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  1. In Charlotte in the lower price points it's still tough. 300 and under I'd say. Granted I haven't worked with a residential buyer other than 1 friend looking at expensive new builds in about a year so I could be out of touch but if rates Dip down again that would be a likely scenario
  2. A first time homebuyer in a tough market can't afford to pay an agent by the hour for 3 months worth of work and 100+ showings 15 offers written up on lower end inventory. Anyone that doesn't already own a home is being put at an even bigger disadvantage in my opinion. Any non investor buyers I have now will be paying a retainer and will get it credited back if/when we secure them a home provided the home seller is willing to provide appropriate compensation.
  3. The only possible thing to be done to get investors to sell is to bring in rent control or have all hoas ban rental properties. If you want to keep them from buying you could put into effect a waiting period for investors on all properties so they're only available to residential buyers for a set period. These things aren't capitalistic but would make lives better for 95% of Americans but that 5% will never allow it.
  4. Jpj and then the best pass rusher or cb. I don't think wr is out biggest need at all.
  5. Average for a 20 something male or for an nfl qb?
  6. Agreed. Seattle's 2010-2012 drafts were pretty fuging sick. Was shitterer there? If so they probably did the opposite of what he thought was best.
  7. I remember when Pete Caroll went in to Seattle and completely flipped the whole roster in 1 offseason. Hopefully Dave can have a much success as his old boss In his first season, Carroll almost completely overturned the Seahawks roster, totaling over 200 transactions in the course of only one season.
  8. When's the last time you heard anything from Lavar Ball? I think sanders will be fine and if Bryce sucks this year I'd draft him next year
  9. It seems like the gm and the coaches are on the same page for once and there is an actual plan and identity they want to build. Shitterer/tepper was all reactionary fly by the seat of your pants gming
  10. Looks like he got obliterated by some funny Panther fans to me
  11. Hope bender doesn't see the field unless he can get some boots that aren't made out or cement
  12. Where's big Pat? He was my favorite player last year and copetti ain't it. Good win though!
  13. Or we could have afforded to keep cmc and Moore. Burns would have had essentially 0 dead cap hit. We paid the best running back in football 30 million dollars to not play for us anymore. That trade was unbelievably stupid looking back at it. The value was just ok and we still had to eat all that money so we couldn't use it on other players. Even if we didn't completely poo the bed on the picks it was still dumb as hell
  14. Free and no ticket fees aren't the same
  15. Don't blame that on Ron, just another Tepper blunder
  16. Bc some people are just sad twat waffles
  17. Me too but I would prefer Duren over richards and definitely over Mensah
  18. Going for 25 pts and 20 boards Meanwhile we got some fug named nick Mensah or some bullshit getting run. Remind me again why a team devoid of talented depth was better off with second round picks?
  19. If Canales makes Bryce serviceable he should get a statue in front of the stadium.
  20. Yeah I wanted Scoot, I was wrong. Brandon has been the one bright spot on a team full of pussies. I'm still batting .500 on my 2023 first round pick takes for Charlotte sports.
  21. 2-5 are pretty interchangeable. I like the Canales hire. I do not like Morgan at gm at all though so we will see. Harbaugh clearly 1 and Morris and Quinn 6 and 7
  22. Mark Williams has been out 2 months because of a bruised back. Gordon Haywards softness rubbed off on the whole fuging team. These guys don't want to play
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