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  1. #1 and #2 were both players that the majority of Huddlers railed against. Especially Parsons with all the "iF tHe PaNtHerS pIcK aNoTheR LB iN tHe FiRsT rOuNd" posts and threads without any regard for his actual skill set. Huddlers...like all GMs...get some things right and whiff on others.
  2. Dear David Tepper, Why is this BurnNChinn guy trying to gatekeep a Huddle thread? Am I not allowed to laugh about a thread like this existing? What do you think he's getting at? P.S. are we still on for racquetball this Thursday?
  3. Just when I thought the Huddle had peaked in its weird, toxic, parasocial relationship with a football team: now we are writing imaginary letters to the owner.
  4. I was fully bought into the idea that Cam was being held back by his limited exposure to the playbook and that he would only increasingly flourish and excel once he gets more experience in the offense and a full grasp of the playbook, but unfortunately his passing performance got worse as the season went on. So that idea doesn't really seem to hold much weight. His best game of the season was his first start against Washington (120.5 rating), then there was the abomination against Miami which I don't hold against him because of how laughably bad our o-line was, followed by Atlanta (70.6 rating), Buffalo (56.5 rating), and Tampa Bay (34.5 rating). That trend contradicts the notion that Cam just didn't have enough time in this offense/playbook.
  5. It's not even as close to as dumb as saying this team....this dumpster fire of a team...can be a playoff team next year with Cam at QB. I know the storyline for the first half of the season was "we're just a QB away from competing", "Darnold is 99% of this team's problems", "if we had even competent QB play then we'd be a playoff team", etc...but I can't imagine anyone truly believes that at this point, after the way our season ended.
  6. Which coaches? Besides Zimmer, Judge, and Flores. Nm I’m assuming you’re including last season.
  7. Aren’t you like 40 bro?? Why do you always communicate like you’re one of the bully sidekicks from a Mean Girls movie You are genuinely my favorite meme. #Trigg3r3d #OhWeeMayne #PeakedInHighSk00L
  8. Yeah uhhh the people getting crucified on these boards for their opinion are not the ones who are pissed at everything lol. I dunno why the pissed off super majority constantly have this victim complex like they're some kind of marginalized oppressed group.
  9. Wow, you are so brave. You can tell which Huddlers are posturing about how done they are with the team (hint: the ones who are in here 5-6 hours a day making hundreds of posts about how "done" they are). Lol ok.
  10. Holding a grudge against Fields? Don’t take it so personally bro. The irony that I’m highlighting is that one QB is the worst in the NFL and the other is a rookie sensation but statistically you’d have a tough time distinguishing one from the other. I’m making fun of y’all, not Fields. But you’ve proven my point.
  11. Andy Dalton with one of those stat lines that if it was Justin Fields, Huddlers would be salivating at his potential. 7 sacks, 1 TD, 2 INTs, including a pick-six…*droolllll*
  12. "Willing to listen to trade offers" does not mean they are actively trying to trade him for peanuts. I'd be disappointed if we weren't "willing to listen to trade offers" for every single player on our team. There's absolutely zero harm in fielding offers. "Oh you're offering a 5th round pick for CMC" Click It's a pretty basic Cost-Benefit analysis.
  13. What does any of that have to do with my post you quoted?
  14. I feel like it ties in to what you were saying when Tepper got hired and people were praising him for how good of a businessman he was and how successful of a company he built. You said something along the lines of "just cause he knows how to run a business doesn't mean he knows how to run a football team". Similarly, I think just because Rhule makes dumb coaching decisions and Tepper makes dumb ownership decisions, doesn't mean they lack a very rudimentary level of common sense and basic intelligence that you would expect any functioning adult to possess (outside of cases of actual cognitive disabilities).
  15. Yeah I mean I agree that his Temple/Baylor loyalties are pretty egregious and needs to go. But I just don't agree with its relevance to "scapegoating" or saving his ass. If he's knowingly keeping incompetent people at impactful positions just because they're his buddies, that seems like the quickest way to ruin the team (and in turn, get fired). No? If he's truly trying to save his own ass, then it's in his best interest to get rid of his incompetent people (from Temple, Baylor, or wherever) to get this team on the right track. I know people think Rhule is an absolute idiot, but surely you don't think he's dumb enough that he doesn't recognize that? Either he truly thinks his people are the best people for the job, or he's so loyal that he's knowingly keeping them in positions they're unqualified for at the expense of his own job security (i.e. the exact opposite of saving his ass). The warmth of his seat and the saving of his ass are tied directly to the performance and outlook of the team, nothing else. I know the opinion of Tepper in here is also incredibly low, but people treat him like a literal child sometimes. Rhule: "Hey little Davey, I know the team is an absolute dumpster fire right now and we've lost 47 consecutive games. But hey ignore that and look over here!! I just put our 3rd string RB on IR! So shinyyyyyy. Hey we're all cool now, right?" That's the type of scenario that's often laid out in here when people imply Rhule is scapegoating when he makes personnel changes or puts players on IR lol.
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