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  1. Interest rates will still be higher. Just means my buyers will have less competition. Still should have bought last year, six months ago and last month
  2. Happy Father's day fellow dads! Enjoying my first one! She pulled her self up to her feet for the first time 2 days ago. She loves music and food and she's the best thing in the world
  3. Good to know, I had read several reviews saying it was much better quality then trex.
  4. Just looked at timbertech and they have a good better best option Best was 100 dollars more then timber Better was 400 bucks cheaper Good was like 1200 bucks cheaper
  5. Ok I'm sold then. I'm a deck dummy. If I use composite (been looking at timber tech) for the top boards all the framing is still pressure treated lumber right? If your dad is in Charlotte I'd be happy to have him quote it when I'm ready
  6. Yeah the deck was I think 15000 bucks. It isn't a necessity. We have a sunroom and a pool/pool house I don't know how much we will even use the deck once we do it. I'm leaning towards composite at this point because it seems like the cost gap keeps shrinking.
  7. My buddy waited 8 months for a tesla. Drove it 1500 miles in 2 months and sold it for a 14000 dollar profit
  8. When I say comfortable with I mean both the contractor and the bottom line. Again we made some cuts here and there to stay in budget that might not be necessary if we wait but you can always make more money but you can't get two years of your life back living in a place with a 60 year old kitchen and bathrooms
  9. We're already set on doing it this summer. The bathroom for our bedroom is basically unusable and the kitchen is close (all appliances at least 25 years old). It took a long time but we got a quote from a contractor that we were comfortable with and we are going with it. I'm ok spending more money now then it would be 2 years from now. We have a budget and are comfortable with not being able to do the deck right now bc of increased costs
  10. Yeah at 5% vs 20% it was saving a very small amount on the monthly loan. It made much more sense for us to keep the cash (put a fence in for 6k, upgraded electrical panel 2500, replaced pool pump 3k). We will probably be 450k into the house by the time we're done. Renovating 3 bathrooms, redoing kitchen, refinishing hardwoods, putting evp flooring in basement, adding a 5th bedroom/office. Redrywalling basement walls and ceilings. Building a bar at the pool (I'll do that myself). That's it for phase1 lol. Next summer hopefully redoing a deck off our sunroom and resealing concrete around pool and probably add a sundeck out there. Also need to replaster the pool and redo the tile soon so maybe I'll be closer to 550 when we're done lol but I wouldn't sell this house for a million bucks it's everything we were looking for in a home for our daughter to grow up in and we can really make it our own over time vs living in a neighborhood on a .10 acre lot
  11. Just did the math on ours. We bought 14 months ago Our mortgage is roughly 1675 Same exact numbers puts it at 2275 For what I could sell if for you'd be at 3125 a month We're also about to request our pmi to be removed which would bring it down to 1615 a month. Glad we didn't listen to people, we'd be living in a less than 1200 square foot home (which we rented out for a year and then sold in march for almost the same amount of money that we paid for this home) with 3 dogs, 2 cats and an 8 month old plus me working from home. There is no way we could have gotten what we want in this current market for what we could afford. I'll post reno pics once they're done in August(hopefully) . I think I posted some befores in here I can't remember. We bought for 330, after renovations I think we could easily sell for 575-600 if appraisals didn't exist
  12. I Will be in Holden beach for the month of July while our house is being renovated. Any suggestions on things to do (probably willing to drive to Wilmington on occasion). It's me, my wife and our daughter who will be 9 months at the time. My wife's dad, step mom and 13 year old sister will be coming for a week as well.
  13. All makes perfect sense. If you were approved for 800k last year that's probably down to 600-650k right now. All so you can buy a house that would have been 500k last year. A lot of people are still looking, it's just hard for those people to put offers on homes that aren't as nice as what they could get last year. People thought buyers in mid 2020- end of 2021 were crazy and were over paying but they look pretty smart now. There may be a slight slide back but all those buyers will remain in a good position of positive equity and locked in ridiculously low interest rates. Several people told my wife and I we were dumb when we started looking for a new home in November of 2020.
  14. Did he really say he wasn't people's entertainment? How in the fug does he think he acquired those millions?
  15. Beyond stupid for him to sign in Washington. Even if healthy he wasn't going to be productive with Ron
  16. Beyond stupid for him to sign in Washington. Even if healthy he wasn't going to be productive with Ron
  17. My daughter is currently banging her head against her crib and that's about how I feel. Would have loved snider. I think we should have just kept jb
  18. Last July my wife and I traded in 2019 altima and 2019 traverse for 21 trailblazer and traverse. Lowered interest rates, monthly payments and put almost 10k in the bank in the process. Then parks proceeded to sell both of our trades for more than we paid for them new and my wife's old traverse for more than she just got the 21 for.
  19. Smoke, I assume, has a speech impediment. I feel bad for him when listening and while not his fault I agree he should not be on the radio. I usually listen to it anyway though
  20. They dominated the game. Honestly us and England should move on easily
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