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  1. Thanks man. Two more weeks until we get a brief leave from our conscription. In FL they want teachers to quit, and have for awhile, this is definitely helping them. They eliminated tenure a few years back and are now doing whatever they can to have those grandfathered in leave so they will have complete control. This definitely sped up the process.
  2. That makes too much sense though. As a teacher in FL I do envy those in other states that have not yet been forced into crowded, unsafe situations. Our resting dumb face of a governor forced us back and has also determined that we are not a high need group for vaccination. This school year has been a complete and utter nightmare, and I am actually at a school that is trying to take things seriously. My wife's school on the other hand is the real life version of the meme with the dog sitting in the fire saying everything is fine. Every single day I leave work mentally and psychological
  3. 08.11.1988 Ironically it was my brother's second birthday, but my dad took me to my first sporting event. I got a picture beforehand with Rex Chapman. I was six at the time so do not remember much of the game, but I do remember they won (it was their victory).
  4. There is definitely a downgrade in quality after S6 but it was still better than a lot of TV. To be honest, I think he first half of the final season was really good, it was the last episode that was pretty stupid. I still have it somewhere between 6-9 all-time for me. As for shows with good endings, they are definitely the minority but do exist. For my money Six Feet Under has the best finale and it is not even close. It is one of my top ten episodes of TV altogether. The Leftovers (which is also my favorite series ) and The Americans would my next two.
  5. My wife and I are FL teachers so our dips hit governor forced us back in to crowded classrooms and we were unable to get n95 anywhere at the time. We tried different masks and settled on the KN95, which we have worn for most of the pandemic. They seem like they fit well and are really good masks. They did always seem difficult to fit perfectly around the nose. We also have the regular surgical ones when we go out and know that we are not going to be doing much interacting with others so we can save the good ones for work. Recently got some n95 finally. If nothing else they are far mo
  6. I cannot claim to know what I am doing, but I can say that Boeing, Spirit, and to a lesser extent Southwest have me feeling good this week.
  7. I will probably change my opinion on this, but I would have felt better had we lost a hard fought battle to Seattle than lose to this stupid team because our guys forgot what they were out there to do,
  8. Exact same boat here. One of my best friends is a Bronco fan so we agreed to root for each other if our team lost. If it is a Pats/Cards Super Bowl we have agreed to go see a movie that evening. I also agree, Denver is the better match-up.
  9. Two different games. One lost on a missed 27 yard FG while the other has never been in the game
  10. I was feeling really good about Under 44.5 until that damn Alex Smith scramble and pass
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