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  1. Care to share anymore can't lose gambling advice?
  2. Classic... 4corners starts a thread, his overrated team is immediately beaten like a drum, he will be nowhere to be found the rest of the season.
  3. I have a great idea for a shirt. If Jeremy let's me promote the teespring link here ill give the huddle 20% of the profits!!
  4. I posted this in the thread about smitty, didn't want to make my own thread
  5. If only the panthers had talent on the level of ESPN.. an excerpt from the quality write up of last night's game from the knuckleheads over there....."The ball glanced off Watt's hands and into the waiting arms of Panthers cornerback Brian Burns."
  6. I sat in the field seats in Foxboro when we whipped Tom Brady and new England's ass. The seats were awesome.
  7. Yeah it blows, we're never moving again. April mover here and still not fully unpacked
  8. So sad to hear, I'll keep her loved ones in my thoughts and prayers
  9. We are now up over 5k in money back from trading our cars in on top of my wife rolling 6k worth of equity into the new traverse. So in all, I upgraded from a sedan to a compact suv. My wife got the color traverse she wanted, we lowered car payments 80 bucks a month, we lowered insurance 12 bucks a month and we put over 5000 dollars back in the bank.
  10. His arm will hold up for about a month
  11. Yall are doing it wrong, my wife is a panthers fan because I decreed it. Lol
  12. That happened to my hand first week of July, my dog clipped my hand on accident enough to draw blood on a Saturday. Put stuff on it immediately to clean it out and wrapped it up. It kept getting progressively more red and bruised feeling. So Thursday I went to urgent care, their service was a joke so I said ok ill just go home and call my doctor in the morning. Driving home my forearm started getting really tight. Turned back around and dealt with the jerk at the front desk. It was Super infected. Doctor pretty much said the same thing, you'd be in the hospital if you waited another couple days. Got my tdap vaccine updated that day for my upcoming child and antibiotics the next morning. It started feeling better almost immediately after the shot which was cool and then cleared up over a few days.
  13. The reason people have such a problem with him is because 99% of the fan base knew the plan should have been to let Grier play and get the number one pick. Instead we wasted valuable cap money on a noodle arm non risk taking quarterback that was never going to take us anywhere but wouldn't be awful enough to get us a top pick.
  14. I dont get slc either. It was fun to visit for a few days but I wouldn't live there. All I heard about when I was there was severe drought and not enough snowfall to feel comfortable with their water supply and wildfires. Ill keep my happy ass in Charlotte.
  15. Yeah I know its not as bad as some places for sure. I looked at rentals yesterday. We rented our place out in May for 1450 and I thought that was high, we could get 1650 today.
  16. 300k dollar houses are going for 40k over list, site unseen cash offers are happening here too and due diligence fees are getting crazy high. Everything he said after Charlotte is a joke is happening here as well. That was my point.
  17. Charlotte market is probably more aggressive then what you just mentioned just at a lower price point.
  18. Did you try to spell every single name wrong or you just dgaf?
  19. I'm going back through and watching top gear from BBC on Amazon
  20. Yeah man because Atlanta owned us this year. Man you're a donkey, we were in 4th and better than Atlanta until people started getting hurt. Milwaukee is not run well and people were talking about firing their coach in the nets series. Giannis is that entire team. Swap him for pj Washington and the Hornets are in the finals too
  21. Take one player off that team and the bucks are ass. Hornets roster last year was more talented if Giannis got hurt.
  22. He was adopted out after being in our house for about 3 weeks. Fostering is not something we will do again, at least not with our current pet dynamic. He was a sweet dog but caused a lot of stress for two of our dogs. Our three are a VERY tight unit and one got a bit jealous of him and one did not like his puppy like energy mixed with his size. Ultimately we found him a great home (the rescue seemed more concerned with finding every other dog a home so my wife had to do most of the work), so I guess it was successful. We kept him from being put down but in the future I think we will support animal rescues financially but not with space in our home.
  23. I want to go to Miami but we'll have a 1 month old. So I'll probably have to wait till next year for any away games.
  24. Congratulations! My baby girl is coming around October 4th. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!!!
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