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  1. Where are you getting the Ryan Mallett > MVP Cam Newton QBR stat? I am not seeing that. I see him at 55 and Cam at 61 in 2015, which you can definitely argue is WAY closer than it should be but I don't know enough about Ryan Mallett's 2015 season, i.e. his o-line performance, opposing teams' defenses, etc. which again, are all factored into QBR. Tom Brady I imagine has been dinged on QBR for playing in the worst division in football for almost his entire career. Opposing level of competition is one of those metrics that's factored into it. As for Lamar Jackson: I imagin
  2. I’m not gonna make a value statement about how useful QBR is, but just to clarify: QBR is supposed to be more a measure of efficiency than a flat assessment of their statistical performance. It doesn’t really make sense that you’re simply looking at all the statistics that are included in the conventional passer rating (pass yards, TDs, INTs, completion %, etc.) and ignoring every supplemental variable factored into the QBR and being like “see, QBR makes no sense at all”. QBR is supposed to account for things like the strength of the opposing defense, the difficulty of passes, if the QB was pr
  3. Yeah I was just being facetious and poking fun at the contingent of Huddlers who start clamoring for us to tank around like Week 5 in October. If Darnold had us in position for the 1st overall pick all season and then “blew it” by beating two playoff teams in the last three weeks, the whining wouldn’t stop for at least 5 years.
  4. Are you trying to trigger the resident haters even more?
  5. Yeah probably...although I'm not sure it'd be deserved. That would make Brady 1 for 2 on QB reclamation projects so it'd be hard to attribute Darnold's success to Brady versus the Jets just being that much of a dysfunctional dumpster fire. You would expect a genius offensive mind to milk something out of Teddy rather than just see him perform the exact same he has in every previous season. As much as people like to absolve Brady of all culpability because of Teddy: a good OC either has to work around the QB's limitations, or, if the offense sputters again and again and again and again
  6. But to be fair, Wilson had Brady “Stonewall” Christensen - greatest LT in the history of college football and future NFL first ballot HOFer!!
  7. One other kinda insignificant change I noticed was Christian Miller from 50 -> 55.
  8. If we’re strictly talking entertainment value, Teddy is about as bad as it gets with his risk-averse conservative style of play. You’re not excited to see a strong-armed gunslinger like Darnold take a crack at this offense with these WRs, after a year of Dinky Dunky Teddy? A common sentiment towards the end of last year was putting in PJ Walker instead of Teddy, not necessarily because he gave us a better chance of winning, but because “at least he’s more exciting to watch”. Whether that excitement translates to wins, remains to be seen. But I guess I’m one of the few people whose enjoyme
  9. Yeah as sad as it would be, I could see Belichick using Cam in certain packages like the Saints had traditionally been using Taysom Hill, or like Baltimore used Lamar Jackson in the first half of his rookie season. People continuously harp on the Panthers running Cam into the ground but seem to gloss over the fact that Cam had the HIGHEST rush volume of his entire career with New England last year...at 31 years old coming off of multiple injury-riddled seasons.
  10. People like to be hyperbolic about this stuff...but no one "boasts" about individual players during losing seasons. It's perfectly fine to recognize and praise the accomplishments of individual players within the confines of a season, or to be hopeful about your team's prospects moving forward because of the notable performances of Player X or Player Y. Unless I'm mistaken and there are Panthers' fans that approach Bucs' fans celebrating their Super Bowl victory and go "Oh YEAH, well we had the runner-up DROY!!!". I remember the specific thread someone made about CMC being the third pla
  11. Tommy Stevens was drafted last year (2020 draft) so his NFL career never overlapped with Joe Brady’s in New Orleans. Brady was last working for the Saints in 2018.
  12. I'd be pretty surprised if NE outright cut Cam before the season. But I'd also be equally surprised if Cam is their starting QB at the midway point in the season. He's their best known commodity at QB at this point, but Belichick obviously isn't committed to him by any means.
  13. Not sure about my favorite, but Wes Horton was a dude who seemed to get cut and re-signed more times than I could count, but played an under-appreciated role setting the edge against the run but also seemed to be able to apply some pressure and get a few sacks in pretty limited snaps.
  14. That's higher than Jeremy Chinn's PFF last year lol. PFF is not always a good barometer.
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