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  1. For some reason, Indy always has a home game late in the weekend during the day to start preseason if I remember correctly.
  2. I want top 5 sack numbers from Burns this year. He deserves the national praise. Go get it.
  3. x-clown is for sure 1 but Hixon to beat Saints is up there.
  4. I would take it. Insurance for a trade up for QB if Darnold sucks or grab a 1st round talent (even WR if we needed) next year. Cowboys at latest have pick 20-23 imo.
  5. Depending on Darnold, 2-2 or 3-1.
  6. I hate when he says "I could say this excuse or this excuse...but that's not me" You're basically bringing up the excuse. What a clown.
  7. love that they are working out together already
  8. looooove this trade. That could be a really early 4th next year. And it replaces the Darnold pick. So Darnold for a 2 and 6
  9. walker little keeps coming to my mind as a panther
  10. Jenkins is a pure mauling RT, we do not need that. Extra 3rd in this draft is great. Stop complaining
  11. Lot of good players left. Would prefer to stay.
  12. Think that is just how the board fell. You don't go into a draft saying all one side of the ball no matter what.
  13. I get OP's point and Scot's point right above that Tepper seems to claim he won't overrule. Conflicted.
  14. It's funny bringing up the last name thing and then talking up Horn. You may be right, just a funny tidbit.
  15. Sewell would be amazing. Thanks for the writeup. Any shot Pitts is there at 8?
  16. You do know the whole thing about not typing his name so he doesn't get traction online....right?
  17. ^What's his real name? Assuming David Newsome messed up the tweet.
  18. Thanks for posting Scot, really cool insight.
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