, look great to start the season, then smarter coaches will figure out how to attack and scheme against it, and Rhule and Co wont be able to adjust our OLine is bad, but ive seen worse OLines and the team still be successful because they figure out ways to mask the weakness
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