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  1. I still want revenge. Pats. First thing first. Let's handle our business tonight , then it's on to Santa Clara.
  2. Time and time again folks on this board have been called "chicken littles", knuckleheads etc (and a lot worse). It's an internet message board. I really hope you're not that thin skinned. Most people know that comments here aren't taken personally. I'm sorry if you took them that way.
  3. The KPA always have had the bulk of their troops close to the Z, so I don't think they "moved them" there. I would think you would take a less passive aggressive attitude toward another vet on a message board
  4. Thanks for the invite. BTW I served my country for 12 years, 2 of them on the Korean DMZ...I don't hide behind anything.
  5. How's a about a big F-U to all you negative nellie fans ....I swear, we won the fuggin game against, what is the IMHO the best fuggin team in the NFL..we won, STFU...and on to 'Zona!
  6. Guys....Let's show the fugging 2012"s how LOUD WE GET DOWN SOUTH!!!!
  7. So....what you're saying is Richard Sherman is really Johnny.....
  8. I'm a HUGE Panther fan. I remember when Paul Tagliabue made the announcement that we we're awarded the franchise. One of the happiest times of my life. If I win my only regret is my son not being able to go with me.
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