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  1. Product of a good d line and scheme. Went to another team that didn’t have said line and scheme.
  2. I really hope Derrick Brown isn’t headed down the same path…
  3. This would be fine if we had an NFL coach with a pedigree. But coming from Rhule it doesn’t hold much weight. If Rhule had benched Erving for Brady last year this would make a lot more sense. I surely hope this is just camp talk and him trying to make Icky work harder…
  4. Doesn’t Matty Ice have a no trade clause as well?
  5. Silver lining (draft capitol and stud rookie contract players aside): Watson would most likely keep Rhule around longer.
  6. DD peckers has never let me down and I've been going there for ten years. It is definitely a dive bar. And I never eat there cause service sucks (the same people have been working there foreverrr). But damn those wings and the chilli cheese fries are great! My favorite wings from there: Honey Hot Hot Ranch Cajun
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