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  1. That's all well and good. But it does not address the question. Why should the Browns give him a new contract? Let alone for Franchise QB Tag money? They are already paying him, when they don't want him. Now you want them to pay him even more? Just doesn't make sense to me?
  2. Cesar Milan does a lot of work with Vets and their dogs. They are wonderful companions. My dogs make me smile all the time. They are always doing something silly. They just make life better. We have an 80lb Pitty, who thinks he is a lap dog, and an 8lb Terrier mix that thinks she's a watch dog. lol Did not know about the THC thing, but definitely makes sense.
  3. One has to wonder? Are they this miserable in real life? Or do they just store it all up, and then regurgitate it all here? I have been wondering lately, how many in the Cult of Negativity own a dog? It's been my experience that owning a dog makes life better. Maybe that's what these folks need?
  4. I mean, is that not what an NFL coach is supposed to do? You know, like, run the team. You guys need some new material. It feels like you're scrapping the bottom of the barrel looking for negative things to say about Coach.
  5. The sad part being. They actually think that because they are unhappy. All that negativity is warranted. lol I guess that's the way the powers that be want it. Because personal attacks, and thread derailments are at an all time high. So evidently, negativity sells.
  6. I do believe the Browns will live and die with Brissett. Baker, barring any unforeseen circumstances, has probably played his last down as a Brown.
  7. I'm not sure I agree with that bolded part. Folks were pretty much up in arms that Rhule hired so many coaches that nobody had heard of. Because, as we all know, if you haven't heard of the coach. He must be bad.
  8. Folks are mad at Tepper right now. So anything perceived as negative, they latch on. I have never heard anything definitive one way or another. Yet this mantra has been making its rounds for a while now. They just know Tepper is gunning for Keep Pounding.
  9. Well, I did notice you have yet to give him a nickname. I guess I should have taken that to be a bad sign. lol
  10. That truly is too bad. I had such high hopes for him this year. Well, damm you for this. It's all your fault. lol
  11. That bolded part is what confuses me. Pretty sure I know where it came from. Just not sure why? I guess because I am some cockeyed optimist I must be a Rhule fan? That is some whacky azz math if you ask me. Which they didn't.
  12. Oh yeah, there are concerns. But hey, it is basically all in his hands. If he puts in the work to become a NFL Lineman, the future is there in front of him. I have been thinking of life with him, and Icky side by side. Oh Wee Mayne baby.
  13. Why thank you. Taking words out of context. Doesn't mean a thing dude.
  14. Yuppers. Brown COULD solve that LG enigma. He is the wildcard. It would be huge if he could come in and fight for that spot. Compete well enough that even if he loses, he becomes a solid replacement.
  15. I hated Denver growing up. Then he came to town on my sisters b-day. Came away a fan. We got 5 tickets. 4 together, 1 alone. I got the alone seat. To this day, every time I hear a Denver song. I think back to sitting alone at his concert.
  16. tl/dr But I bet there was a lot of negative stuff in there. lol I'm not sorry I enjoy this time of year. A time of rebirth and excitement. Also, that my self worth isn't tied to one of my sports teams.
  17. So you are one of those; "Yada yada yada, sucks, rabble, rabble" kinda guys?
  18. So...I'm really sorry if my being an optimist over the new year upsets you so. But I think I will just go about being excited over the coming year. Unlike you, who is so negative, you cannot answer a post without throwing in an insult. I'll go with the former. As I think life is so much nicer when you enjoy it.
  19. IMO, when you put a talented smart line together, as we have, they won't take long to gel. Olinemen are a special breed. When you get the right group together, they absolutely will work their butts off to get better. We have solid coaching, with proven Vet leadership. Throw in some smart talented kids. And that is a recipe for success.
  20. If a cockeyed optimistic Homer views the team through rose colored glasses? What color glasses do the Cult of Negativity wear? Blacked out welders glasses? Peaky Blinders? The former see this Oline as Vastly improved. It has gone from a marked weakness, to an obvious strength. Not sure what the later see, at all? Besides Rhule that is.
  21. Trying to find new things to complain about is hard. Some times you have to take the low hanging ones.
  22. Yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing this one. It is difficult enough getting one rookie QB ready, let alone two. And you can't stash one on the PS, cuz some team will poach him. I could get behind drafting one almost every year. Under the right circumstance anyway. Just not two rooks in the same year. Just my 2 cents
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