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  1. a kick returner. a position that anyone worth anything on offense or defense doesnt play because it isnt worth getting hurt (see Smith, Steve) Cam revolutionized the most important position, Hester played a position that might not even be part of the game in 5 years
  2. If Devin Hester is a HOFer Cam better be first ballot. Annoying that Eli will get in even though he was probably never even a top 10 QB during his career. But his defense held the greatest offense of all time to 14 points and he played in New York so im sure theyll put him in
  3. Idk what you mean by horrible coach. He has no business being a head coach again but his resume speaks for itself when it comes to defense maybe coaching is what brings him joy and fulfillment? Kinda weird behavior to post this tbh
  4. Id take Rod Brindamour as coach at this point. Probably knows nothing about football but at least the team would play hard
  5. This board cracks me up lol im far from a Tepper apologist but lets recap the last 12 months -We fired a college coach and the complaint was we needed someone that “understands” the NFL. We now have one of the most experienced staffs in the league, including 3 former NFL head coaches including Reich -We bitched and moaned that we kept spinning wheels on bust QBs we tried to fix. They decided to finally get in position and literally be able to hand pick the rookie QB they wanted, and they picked the QB pretty much universally considered the right pick -We whined that Hurney gave out bad contracts and was too loyal to players and that Gettleman was too cheap and too content with trying to fill holes with players already on the team. The guy we have now is aggressive and will do anything he feels makes the team better. When you are always making moves theres gonna be misses So he has pretty much done everything this board has begged for, at some point it comes down to the players that get paid millions need to execute. Our OLine looked like world beaters last year and now can block a 4 man front. Our QB has had way more growing pains than anyone anticipated. Our defense literally has half its starters on IR. despite all that, while were 1-7 only the Detroit and Miami games were ones where it was clear we were outclassed and couldnt compete, both those teams are also legitimate playoff teams. Every other game is a toss up decided by 2 or 3 plays. Our offense is painful to watch and our margin for error is almost zero, but I honestly dont think this team is looking at a decade of misery ahead like the consensus of the board thinks. Keep the core of the defense together, get Bryce some weapons, move Ickey to guard and get a tackle in free agency and I think next year looks alot different. But blowing it up now is just resetting the clock all over again, which weve been doing since 2019. You have to actually give this rebuild a real chance
  6. The Dolphins use pre snap motion more than any other team and Tua throws to his first read more than any other QB in football. The weapons help but it’s more so they scheme someone open on every play. Novel concept making things easy for your QB
  7. Ive been sitting in Section 124 forever. Had some Vikings fans sitting next to me. They were vocal but far from obnoxious. Probably late 20s/early 30s. Dropped a few f bombs when Kirk threw the pick 6. Older couple with kids in the row in front of us got offended and turned around and threatened to call security if they cussed again because “its a family environment” and kids cant hear bad words never been so embarrassed as a fan before. Only thing softer than our OLine and run defense is the wine and cheese crowd that goes to the games (if they dont sell their tickets to opposing fans already) what makes it a family environment? Is is the alcohol being sold? The half naked cheerleaders? The grown men giving eachother brain damage? If you wanna shelter your kids dont bring them to an NFL game take them to chuck e cheese and drink soda and eat pizza while you watch on TV
  8. This is obviously not the 2015 team but its funny to look back on the reports during preseason how they would have joint practices with the Dolphins and tell them to take their foot off the gas because we were overwhelmed and then we proceeded to bend over the entire league
  9. Care to source that? Roy was known to back off elite recruits that had handlers (John Wall for example) so that is a pretty bold claim
  10. And then the lawsuit gets tossed out when they ask him why he lost to Mitch Trubisky at home in essentially a win or game home game
  11. Then be a coach and scheme them open? McVay can get amazon workers open but Wilks and McAdoo cant get DJ Moore open?
  12. Wilks whole offensive gameplan is to hope our OLine is blowing people off the line every play so we can run 35 times. If we arent then its basically hope Sam can steal a few good throws
  13. For once I just want to be a team where to beat us you dont just have to have more talent you also have to outscheme us and make better adjustments than us. Ive been a fan my whole life and feel like weve never had a coach that can steal wins beating better teams than us
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