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  1. Care to source that? Roy was known to back off elite recruits that had handlers (John Wall for example) so that is a pretty bold claim
  2. And then the lawsuit gets tossed out when they ask him why he lost to Mitch Trubisky at home in essentially a win or game home game
  3. Then be a coach and scheme them open? McVay can get amazon workers open but Wilks and McAdoo cant get DJ Moore open?
  4. Wilks whole offensive gameplan is to hope our OLine is blowing people off the line every play so we can run 35 times. If we arent then its basically hope Sam can steal a few good throws
  5. For once I just want to be a team where to beat us you dont just have to have more talent you also have to outscheme us and make better adjustments than us. Ive been a fan my whole life and feel like weve never had a coach that can steal wins beating better teams than us
  6. Their offense has been absolute garbage unless they go no huddle and Brady calls the plays
  7. We need a uniform/brand makeover like the jags. Make Panther blue the primary color and get black helmets permanently
  8. Im tired of people saying “players play hard for him” like thats a reason to hire a coach instead of it being a obvious pre-requisite for the job lol. Like shouldnt every coach be someone “players play hard for” ???
  9. He gets put in bad situations and still wins too Stanford was a joke and he had them finish in the Top 5 by year 4 Niners hadnt made the playoffs in 9 years and he went to the NFCC his first 3 years Michigan was becoming irrelevant and brought them back to being a title contender
  10. I wouldnt call DJax physically limited though lol. He literally has world class speed and is 5’10 which is about average for a corner. Munnerlyn was a midget
  11. Whats Wilks alternative? Going back to Missouri and coaching DBs? Running the defense at West Charlotte?
  12. I will find a new team if its Dan Quinn
  13. I dont mind the philosophy in general but the problem with coaches like Wilks is they will not drift from their philosophy regardless of the situation or who the opponent is. He coached that game with the assumption we would continue to get stops with a beat up secondary, no pass rush, and going against the GOAT and 2 all pro receivers. If you have the 2013 Seahawks defense I can understand punting but we dont have anything close to that
  14. He’s a shinier Mario Addison but the organization values him like Peppers. In fact if you look at Addison’s 3 years here where he was a starter its almost identical production to Burns’s 3 years as a starter. Are we SURE we couldnt have Haynes fill in for Burns and he wouldnt get the same amount of sacks?
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