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  1. No one is trading for the qb that we just traded cmc and dj Moore and another 1st and second round pick for a 8 months ago. NO ONE WANTS HIM
  2. Even a similar skill set player like Kyle Allen started 4 or 5 and 0 before he was figured out. Took the league 15 minutes on Bryce
  3. My wallet would too. Took over on Hubbard and sanders carries
  4. Tried to fug it up tonight but came away with the win
  5. We need someone who can get across a hard nosed keep pounding attitude to the players. Offense defense a Harley riding pediatrician it doesn't matter.
  6. How many times are we going to rehash this. Everyone knows it. Players know it, former and potential coaches know it, the media knows it, we as fans know it. David Tepper is the only person who doesn't seem to grasp what's going on here.
  7. I swear if the pats offered a 3rd for Bryce I'd trade him before the draft. They're are legit the only team that would have any interest in him if Bill stats there
  8. Who isn't. Only other qb that can't break 200 yards is Danny devito
  9. So he'll get a contract extension tomorrow. The day before Frank was canned Rapaport said he wouldn't be evaluated till the offseason and it was looking like he'd get anther year
  10. Pay that man. Got crucified before the season saying he was above average rushing the passer and below average against the run. Now he isn't even getting pressure. He can be gone for a 3rd round comp pick at this point. It is what it is
  11. If the number 1 center is on the board that would probably be my pick. Or a guard to replace Corbett. We have to have a strong interior line
  12. Totally the right move to fire Frank. I doubt Young would say he didn't trust Frank and McCown but it's quite clear that they didn't trust him nor did they really want to be coaching him. Find someone (If there is anyone) that really believes in Young and wants to coach him. If we suck again next year then honestly you fire that coach after 1 season as well and start over with a new coach and maybe fuging LISTEN TO THEM AND THEIR QB EVALUATION
  13. Same man same. Makes it soo much work seeing your picks for coach and qb do so fuging well while we are complete ass
  14. Completely wrong. The generational qb was picked right after Bryce. If we had given up the haul we did for CJ instead our future would be bright despite the lack of a first next year which would be around pick 10-15
  15. That "hail mary" at the end of the first half was so so telling. I know the play was to chuck it out of bounds but it looked so fuging weak. We were also only 53 yards from the end zone so we could have taken a shot. I watched Stroud throw a rope about 68 yards in the air to Dell the other week. It's soo depressing
  16. Teppers whole way of thinking is why we're fuged. He gave a complete knob in Matt Rhule full control and it was a poo show. So instead of realizing he needs a competent gm with experience to run the show his take away was I can't give control away to anyone except maybe my wife so now her and I are going to start making these decisions even though we know even less then the idiot that I just fired for incompetence.
  17. There's not really another option. FSU is more then likely playing the conference championship game with their 3rd string qb. Even if uga wins and Texas wins I would put Texas in over Florida state. Only way I see FSU getting in would be Michigan wins, Uga wins, Texas loses.
  18. Quote sums up why he's always hurt. He goes out there with the intent to protect himself from getting hurt. Those are the guys that stay hurt because they're always thinking about it
  19. Yeah I'd rather have steichen too I'm just saying at the time giving up pick number 9 for a coach would have been met with tremendous criticism but in hindsight we'd be better off with Payton and a pick next year then the Reich/Young combo. Also who did a call a name other the Sean Payton?
  20. You would have played corral to see if the player you traded up for was a viable option
  21. Lots of old people in my neighborhood that have "outside" cats. I don't think she's a stray just likes to roam
  22. That pick was pick 30. If we gave up 9 it would have just been pick 9. In complete hindsight you wouldn't rather have Sean Payton, Dj Moore next year's first which would be number 1 to draft Drake Maye and I believe we would have gotten back another second round pick someone where from the trade up to #1 as opposed to Bryce young and the lack of the pick next year and unknown coaching staff??? You and everyone else are fuging crazy. Payton is a complete turd bird but he's a good coach
  23. He'll get his chance to coach him next year when no one else will take the job
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