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  1. We already knew Bryce Young has the lowest YPA of any rookie QB through his first two games or w/e (I don't remember the exact stat). This chart just illustrates the same thing. It isn't exactly some damning new piece of evidence. But also, I would encourage you guys to take a look at every other QB's passing chart because they all throw ~80+% of their passes within 10 yards of the LOS. I'm not gonna post any specific ones or else I'll get flooded with "YoU'rE tRyiNg To CoMpArE bRyCe To *insert elite QB here*?!?!). But this kind of pass distribution isn't an anomaly, it's the norm. Where Bryce needs to improve, is with converting a higher percentage of those intermediate passes into completions. Also attempting 2-3 more deep shots a game certainly wouldn't hurt.
  2. It's about recognizing that this is quite literally a toxic relationship between some of you and your sports team. Yeah you have the right to keep following the team, but I think people are valid in voicing their concern for why you choose to willingly stay in that incredibly toxic relationship. Just like any relationship...like I have the "right" to remain in a toxic relationship with a girlfriend, abusive family member, etc. but there's an objective truth that it's unhealthy and in my best interest to walk away. The Huddle is, in many ways, like the antithesis to the real world. On the Huddle, it's the "cool thing" to spend hours a day going on emotional tantrums about how awful everything is. Positivity is looked down upon as the behavior of losers. In the real world...the whiny babies are actually the social pariahs who nobody wants to be around because nothing saps you of your energy quite like a one-dimensional wet blanket. Maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adverse circumstances is considered a good trait...crazy, right?! Then again I probably shouldn't single out the Huddle when this is more a theme of terminally online culture.
  3. Apparently it's knee-jerk reaction two games in to worry about Evero leaving as a HC, but two games in is plenty of time to declare Young and Mingo busts, we're going to have a winless 0-17 season, and we're doomed to never win a Super Bowl during poor BigKat's lifetime.
  4. If Dalton does play this week, it'll at least give us an idea of how much of the offensive woes fall on Bryce. Similar to last season when people blamed Baker's batted passes mostly on the predictable playcalling but lo and behold, when PJ and eventually Sam stepped in at starting QB after Baker left, all of a sudden no more batted passes.
  5. If we're discounting Bryce Young's TD drive because "prevent D"...then are we doing that for Stroud's entire 4th quarter when they were down 31-10? Because he got literally half of his yardage (190 out of 384) and half of his point total (10 of 20) in that 4th quarter while they were down 3 TDs. Just wondering.
  6. Nico Collins: 89.0 PFF grade through Week 2. I imagine that's gotta be at least Top 5 for receivers so far. We don't have to argue the talent of each receiving corps *on paper* - people can just throw on the YouTube highlights from these Texans and Colts games to see that their receivers are wide open in many cases, which doesn't appear to be the case with us. Not sure if it's our scheme, receivers, or Young missing the reads. I know your Week 1 analysis showed some evidence of the latter, but even then, they were more "NFL open" than "wide open" like I'm often seeing with these other QBs.
  7. Not the only Persian poster...and we do not claim this man.
  8. Hot take: if you're calling Bryce Young a bust after one game, you deserve to be shamed.
  9. Nice try "Gash" Jensen...sorry buddy, ask your coach.
  10. Thomas Davis not moving to LB and becoming a great player until a decade into his career must be the same alternate dimension where we kept Steve Smith exclusively at KR/PR before finally using him at WR after a decade. Which he probably also believes.
  11. Well, if you look at TMJ in 2020 (when he had neither Chase nor Jefferson to benefit from), his per game stats are very much on par with Chase and Jefferson during their monster 2019 season. He just chose to opt out halfway into the season after declaring for the NFL draft, or else he was on pace to put up the same kind of monster numbers. I think he's clearly not viewed as on the level of Chase/Jefferson (his draft position shows that), but I think he also showed that he can be the guy, rather than just an overrated receiver who benefited from the receivers around him.
  12. You are all over the place. How do you not see the irony in you being one of the most outspoken "sky is falling" overreactors from Week 1, while now bringing up D'Andre Swift who had 1 carry for 3 yards in Week 1? If you were an Eagles fan instead of a Panthers fan, there is zero doubt you would've started a thread on their message boards after Week 1 like "WAS D'ANDRE SWIFT THE WORST TRADE IN FRANCHISE HISTORY?!?!".
  13. But even your thread was 7 wins to 6 losses. So still slightly favoring the Falcons when you combine both prediction threads, but we can just say 50/50. 85% of the board picking the Panthers is an outrageous claim.
  14. Lol what? 85% of the board absolutely did not predict we would beat Atlanta...most people picked Atlanta to win. I know cause I embarrassingly went back to the prediction thread and read through all 14 pages just because I was so baffled by your comment. 19 picked Panthers, 21 picked Falcons. And that's only the explicit predictions...I didn't even factor in many others that implied loss but didn't outright predict it, i.e. "there's zero chance we stop their run game" or "I can't see us winning in Atlanta with a rookie QB".
  15. I just don't understand how you can have this ignorant of a take when there's overwhelming empirical evidence of elite QBs struggling in their pro debuts. There was just a thread on it (see below). Did all of those QBs step on the field and immediately change the game in their favor from the first snap? Doubtful, considering there was another stat shared in here recently that QBs taken 1st overall were 0-13 in their Week 1 debuts. Even Stroud who "played better" put up 9 points (less than Bryce) and 0 TDs...hardly game-changing. According to your criteria, all of these guys were/should've been busts.
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