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  1. Listen to the whole album, it's a beautiful soundtrack. i listen to it almost every day at work.
  2. His face looks looks like a cross between Luke Kuechly and Canelo Alvarez
  3. Not Panthers related but Carolina related. May 23-25: NFL Spring League Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  4. This is exactly how I feel. For some reason I have felt confident about this game all week. I feel that our team is the most dominant that the NFL had had in a while and there is no stopping this train. I feel a nice big win is in the works here.
  5. OMG I just saw the highlights of that nutsack catch by Martavis Bryant. That was freaking amazing.
  6. Burfict and Jones coming up for the press conference. I can only imagine it being in utter silence or laced in profanity.
  7. Damn. Antonio Brown in concussion protocol. This changes the AFC divisional games a lot should he not be able to play.
  8. Man, Deion doing everything he can to justify that hit.
  9. Three step lesson to lose a game 1) Jeremy Hill 2) Vontaze Burfict 3) Adam Jones
  10. Between Burfict and Jones, there was a 100% chance the game was going to end like this.
  11. and that is how you lose a game you should've won.
  12. My dumb ass Googled everything.......everything.... #3.....I regret the most.
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