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  1. Young was never not going to be the first QB taken.
  2. Once you commit to having the smallest QB in the history of the league…. Everyone else around him needs to be big af. And for that reason, I’m out.
  3. I can tell you that he’s only had one year of being a coordinator and in that 1 year the unit he was responsible for wasn’t good. What the fug do you know about his eye for talent? He’s never been in charge of that.
  4. We literally have the worst coach in the league. Stop.
  5. It’s a historical fact that it’s harder for a black man to get a head coaching job in that league.
  6. Keeping a umm “man” in a job he was qualified to have and passed over for. God bless America.
  7. I didn’t have a “pick”. I wanted them to conduct a legitimate search with qualified candidates. The guy we hired honestly hasn’t even earned an interview. He’s getting way too much credit for Geno who honestly just needed a chance to play again and Baker who actually had a pretty good start to his career and was dumped by the Browns (who might still be playing if they had him). Instead we get a guy who’s only been in charge of an offense for 1 year and in that year they weren’t really any good. Maybe the guy will eventually be a head coach and I don’t blame him for taking a job he’s unqualified for, but chances are it’s a few years too early on him. Tepper comes from an environment where a lot of people get hired based on how they look and sound and not the work and he’s brought that mentality here. That’s why he’ll be firing him in 2 years also. This was a hire they had to get right and they failed miserably…again.
  8. Surrounded yourself with qualified coaches because you ain’t one of them
  9. Thats why I said 2 years. 1 year to suck with Bryce and 1 year to suck with the next QB.
  10. You’d be excited to if you talked an old fool into setting you up for life and giving you a job you’re not qualified for
  11. And you can’t even fire him early. This is why once I figured out Bryce probably isn’t the guy that we were going to be 2 head coaches away. The next 2 seasons are already over for us.
  12. You can put it all on Bryce, but he’s not even in the top 5 reasons of why an unqualified coach is going to fail.
  13. I’ll take a retread with proven success over a guy that’s done absolutely nothing in this league. He’s actually unqualified for the job, just like Rhule and Joe Brady were. Let’s call it what it is, another guy they “liked”. And we both know what the fug that means.
  14. We hired a guy with one year coordinating a bottom half of the league offense and dead last rushing attack. One of the worst hires in Panthers history. It’s Matt Rhule bad.
  15. God awful fire. Worse than the Matt Rhule hire. Not qualified for the job at all. Bottom half of the league offense and dead last in rushing in his only year as a coordinator. Much more qualified candidates including our last two defensive coordinators. What a punch in the face.
  16. I was saying that he did. Others did and he allowed it. I’m just calling out the hypocrisy
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