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  1. But can she do it on a .... I like Sam even more knowing he a fellow
  2. I like Robby, F that guy talking to him... Also people should checkout Jaycee Horn 3 part YouTube about the pre draft training. Thats a good look into the guy drafted #8.
  3. I'm a real fan, I think we going to the SB till they show me otherwise.. FANATIC over here!!!
  4. We needed S.Smith that game so bad.. His attitude alone would have changed some things.. Everyone was to laid back and when there CB grab our WR face mask at the 1 and tried to hurt him agent 89 would have ripped his head off and fired up everyone..
  5. He is the fastest CB in the game, he is a much better CB2 with Horn on the other side. AJ is slot for me. Horn is a beast on there.
  6. Horn said he planned to wear #24 but said it was taken. So Kobe also was #8 to start his career so he went with #8 and it also matched where he was drafted so it was a fit.
  7. Sad but true.. That's what made S.Smith great he backed up every bit of trash talk
  8. At his size he was asked to pull across the formation to run block a good amount of times so I don't think Alabama had a problem with his athletic ability.
  9. We had a great QB, a one of a kind talent and where did that get us without a team around him? QBs can't do it on there own, someone needs to catch, block, COACH all that good stuff too .
  10. The Saints have traded up ahead of us other drafts to grab guys that would fit us. So it's only right we do it to them..
  11. Other players have already worn 90 & 69 for us so they are fair game. But yes no one should get 89, 59 and 1. Before Cam the Panthers said they wanted to keep #1 for fans or something like that, it was only after Cam couldn't get #2 from some guy that they went with #1 since he was the #1 pick in the draft.
  12. If you have a ps5 you can put the PS4 disc in it and play the ps5 version. Just download the free upgrade from psn.
  13. There are some good ones in the community files. Look 4 the one with the most likes. Btw.. Madden 21 on PS5 is the best Madden I have played in about 10yrs. Glad it was a free upgrade with the PS4 disc..
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