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  1. The only financial difference will be signing bonus money. Teams can only pay out $86,957 in total to UDFAs this year. We gave $15,000 of that to Miley, not sure about the others though.
  2. @RavensInsider Carolina Panthers gave defensive end Arthur Miley a $15,000 signing bonus
  3. Bonner said he doesn't know where the Redskins report came from.
  4. Southern DT Arthur Miley
  5. Well that's it for trades, unless we start trading players for picks.
  6. Gotta think future picks are involved for us to move this high.
  7. Pretty fair trade based on the chart. Panthers gave up: 487 points Panthers got: 490 points
  8. Wonder if we thought the Falcons also liked him? Gave up a ton to move 1 pick ahead of them. Would've preferred Strong but Funchess would be my second choice.
  9. Humphries. Just because I'm tired of seeing him as our pick in every fuging mock.
  10. I'm betting someone takes a shot on Bonner in the draft.
  11. 11 last year. With 4 more picks and about 19 spots to fill we'll at least be bringing 15 to camp.
  12. Hmm, maybe neither actually. It's listed as Scout Inc.'s top 32, but it's on their draft homepage: http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft
  13. RE: Beasley. Yesterday I noticed ESPN doesn't even have him in their top 32.
  14. Getlin is one of the better follows for NFL news.
  15. 10 weeks? We probably got the Thanksgiving game just so we'd be the first team he plays.
  16. You're obviously referencing Blackmon and Gordon, whom many believed were worth a late-round flier, but I think accusing people of wanting to trade a first is an incredible stretch.
  17. @RapSheet #Bama safety Landon Collins, the top player at his position in the draft, is visiting the #Panthers today, source said.
  18. @nick_underhill Jennings left town (New Orleans). Last visit planned for him. Carolina, Baltimore, Jacksonville also in the mix, I'm told. fuging aints
  19. Cooper - Top 10 White - Top 10 Parker - Mid-first Strong - Late first/Early second Agholor - Late first/Early second Perriman - Late first/Early second Smith - Mid-second DGB - Mid-second Dorsett - Late second Coates - Third Funchess - Third Hardy - Third
  20. Or put the helmet logo on a bigger helmet logo which is on another helmet logo which is on the helmet. #Brownception
  21. Wasn't that long ago Smith was too. A couple more questionable invites: @Gil_Brandt List of players attending #NFLDraft in Chicago now up to 28. Penn State OT Donovan Smith and Texas A&M OT Cedric Ogbuehi will also be there.
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