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  1. Because just like every QB under Rhule, shows how the system is flawed.
  2. No that wasn't the point I was making. What I was stating was people are saying he is washed up and can't play anymore and asking why people can't move on from him. Yes the next game he didn't play well. But if you don't know the play book that was eventually going to happen. Playing football is not like drum line when you can be in a band and don't know how to read music. Problem is people don't think realistically.
  3. Got to see more of Corral before judgment. No playing time even in practice, no coaching, Baker as a mentor, and playing with 3rd and 4th string all equals disaster. This is not madden when you can just plug a player in and they play to their ranking percentage. It's way to early to judge if corral is bad or good.
  4. CMP ATT YDS AVG TD INT SCK RATE 21. 27. 189. 7.0. 2. 0. 1. 120.5 Cam newton states vs Washington last year not even three weeks on the team with no off-season and not knowing the playbook. And also rushed for 46 yards and a 1 rushing TD. This is why people still support Cam. He gives you HOPE. He gives the team Energy, Swag, and a Leader. Yes he not the 2015 Cam. Yes his shoulder might be shot. But he still Can give you a chance to Win. And we didn't lose that game last year because of him. And no I wouldnt want Cam on this team if Rhule is the coach. He deserves to be treated better then last year. He dont need to be the escape goat like RHULE would treat him to be.
  5. Because some people don't understand football and obvious situations
  6. Don't think it was at the media, but can understand why you feel like it is.
  7. Your not far off. By the expressions and the eye rolls, it's alot of hidden emotions being displayed. It's problems all right.
  8. No trade clause, and why would he want to come here.
  9. After watching some film study of the offense. I blame it on the sorry as routes. There isn't any sharp cuts in their routes. Nothing to create separation. Just alot of strength routes, which the DBs can run with them.
  10. Lol at people getting on Shi for drops in one game which wasn't the last game and Anderson had a hole season of drops last year. One game doesn't define that a WR isn't good. Everyone has a bad game. Even the all time great Smith said so he had a bad game his self. Doesn't mean you write a player off. Now if it continues yes, but he didn't have any drops last game and had more yards then DJ. Now Anderson is the weakest out there and yall can't even see it. Plus shi block better then Anderson.
  11. Thank you, seem like people don't understand that.
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