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  1. I like Snow when he talks football, Brady I turn off...lol I like Rhule also seems like he know what he is talking about. Has a different energy about him...
  2. Look at Temple tape they love to have a DE that can rush and drop. Seems more of a 4-3 odd with the DE (Burns) standing so you won't know if he dropping or coming
  3. So do we still want Fields over Horn? Asking for a friend...
  4. He is a play in space kinda guy. He seems to be more a T then G. Has good feet and can move but his power is lacking right this min to be a full time G.
  5. Side note: anyone see the Saints HC post game? Priceless he was so down he couldn't even keep his head up after that curb stomping, keep looking down and just looked defeated...lol
  6. We didn't run that 3-3-5 so I have not clue what he is talking about. All I know is the D brought the old crab legs back out ... LoL
  7. Him playing deep in a cover 3 look is not what I would like to see. SS just seems right.
  8. People still hope for a ball after TDs then they see that was more of a Cam thing .
  9. We have a LT they just want to play him at RT
  10. The Panthers drafted what looks to be 2 future starters if things go well in Brown and Brady. Get pass this season and draft more OL then it won't look so bad. This year's FAs can be the depth of the future.
  11. Do people wake up in the mornings looking for something or someone to hate on? He was a good player for us that never got the respect he was do from some fans.
  12. BTW great idea right? Get everyone ready for football then 1st bye of the year a no NFL weekend. The o-line will have a quick hook if things go wrong. They seen Brady can play 4 spots decent. And Daley has been ok in spot duty
  13. At this moment there are 5TEs, 7WR we can loose some of those. Would not have more then 3TEs or 6WRs
  14. 11 one hurt his hip stretching but will make the team next yr. 10 active
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