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  1. Funny thing is he wants to do the same things Wilks wanted, run the ball to set up the pass. Wilks was hounded for that, it's a passing league bla bla but Dave is getting a pass for saying the same thing for now ... Could have save time just giving Wilks a shot but oh well.
  2. Looks kinda fake or exaggerated ... I really hope people don't lose the ability to tell fake from real going forward in this AI generated world we moving in to.
  3. 28m I thought everyone said he wanted to be top paid DE like 35m or better .
  4. The draft is and always will be a craps shoot so I just don't understand trading away so much on 1 player that may or may not workout. Just take the best guys at your spot and roll with it.
  5. Booooo.... Should have been Bryce. What is EA thinking?
  6. Maybe it's just me but I think the team plays a lot better if Young sits because players know when a guy is not ready so I'm sure most the team knew by game 3 of the Young era they was not going to be much. Imagine a soon to be FA knowing that your next job depends on a over his head rookie making the team look good so everyone don't think all players on the worst team stink. Coaches always say the best will play no matter your draft spot then they turn around and put in a guy that is clearly not ready, how would you feel knowing you don't have much of a chance. WRs got a raw deal last season everyone wants to blame them but there was plenty of times they where open just didnt get the ball or all the WRs running the same curl routes over and over all season because the coaches didn't trust Young so it made everyone look bad because the D knew what was coming...
  7. Should have kept Cam 1 more yr drafted Fields to learn under him then we would be in a better position now
  8. Everyone loves to say trade down get more picks, but all the trade downs just got more bodies but lesser players. I wouldn't trade down or up you have just as good a chance to get good players where your draft spot is...
  9. Says who? If they wanted Young they could have traded up to get him.(Like I think Car was hoping they would do) Even before the draft Hou HC said " I don't think Car is taking the QB we want" so why trade up. They got the QB they wanted the OFF rookie of the year. Car tried to get cute to control the draft but was stuck at #1, even the owner said they was think Hou would get #1 and they would take Stroud at #2 so that came out his mouth.. No hindsight never wanted Young based on the tape before the draft. All was proved right with how bad a yr he had. Not saying he can't get better but all the major red flags from his COLLEGE tape showed up last year... Hate when ppl act like everyone loved Young till he looked like poo...
  10. Everyone was so ready to run Peppers out of town also... Burns is 25 our rookie edge from last season is the same age and had 0 sacks. Sacks don't tell the whole story and we will see what he did for this team this up coming season. Not Burns fault they didn't sign him heading into his last season so his pay would have been lower and people act like the cap isn't jumping up every season. The longer you wait to pay a guy the more it cost. Im sure most ppl would take less pay at work.
  11. SF gave up the 4th fewest points in the NFL last season. If not for a ST mistake on punt return KC would not have scored so easy to get the game back close... SMH
  12. They didn't lose because of the D they lost because the O stopped running the ball in the 3rd and went pass happy like the last time the HC was in a SB. Guess you have to blame someone and can't just say I messed up on O..
  13. Should have gave him a shot Panthers would have won just as many games(if not more with a real WR #1) and still have the #1 pick... Wasted 2 draft picks on a guy you never got to see in a real game.
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