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  1. A rich man's Efrem Hill. A poor man's Taye Biddle.
  2. You can always tell who the delusional upstate SC people are when they start talking about 15 minute drives
  3. It's probably easier to build something on the moon than it is to build anything bigger than an Arby's in SC.
  4. Last person out of doge turn out the light, lol
  5. I didn't even need to operate the hand crank this time.
  6. @bleys in huddle jamz II? @Johnny Rockets @Jbro in huddle jamz I?
  7. how many draft picks would they be willing to part with for us to take him off their hands?
  8. I wonder if we'll keep the small-ball rotation. If so, Biz's minutes will drop almost to zero.
  9. Jase

    Living in sin

    I've never had the privilege of doing this. Currently clutching my pearls.
  10. Holy megabump the correct answer still lies between 1.5 and 1.75 cups per gallon.
  11. I'd like to de-flower that bitch.
  12. Sounds about right for a slender guy under a pro weight training program. Lofty goal should be a pound per month in the hopes you see a pound every two months.
  13. I don't plan to ban a blessed one of them, within reason. All the more fun will be had at their expense if we win on sunday.
  14. Can I win this? I want to win this. Please? My love for the panthers is only dwarfed by my love of thigh-high socks on women.
  15. What is funny about this is that the narratives are completely flipped from last year's divisional playoff game. One team dominated the whole year. The other "got hot" at the end of the year and is coming off a victory over a relatively weak opponent in the wildcard round. The fans of the weaker team is now flooding the board of the stronger team, desperately trying to convince the stronger team's fans (and themselves) that they belong. Only we aren't banning all of you for no reason. (PS free Panther Jase on Seahawks.net)
  16. Good lord, Hawks fans. I feel we must get back to the basics. lesson one: this is a football.
  17. Tell these things to your compatriots, they haven't gotten the memo that Russell hasn't put together a complete season and are crying about it. We are laughing at them, which is the entire premise of this thread. But welcome, anyway.
  18. I would say that RW can come over to cam's house to see the trophy, but cam will probably keep it on a shelf above RW's eye level.
  19. You can put nascar allegory down as one of the last things I expected to see in a phillyb piece
  20. I remember the first time I had someone put in a sparkly knob for me.
  21. So which engineering school did this guy go to?
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