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  1. I would have made Rhule stick with the bed he make with Donald not reach for QB #3 in 3 years.
  2. Should have been QB#1 for this season the whole time the Baker experience was a big waste of everyone's time but at least it got Rhule fired..
  3. People really want draft picks 2 drafts from now for our best player on D? 24/25 draft picks In hand is worth more then a maybe. Why trade a good young player just to hope to find a good young player? DE is a premium position, everyone wants 1 or 2.
  4. Panthers need a QB that makes his team better, not one on a great team that's making him look better. I would take the QB that looks good but not on one of the top NCAA teams with stacked talent all around
  5. I blame Baker Mayfield, DJ had way much pinned up inside so when he was finally able to show who he is it got the best of him....
  6. The refs are turning the NFL into the WWE (WWF before the name was sold off...) I watched as a kid when they tried to make it look real but when the name changed they said F it lets go all out entertainment and way to over the top.
  7. I like the just take any top QB people. That's how you end up with a Baker Mayfield as the #1 pick.. Take the right QB for your team. L. Jackson(MVP) was #32 while top 10 QBs from that draft will be looking for new teams next yr.
  8. People act like a 1st rnd QB will fix all. Our last 3 QBs where 1s and Donald and Baker was top3. Get the right guy not just any 1st rounder. They can all bust.
  9. They keep 7wrs on the 53 just to only play 3wrs all game. 6 really but no 4 wide or mixing to find a mismatch..
  10. 6 DTs they keep, we going to put 3 DTs out on run downs. Try running on that.... LoL
  11. Luvu was a great pick up and I'm happy he gets his chance here. I when back to his Wash st. tape and he was flying around all over the field, not sure how he when undrafted but glad he here now and seems to be a high motor kinda guy...
  12. Looking like PJ just made the team. Tbh PJ has not looked horrible, if he can cut down on the picks he can be a NFL backup kinda guy. Kicker hurts but if it was going to happen now was probably a good time with cuts coming up.
  13. Preseason is about more then not getting hurt. Some guys are not the best practice guys and show up when the lights come on. Rookies should get there feet wet before real games also. For the guys fighting for jobs yes the preseason is needed. Star players or vets that we know who they are not so much. I do hate the new 3 game set up, before you could kinda match 1st team vs 1st team now it's anyone's guess.
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