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  1. Mayfield is a franchise QB if we pull this off it will be the best case.
  2. Yeah was depressed and drowning my sorrows
  3. Panthers fans won in the trenches where counts
  4. If Sam has time he’s a good as any passer in the league!
  5. Matt Rhule you jackass! Put Deonte Brown in the damn game ! don’t be a Ronald (AKA Karen of coaching)
  6. It would be really nice to see 67 Miller get some time on the bench and let’s get a look at someone else
  7. Apparently these greenhorns think to make the playofffs you must go 17-0 and have a perfect team.
  8. That’s actually an awesome idea but doubt Cam would come back as the FB
  9. Breaking Update The Tackle play had been satisfactory! The interior is the issue not the tackles.
  10. Cam Irving C RT Christiansen LT Moton RG Brown LG Daley
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