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  1. This is a lot of an excuse making and I can appreciate you trying to calm the masses. However certain things that teams struggle with in the preseason absolutely show up in the regular season. That being said we really have no clue because Darnold hasn’t played.
  2. No matter how good you think Horn is you take the QB everytime. You can one day win a Super Bowl with Fields. Only way you’re winning anything meaningful with Darnold is if he’s your backup. Darnold is a guy who would be a top tier back up, but he’s not a starter.
  3. Yes 5 years. If we’re lucky. 2 years trying to win with Darnold. Another 3 years hoping to draft a rookie as good as Fields and going through his growing pains. Thats only if we nail the pick. Was just a dumb decision by a staff that’s probably in over their heads.
  4. Yep and that’s much different from what you saw from a guy like Mac Jones just making routine completions against no pass rush.
  5. Not taking him set us back 5+ years.
  6. Brady didn’t make Teddy look like anything. Teddy gave you the same Teddy he’s been his whole career. If Brady has any sort of real impact on him, he’d still be here. Instead we have a QB who was even worse than him.
  7. While we’re at it, imagine if we would have drafted Justin Fields like a damn competent franchise.
  8. You’re strengthening my case. I was pretty sure Nate spent some time at left tackle, but could be wrong. But just the fact that you had both of them on the same line says it all
  9. The same Cam that had a defensive tackle playing left tackle? Oh ok hun
  10. If you have a few credit cards, you can get a good few weeks out of Sunday ticket free trial. Just keep changing email and credit card. After a few weeks of that, the price drops and you can purchase it cheaper.
  11. Lol no he’s not better than Fields.
  12. Well Mac Jones is pretty much the typical game manager. He’s going to take the first read that’s there everytime. That’ll keep you from losing games and maybe that’s what Bill wants, but it damn sure won’t win you any. Defense was much different with Cam in the game as well going against their 1s, with our buddy Ron calling some blitzes.
  13. I own 4 PSLs and I’ll be at the Pats/Panthers game in a combo Cam Jersey. Best player this team has ever had, fug you expect?
  14. News flash, we’re already in QB purgatory. Y’all are just have too much homerism to see it. The fact y’all think Sam Darnold could even potentially be anyone’s long term answer is laughable. He’ll be what Teddy was last year with a few more big plays and a lot more mistakes. Team will be around 8-9 range and another wasted season with our skill players getting older and eventually we’ll look at guys like CMC like we view Cam.
  15. There’s 0 about this franchise that deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to decision making. This franchise passed up on Justin Fields for Sam fuging Darnold. They do dumb poo.
  16. The Jets already did that homework for us. We didn’t listen and essentially chose Darnold over Fields. The type of decisions that takes years to recover from.
  17. Deshaun wasn’t realistically obtainable before for the Panthers due to his no trade clause. That list of teams he’s willing to play for is a lot longer these days for obvious reasons. Panthers need to make a run at him to save this franchise from this QB purgatory they’ve put themselves in.
  18. Lol please don’t include Cam in the same sentence as Sam Darnold. Cam is the active leading rusher in TDs in the NFL and made it to the super bowl with Ted Ginn Jr as his #1. He could never play another down and Sam Darnold will never be that.
  19. Y’all care enough that I walk away for a few hours and it’s still the #1 topic…
  20. His first camp?? The man been in the league for 3 years already. Blame the Jets all you want, like we’re some first class organization that has a history of building around QBs LOL. Don’t be mad at me ability to see the storm before the rain hits my head.
  21. I’m patiently sitting out the entire Rhule era which is inclusive of the Sam Darnold experiment.
  22. There’s never been a player who sucked for 3 years for a team and then turned into a good player. It’s not going to happen.
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