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  1. You know why this was such a hot topic right? Cuz we demand answers. And what do you know? We got em.
  2. He did receive the other half, so that ain't it. That still doesn't explain those long showers?
  3. Okay. This is one of the NFLs unwritten Rhules. lol Happy?
  4. This is probably the only "Unwritten Rule" in the NFL.
  5. As to Jackson. I think he low key had a great year last year. We never heard him complain. He used "We" a whole lot. We never saw him pout. When he could play, he played well. And Snow praised him late in the season for trying to help the kids. That is all on the Coaching. He bought in, and it showed. I expect him to have a great year. He is too competitive to let Horn come in and be the man. Those two will be pushing each other all year. And maybe for future years. Man, with Jackson, Horn, Booyah, and Chinn. We are one S away from being elite.
  6. This man has this team heading in the right direction. Young and hungry gets thrown around. But it seems to fit these guys. I guess that's why you go after young, talented, athletic, and smart players. You coach them up, and let them play. Excited just doesn't seem to be strong enough. Not just for this year. But with this FO, and Coach? The future looks good as well.
  7. I'm sure if you put a ball cap, and backpack on most white, short haired, blond men. Even their mother wouldn't be able to pick them out of a crowd. lol
  8. Rodgers has 3 years left on a 4 year $134mil deal. To me that is ridiculous. Sign a 4 year deal, play 1 year, then act out for a new deal. And get it. Man, that is some fuged up sht. Yeah, I wonder how much support he is getting from his team mates? Especially the lower tier guys just fighting for their future?
  9. Change out that Vette for a Mustang, and I get what you're putting down. It's why I don't let the wife drive mine. It's a Sports Car. Drive it as such. My favorite driving game is to use the brake as little as possible. I think that's why I am usually driving alone. I've had some crazy reactions when folks get out of my car. Edit to add; Sorry about the tangent. It happens.
  10. Is that y'all singular, or plural? Because not everybody wants Watson.
  11. Would you be willing to post a list on how we should fan properly? I mean, c'mon man. Let the kids have some damm fun.
  12. You would think a Defensive Coach, who has to game plan against guys like that, would say "You know, I gotta get me one of those". Curtis did get better every year. So it could have been more than just a Contract year. Maybe it was just growth.
  13. Depending on how this year works out, that may just happen. Odds are that probably won't happen. However, they did draft all Defense once, so who knows. lol
  14. There is absolutely no reason to push him at this point. Rhule has said he is working on the assumption that he will be ready for Training Camp. He did work at OTAs, and Mini Camp. Just not full speed. Baby steps.
  15. Well enjoy your time here. For the most part, it is entertaing, and informative. But you will be challenged. Have fun. Never give up. Never surrender. lol Oh, and I've been a Lions fan for hfoofty years. And a Panther since day one. This Huddle thing is a snap.
  16. First. There is a + and quote under every post. Hit quote, and this comes up. Easy peasy. Second. There are a lot of Huddlerz who do the same thing. You'll find plenty of folks willing to discuss those "Cap Warriors". lol Lastly. Welcome to the Huddlez. Edit to add: Also, if you hover over that pie, you get a few emoji to play with. Pie is teh best, and the poop one? Well, that's pretty self explanatory.
  17. What history? This is Rhule's second year. Too many WRs? C'mon man. DJ, Robbie, and maybe DMoore are the only WRs with any experience. Also, not sure you can have too many WRs. Especially as young as we are.
  18. So pretty much bidness as usual for you huh? lol
  19. "We came in with a plan to get him ready for training camp," Rhule said. "He's doing a good job in the meetings, he's out here for walk-throughs and things like that, but we are, like with other guys, trying to get him as healthy as possible. "He had a couple of injuries in college, and we want to make sure he's whole before the start of the season." Marshall's still on the field during practice, and catching balls from the Jugs machine afterward, as they try to have him ready to contribute once the season starts. That is from an article on Panthers.com. So, he is basically healthy. They are just playing it safe.
  20. I don't have a life. Hit me up next time you need someone to sit around and wait. That's right in my wheelhouse. I ain't cheap though.
  21. I don't want to be that guy. Aw hellz, I love being that guy. So...That's Tommy Jone. If you care that is. It's the NFL, injuries happen. Nobody except teh Panthers cared that CMac was out last year. Nobody but the aints cares that Thomas is out this year. Also, we can only play who is on our Schedule. We will play some bad teams, and we will play some good teams. During the Regular Season a win is a win. Now, when the Playoffs start. Yeah, that's defiantly a different beast.
  22. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. He was working on a bike. Bikes have brakes. Freudian slip. But no. You just gotta jump in with both feet. Jackazz. Are you really that dense you couldn't get the inference? And here I thought you were the smartest one here? Oh noes, my hero has a flaw.
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