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  1. That's right pos refs. Just made this d angry with that by call.
  2. are you fuging serious LOLOLOL OMG I wish there was a falcons fan nearby to laugh at.
  3. Ran into it for the first time while in Nashville. Ive never heard of it before. Very surprised at how good it was. Must not be everywhere tho, no sight of it in south florida.
  4. I get you, that's not particularly what I'm talking about. Just trying to be human.
  5. I feel like I've argued with you or disagreed with you alot. Imma forget all that for this. Let's frigging go. Keep pounding you bunch of beautiful bitches Also been drinking
  6. I mean yeah, that's not what I'm talking about. At the end of the day sam is a human, and I can't imagine how bad it feels to be totally shat on. I might be to empathetic about it, but still, guys prolly not feeling good.
  7. I felt it. I feel really bad for Sam, he's gotta be hurting rn
  8. Catch up to my mustard is the greatest phrase I've ever heard lol
  9. Oh damn, I completely forgot about roaring riot thanks
  10. Just got my ticket for the dolphins game. Does anyone know if there's a Panther meet up at hard rock?
  11. Aetna needs to chill with the back to back commercials jesus
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