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  1. SF gave up the 4th fewest points in the NFL last season. If not for a ST mistake on punt return KC would not have scored so easy to get the game back close... SMH
  2. They didn't lose because of the D they lost because the O stopped running the ball in the 3rd and went pass happy like the last time the HC was in a SB. Guess you have to blame someone and can't just say I messed up on O..
  3. Should have gave him a shot Panthers would have won just as many games(if not more with a real WR #1) and still have the #1 pick... Wasted 2 draft picks on a guy you never got to see in a real game.
  4. Seeing as how ole Tepp wanted him so bad its probably a good thing he didn't come here he would look just as bad as his other HC hires... Sounds like he not ready for the big chair just yet, when the time is right if ever he will get his shot ..
  5. To me Ickey looked more lost then anything, I'm willing to say that was more bad coaching then talent. Teams ran all kinds of line stuns all season and it seem to work all year over there. He wasn't the best at pass blocking coming in but having to block for a QB in shotgun all day probably don't fit his game tho BC should have always been the backup LT/swing T don't know why Rhule never gave him a shot to see what he had in him at his natural position...
  6. This is just the start. A lot of dumb people out there who paid to see the game. They said it did better then the same time slot last year... Omg Get ready for having to pay to see playoff games, becoming more common because as holes don't see that once they see you are willing to pay they will keep doing it. The people missed there chance to stop this bs...
  7. There was nothing Young did better then Stroud from what I seen. All everyone said about Young was off script this, off script that. Then he gets to the NFL he needs a all star OL where his so called off script skills wouldn't be needed ...
  8. Leave the NFL in the US.. Tax payers are paying for stadiums and the real fans buy stuff and made the NFL what it is, so sure take games from the fans that got you to where you are today.
  9. 1 TD fumbled at the 1, and 1 TD called back for illegal formation because the WR lined up off the line. That's 14 points and the kicker missed a fg that's 17points....
  10. Locked on is my only every day good 30mins in the mornings. Also Unnecessary Bl is also a good one from a real fan perspective
  11. 90% of the he time Young under center it's a run. You telling me a NFL DC don't see this? Young cant play a normal NFL offense and it tips the play call. Stroud doesn't have this problem or arm strength issues so every play and formation is on the table.
  12. Fitt is Tepps yes man, so I wouldn't be shocked if he stays. He already apologize to him for getting him to trade to #1 when they had a deal to move up to #3. Tepp may feel like it's not all on Fitts since he is the real one calling shots and overriding some calls.
  13. When throwing a cup of water, I'm sure it didn't land on one person. So if one guy talking junk did everyone near him need to get wet? After a showing like that I'm sure Tep was wanting to throw something...lol
  14. This is why I never get the tank it people. There are good players all over the draft a good GM can find talent. A bad GM even with the #1 pick can pick a crappy player.
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