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  1. Oh well, I just will not watch Netflix I do not know if they have changed their tune but I remember hearing multiple times in the past that HBO did not care about password sharing. Again, that one I would absolutely pay for. Most other stuff...meh
  2. When there is something going on (baseball playoffs involving Boston for example), I will buy Sling or Hulu for a month. Otherwise... I pay for ESPN+ (and will as long as the Bundesliga is still on it, probably would without as long as I can afford it) Amazon Prime (I more than make up for this for the free shipping. This is a bonus) Fanatiz (I get beIN Sports and GolTV. Now that La Liga is on ESPN+ I will probably drop but will miss the other football content) NBA Hornets Team Package MLB Red Sox Team Package (pay one year out of three along with father and brother) I u
  3. I would add The Expanse I finally started watching it after these podcast guys for several other shows I watch kept recommending it. I do not like Sci-fi at all...this is easily the best Sci-fi show that I have ever seen. I love the attention to detail on different things that would actually happen with space exploration and how it would effect humans. I am no expert but the technology and other things that happen seem very realistic for where we could be at in a couple centuries. Much different than Star Wars, Star Trek, and other such things with all the weird ass species and unreal
  4. I am in favor of trading Terry and keeping Monk and Graham. Heyward has that trade kicker and I am not interested in more dead money from that transaction than we need to have.
  5. Right now, I am leaning Spain, but England would be my second option at this point.
  6. Am rooting for Germany, so I at least have two more matches. My bankroll is rooting for France or Portugal to win the whole thing. I also could use Lukaku, Depay, or Immobile to win Golden Boot and Ronaldo or Mbappe to win Player of the Tournament. I have some other futures that are looking good so far except for my Denmark ones. I have three separate ones there that are likely goners. Also will lose a couple of tiny parlays that included Slovakia finishing bottom but those are not a big deal. Wish I had gone harder on Italy right now. I was torn between them and Portugal as sec
  7. The Leftovers The Wire Six Feet Under Deadwood The Sopranos Boardwalk Empire The Americans Better Call Saul Westworld Secession Mad Men Breaking Bad Friday Night Lights
  8. If they came up with something where every club has the opportunity to play themselves in to and every club can be relegated from then it might be something worth considering. Having half the teams advance to the knockout despite such a high number of games and also having no penalty for losing every match would result in the same thing you have in sports in the US where the regular season games are pretty much meaningless. The only things that is missing from making it completely like US sports are the movement of clubs away from their historic homes and a way to actually reward the bad tea
  9. That really does not counter the idea that it should matter if you win or lose. I suppose it could be worse though, here in the US we reward people for losing with high draft picks.
  10. I prefer a luxury tax to a salary cap but definitely agree that those things can be implemented without it being a closed system with a stupid playoff for half the damn teams. Makes all these must see matches they are trying to create rather meaningless. Pep said it best, "it is not sport if it does not matter if you lose."
  11. Damn proud to be a Bayern supporter. Also proud of Dortmund and the rest of our Bundesliga rivals (even Leipzig, which feels weird) for uniting against this sham. Well done also to PSG, regardless of what their motives may have been. Damn proud of all the fans, players, former players, etc that managed to so quickly bring this thing down. Really hope the repercussions are severe.
  12. Thanks man. Two more weeks until we get a brief leave from our conscription. In FL they want teachers to quit, and have for awhile, this is definitely helping them. They eliminated tenure a few years back and are now doing whatever they can to have those grandfathered in leave so they will have complete control. This definitely sped up the process.
  13. That makes too much sense though. As a teacher in FL I do envy those in other states that have not yet been forced into crowded, unsafe situations. Our resting dumb face of a governor forced us back and has also determined that we are not a high need group for vaccination. This school year has been a complete and utter nightmare, and I am actually at a school that is trying to take things seriously. My wife's school on the other hand is the real life version of the meme with the dog sitting in the fire saying everything is fine. Every single day I leave work mentally and psychological
  14. 08.11.1988 Ironically it was my brother's second birthday, but my dad took me to my first sporting event. I got a picture beforehand with Rex Chapman. I was six at the time so do not remember much of the game, but I do remember they won (it was their victory).
  15. There is definitely a downgrade in quality after S6 but it was still better than a lot of TV. To be honest, I think he first half of the final season was really good, it was the last episode that was pretty stupid. I still have it somewhere between 6-9 all-time for me. As for shows with good endings, they are definitely the minority but do exist. For my money Six Feet Under has the best finale and it is not even close. It is one of my top ten episodes of TV altogether. The Leftovers (which is also my favorite series ) and The Americans would my next two.
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