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  1. Middle of the road defense because the offense sucks and can't maintain drives. You're defense is never going to be good in terms of ppg when your offense is ass
  2. It was his birthday that's the only reason he got it. Right outside the box is too close to get it up over the wall and to dip back under the bar. Need some more space
  3. The Dutch side isn't super strong. I wouldn't be surprised if we can win the game. I'll be watching Saturday
  4. I'd take Musah playing all 11 positions on the field all game before I see Moore even in uniform again. TRASH
  5. I thought they were going to job us with some ghost penalty there at the end. Also Shaq Moore should never see the field again.
  6. This right here and his complete douche nozzle behavior is why I hate him. Never wanted him and his fug it chuck it football here. Luckiest qb I've ever seen
  7. Man my ass would have stayed home and collected a check
  8. You don't think sweat shops have resulted in way more imprisonments and deaths? I agree fans shouldn't have gone and poured money into the country but fifa not holding a tourney there won't change anything. The rest of the world can not buy oil from those countries would but everyone knows that isn't going to happen. We also are their biggest importer so don't act like it's fine for us to take their money but watching a soccer game held there is not. Country Import USD$ United States $5,442,907,279
  9. Corn is corn 24/7 365. We want to be like corn. Eaten and poo right out. oou forever
  10. Not the way I thought we would get the draw. That chance in the 26th minute has got to be buried. Still proud of the way we played. If we can't beat Iran we don't deserve to advance
  11. Yeah we really needed the win Monday but we'll see. Our best strategy is probably pack it in and play for 0-0
  12. You don't. Just root for us to win tomorrow afternoon
  13. Please tell me what device you are posting from? I'm not saying you're wrong about the human rights just want to see which sweat shop your product has ties to
  14. Yeah I'm aware or that. It seemed like he was trying to say that Atlanta would outbid us in terms of compensation to keep him from coming here and instead coach the falcons
  15. Yeah i watched him throw a 10 yard out yesterday with like everything he could put on it not get there then watched him almost Jimmy Clausen a throw away that almost didn't make it out of bounds
  16. If you have to build the entire infrastructure to host the tournament you shouldn't be an option. Same with Olympics
  17. Need some goals here! I don't care who wins just need both teams to score
  18. Where's the video of the guy interrupting the fifa meeting to say here's his country's bid for the 2026 cup and just throws stacks of cash at the guy. It's really funny. Also yes this appears a complete poo show
  19. No not just the specific person seemed like everyone around the person that caught it was excited
  20. I'd go stroud, hooker, Richardson. Don't want young or levis
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