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  1. Biggest problem with the Panthers starts with the head coach. His scheme is very complicated with how the play is called with pre-snaps and audibles to confuse the defense. The problem with that is it creates confusion, then the vanilla routes the WRs run dont create bust plays for the defense (eventhough it was one today). Then Frank uses the wrong players and the wrong plays for situations. And one of the biggest issues are the things he dont take advantage of like Hurry Up Offense, No huddle, two TE sets, I-formation, exotic plays, and end-around. He reminds me off coaches that have their favorites and won't play the players that need to be playing. Very stubborn
  2. Dude needs to step down and hand over head coach duties to another. He has no clue what to do or how to fix the problem. He basically keep saying he waiting on improvement ans outcome.
  3. Sit bryce out until a new head coach come in and a better offense
  4. No one wanted Reich, they wanted another offensive coach, not him.
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