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  1. On the surface it seems pretty contradictory...but it's actually fairly consistent and predictable. Whichever narrative maximizes the amount of whining about the team, is the one Huddlers will latch onto.
  2. I’d be wondering why the Executive Vice President of Player Personnel is calling to execute trades.
  3. All of Darnold's 1200+ throws over the past three years? I'm assuming you mean like two YouTube analysis/breakdown videos, right?
  4. I don't think you can just broadly lump Pitts in with our other "weapons". What we need is a red zone threat who can score TDs, and it isn't clear that we have one on the roster right now (outside of maybe CMC). Pitts could offer unique, much needed utility there.
  5. That's why I explicitly qualified that statement with "during his pro day", if you finish the sentence.
  6. Agreed, but that's a weird pivot...what does that have to do with underthrowing deep balls? If you think I'm interested in defending Teddy on anything, you're wrong.
  7. I definitely wouldn't say that was their main gripe, but tons of people routinely blasted and continue to blast Teddy for receivers having to slow down on deep balls. If people are applying their standards consistently, then they'd have to hold the position that Fields threw the deep ball poorly during his pro day.
  8. It was reported that Gettleman tried to trade up to 2nd overall to draft Leonard Fournette. Most people are already critical of drafting running backs in the first round (and rightfully so)...imagine trading up to NUMBER 2 OVERALL to take one.
  9. Well he’s right that we have a void at Defensive Tackle...he just highlighted the wrong cut that contributed to that void. Cutting Kerr was the worst move of the off-season IMO...that was a Kyle Love-esque gem of a signing and we cut ties for reasons that elude me.
  10. I mean...they won 2 out of their last 3 games (both against playoff teams) when they were guaranteed the 1st overall draft pick. You think it'd be hard for them to find a way to lose those games if they were committed to tanking?
  11. Never heard Teddy described as “not afraid to take chances”.
  12. If CMC is iron, this dude is probably a rotting 2x4...but hey, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the relative nobodies we’ve trotted out in the last couple years: Bonnafon, Davis, even Rodney Smith. Maybe we’ll be adding this guy to the list.
  13. This dude? He's gonna be rusty as hell trying to make a comeback after 20 years.
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