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  1. Just curious…are we thinking it’s a coincidence that the D has played lights out these last couple games after Donte Jackson’s injury? Maybe too early to say, but worth keeping an eye on.
  2. Here's a thread about a mock draft specifically revolving around us moving up to #2 overall to take Zach Wilson, giving up multiple 1sts and 3rds. Many people were on board with it. If you're disputing that people were losing their minds in here over Zach Wilson leading up to the 2021 draft, you're either being dishonest or your memory is quite poor. Lots of Zach Wilson boners.
  3. There you go dumb dumb, that was after 10 seconds of scrolling through the threads he linked. You now gonna ask for video evidence of a table physically being slammed or what?
  4. So if we were 0-12 and on track for the 1st overall pick, then the rest of the league would respect us. Got it…good call.
  5. Love seeing our rookie DE Barno blazing down the field as a ST gunner. Dude is super athletic.
  6. As a Justin Fields fan, I don't know how you could look at his start last season (truly awful) and see how far he has come and still be so quick to dismiss Corral. Fields went 6-20 for 68 yards with 0 TDs in his first start. I know Fields is hella athletic but he rushed for 12 yards and took 9 sacks that game, so he hardly looked like an NFL athlete in his first start. The dude just looked overwhelmed early on last year, much like Corral in his 1.5 preseason games.
  7. I don't know that that's even true. NextGen tracks the Average Yards of Separation for receivers and DJ Moore has the highest separation of his entire career this year. I am pretty sure Baker is just that bad and also barely even looks his way (or will look his way for half a second and then move to his second read before Moore even cuts on his route). It's only one data point, but DJ Moore is the only constant between seasons who I can even track.
  8. It's wild to me that people would rather watch Baker go 3-and-out on 90% of his drives and end with a stat line like 14/23 for 93 yards and 0 TDs, because "he doesn't throw as many interceptions" lol. Not just that, but you guys want to give up a higher draft pick for the privilege of watching that trash. As someone who wants to be entertained, give me the guy who is at least capable of moving the offense and I'll live with the turnovers. The irony is that Darnold barely throws a higher rate of interceptions than Baker (Darnold's 3.2% last year vs. Baker's 2.9% this year). There's almost no other objective measure in which Baker this year is out-performing Darnold last year, as pathetic as that is. Baker, with a 16.3% pressure rate (30th in the NFL), is throwing 55.1% of his passes on target (last in the NFL). Darnold with a 29.1% pressure rate last year (2nd highest in the NFL), threw 74.5% of his passes on target (25th in the NFL). This really is the consistently worst QB play we've had since Clausen, IMO. I don't know which games you guys are watching who want to sacrifice a higher draft pick to watch Baker start for us.
  9. If Darnold starts, I'll take the over. He's guaranteed to put up more points than Baker, or throw enough pick-sixes to run up the scoreboard.
  10. I've yet to see anyone here articulate why Sam shouldn't play. At the very least you have to be able to argue why playing Baker over Darnold is worth downgrading a draft pick.
  11. That's a pretty disingenuous spin...I'm pretty sure that was specifically for the people who wanted us to lose from the start of the season just to facilitate Rhule's firing. They would rather us have lost, because winning would have made it more likely that Rhule would keep his job. Then it just basically boils down to the same "tanking" vs. "rooting for wins" argument that people are having for the draft, i.e. "would you actively root for your team to lose in hopes that it might produce a better long-term outcome down the line"? And that's a reasonable philosophical debate topic right there. Not "if you don't root for Matt Rhule, you're not a true fan!!!" like you're suggesting lol.
  12. I feel like picking high can be a double-edged sword cause you're pressured oftentimes to take the "safe" pick rather than shoot for the stars with a somewhat flawed but uber-talented prospect...and the latter prospects often times can be the ones who end up as superstars. A GM might be terrified to take a "boom or bust" prospect at #1 or #2 overall but picking a little later in the 1st might be that sweet spot where risk meets reward. I do think Cam was somewhat of a bold pick for 1st overall because he did have a lot of question marks as a prospect. He was by no means a "safe" pick...if anything, that might have been Gabbert that year so let's be grateful we did shoot for the stars with Cam.
  13. How is that a compelling argument when Peppers got us as far as Cam did? Cam was a legit franchise QB with an incredible MVP season and we still have 0 championships to show for it. It proves that it's never as simple as you're trying to make it out to be.
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