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  1. Remember how she was part of the coaching interviews and we soon after end up with an all-star coaching staff? LET HER COOK!* *(that’s an expression, not misogyny)
  2. The CRA logic: because these not-even-crazy things happened, that means literally anything is a possibility. We gave a mediocre Ian Thomas a decent sized extension, therefore what if we cut Brian Burns and sign Nicole Tepper to play DE? IT'S POSSIBLE. Oh you think we won't draft a long-snapper with the 1st overall pick?? Well I present to you Exhibit A: we took a CB in the top 10 of the draft.....A CORNERBACK. Anything is possible. (Just remember that this time last year, he swore we were drafting Kenny Pickett at #8).
  3. This may have been the most unintentionally hilarious defense of someone I've ever seen bless your heart, good sir.
  4. Normally I roll my eyes at the whole "obsessing over who is following who on Instagram" thing...but in this case, if Adam Thielen truly did just start following Bryce Young on Instagram, I think that's kinda eye-opening. No doubt Thielen asked the Panthers' FO who they were leaning towards drafting at #1 (I think he even admitted as much)...of course he'd want to know who he's catching passes from, after all. They may not have given him a definitive answer one way or another, but it's plausible they hinted one way or another. That being said, I doubt the Panthers are locked in on any QB at this point. Surely they have their leanings, but there is plenty of time for things to change before the draft.
  5. I have a feeling the Bills weren't too happy with their pick either. If the Little pick was an F grade, then Cody Ford was around a D-. He had a 41.2 PFF grade last year and his career best was a 53.8. I'm surprised he's even still getting signed somewhere but I can only imagine it's because he has experience at OT and OG (albeit he sucks at both).
  6. To be fair, I don’t think any WR he signs from FA will be an upgrade over DJ Moore. A bit nit picky I know, but I’d say 7/22 is more accurate.
  7. Hey compared to what we paid Ian Thomas, seems like a bargain lol.
  8. This is a pretty compelling win for the "salary cap is just a myth" gang. It's gotta be a pretty massive contract...
  9. I don't know anything about this guy and generally speaking I agree that RB is a devalued position which I'd be wary of overdrafting. But this kind of black-and-white thinking is what had a bunch of posters against drafting Micah Parsons because "I ain't drafting no damn LB in the first round!!" and we see how that turned out. Rather than overly harping on the position itself, I think it's more useful to evaluate each prospect individually and the entirety of their skillset and what they bring to the table.
  10. This makes zero sense lol. The QB rating is a composite score that is simply calculated from all of the individual conventional QB metrics: passing yards, attempts, completions, TDs, INTs. If your argument is that Darnold didn't play enough to consider his QB rating, then can you explain why his completion percentage is fair game? How does his lack of playing time skew one and not the other, when one is calculated from the other?
  11. So what happens if we do end up re-signing Darnold? Hell, we’re already reportedly having preliminary talks with him which should already set off alarms for you. Is this new highly touted coaching staff with universal league-wide respect, just a bunch of blind delusional buffoons or what? That’s the problem with taking these arrogant hard-line positions on how “obvious” it is that a player is trash - it becomes pretty awkward when a respected non-Rhule coaching staff ends up signing him.
  12. Hey maybe we're grooming Nicole Tepper as our future GM....that's why she was included in the coaching search this season
  13. You cannot say Darnold is on the level of Goff. Talent wise, sure...but Goff's production blows Darnold's out of the water. He definitely showed improvement last season but he hasn't had anywhere near a full season of competent QB play and Goff has had several, with two different coaching staffs.
  14. Maybe so, but cutting a middle-of-the-road overpaid running back isn't really evidence of that. They already started giving more and more carries to their 3rd round rookie RB Rachaad White in the second half of the season so the writing was already on the wall for Fournette who had a pretty underwhelming season.
  15. I thought your point was that Brown is too light to play NT in a 3-4, no? I’m saying the guy Evero played at NT in his last defense was 5 inches and 15 pounds smaller than Brown.
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