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  1. Yeah, I'm in Spartanburg, with You Tube TV, and I have it on CBS as well.
  2. Preseason is for evaluation. And letting fans get to know the new guys.
  3. There is plenty of game time for that to happen.
  4. Other than fan driven opinion. Can anyone show me 1 piece of actual proof that Sam is a bust? No, no you can't. Because there is no set scale for grading a bust. Busts is a critique, not a metric. Is there a chart that shows where the line is? Above the line, you can stay. Below the line, you gone. No. Because there is no line. All you negative types are claiming bust, based on your own biases. Not by any actual empirical evidence, but by your own personal grading system. Sam is still in the league. Therefore, he is not a bust. See how easy that was?
  5. We just did 2 days of scrimmaging. He got way more reps during that, than he would this afternoon. Way too any folks willing to risk injury for a few meaningless Pre Season snaps.
  6. Are you mad at other teams that sat out their QB1? Are you just mad because Rhule does things differently? Or are you mad because Sam will miss a handful of snaps. In a meaningless Pre Season game? You are willing to risk injury. In a week 1 Pre Season game. And I think it's fair to call you out on that.
  7. Opening song to "The Last Boy Scout" love it.
  8. Wow...I mean...Wow. There's a lot of pent up energy up in here. lol
  9. Fear of the past impedes your moving forward.
  10. You are arguing with a steelers troll. He is one of those overbearing uncles you hear about. He's smarter than you, and he doesn't mind telling you so. But if you are enjoying yourself. Disregard this post.
  11. I'll type slow so you can understand. Due to forces outside of his control, Rhule did not earn the blame for last year. From here on out. Yes. For last year? No.
  12. lol That has nothing to do with your assertion that Rhule gets blame for last year. So surprise surprise, you're still a ...
  13. It is possible we can have a really good year. Oh yeah.
  14. Speaking of the Lions. Corn Elder is fighting for a DB spot on the Lions. But he's hurt. lol
  15. You know what Pre Season is for? It's for the fans to learn their team. They watch a guy, and they go, I don't know your name, but I'm going to keep my eye on you. You may not know the guys name, but you learn the number. Then you learn the name. All the while feeling good that you picked a diamond out of the rough. Who cares about the starters. We already know what they are. Sorta. Show me those guys fighting for their professional lives. Those are the guys I want to see.
  16. I am going to say this one more time. Very few people are blaming Rhule for last year. Pandemic, no OTAs, no Pre Season, 1st season on a team that had little talent. There is no blame to be had. Now throw me another "Winning is all that matters" and we can be done.
  17. You can be excited for an outcome. Being optimistic means you are excited for an outcome. Oh, by the way. Goff seems to be on point. yea Lions
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